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Postgame DE Justin Tuck - 12/3

On what Robert Griffin III showed him in tonight's game:
"I don't know if he showed us anything different. He showed us the drives that led to punts. If I remember correctly, he made some great throws to get them in position to get touchdown throws. He played pretty good and he was able to get outside of the pocket and make a good strike to the wide receiver."

On what he said to Griffin III after the game:
"That's between me and him, but it was just encouraging words, that's all."

On if the team will be able to turn the season around:
"I have no reason to think otherwise. It's always tough, and honestly, I like it that way. I really like the fact that we don't have… In the NFL you never have an easy game. I like the fact that we have to put our A-game in every game that we play from here on out. I think we play good in that role and tonight we had an opportunity to win this football game; it didn't happen. We have to give Washington a lot of credit, their crowd was in it all night and they fed off of that. They played pretty well, I'm not disappointed in the way we played, I'm disappointed in the loss obviously. I thought we did some things that gave us the opportunity to win this football game and we just didn't have it tonight.

On the end of the game:
"It's frustrating, but everything was our fault. It was a tough football game on both sides. They made a few more plays than we did. I thought we had an opportunity right there on the third down to get them off. [Alfred] Morris is a tough back to tackle and if you don't hit him straight on and get a couple of other guys to hit him at the same time he is going to fall forward and that's what happened right there."

On the penalties:
"No doubt, that's frustrating because coming into this game, the Redskins are the second-most penalized team in the league. I don't remember the stat, but that's not our M.O. We're normally a team that doesn't penalize ourselves, it seemed like every time we made a big play, first down here or whatever, it seemed like we got a penalty. That will be something that coach talks about in highlights."

On the difference in playing the Packers and the Redskins:
"Different offenses. This offense puts so much stress on the defense that it's hard to do the things we were able to do against the Packers. We still played pretty decent, only gave up 17 points, but tonight that was too much."

On the game:
"A lot of times we didn't know where we were, everything was the same. They did a great job of running fast and help finding the O-linemen, their wide receivers and splits; it kind of looks the same. You have to play them straight up, even when you think you have them, most of the time you're just guessing.

On if he is still mad at the football gods" for putting Griffin III in the NFC East:
"I'm still mad. It's dangerous for everyone; it's always going to be frustrating playing a quarterback like him. Even when you're playing your best ball, he can run you all the way out to the edge. There were two plays in there where we should have had sacks and he outran us. There's some plays in there where we should have tackled him and he outran us. I think as we continue to play him and get more adjusted to what he likes to do, I think we will play better. If he stays healthy he's going to wreak havoc on defenses for a long time."

On if it feels like the division is back in play:
"We still feel comfortable where we are, we still have a one-game lead. We have a lot of confidence being in this situation because we have been here before, that's not to say that everything is going to work in our favor like it did last year. We don't see any reason why we won't be able to bounce back to this and that's what we have done all season. Next week will be another opportunity for us to do so in our place."

On if it is troubling losing to a younger team:
"No, it's a talented football team. You have to give them their credit. They have a younger team than we have and they play a lot of football too. They have great leadership and London Fletcher is a guy who has done a great job in the locker room, as far as getting their team ready to play. Shanahan and his coaching staff, they have been a lot of places... Just because they have a young quarterback doesn't mean he doesn't have a lot of great people around him showing him how to work. That seemed evident tonight. Even though he's young, he's poised for a young guy."


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