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Postgame DE Justin Tuck - 12/9


Q: Did you know about Washington and Dallas before the game?**
A: I think I knew at halftime, but I've got to think of the other two guys here. We can't really worry about what they do. We've got to worry about ourselves.

Q: Did you use the two previous outcomes against the Saints as motivation for this game?
A: Sure it was. I don't think we needed extra motivation, but it was. I haven't beat this team… With Drew Brees on the team I haven't beat this team. I think Drew himself was 4-0 against us with some gaudy numbers. We came out starting fast, got some turnovers early. Obviously, special teams with a huge boost. Offense punched the ball in and the defense played adequate. We could have played better, but I think it was just an all-around good effort from all phases of our football team today.

Q: Do you sense anything different coming together in terms of…
A: One game at a time. That's what we worry about. We had a great game plan going into this football game. I think our coaches did a great job of a quick turnaround out there with a Monday night game and getting us pretty prepared for what we were going to see. We just went out and executed at a higher rate today than we have in other games, especially against them. That's an offense, that's a team that's built on getting leads and running away from football teams and we were able to kind of do that today and that says a lot to just us being able to start fast and play all phases of the football game together.

Q: What did you think of the pass rush today?
A: I think a lot of times everyone gets so caught up in the number of sacks and quarterback hits. I thought we had a term about keeping the quarterback's feet hot and I don't think Drew got too comfortable in that pocket. There were some plays where he was able to step up, but for a lot of times he was running getting outside the pocket and not being able to step up and making throws on the run. With a guy like him, you can't expect to get to him because he's so smart about getting the ball out of his hands. But I don't think he was able to go through his progressions as much as he has in the past and I think that led to some bad throws and guys in the back end made some plays and we were able to capitalize.

Q: What has it been like for the past month?
A: Playing the talented teams we've played, you have to bring your 'A' game… Not only every game, but every play and when you don't do that you don't stand a chance to beat those teams. Today, Green Bay, we played our style of football. We've played pretty well together type football. Washington, Cincinnati, we didn't and you see the results. So I think for us we've just got to just take a step back and look at how we can play when we're together and we're all in and that should be encouraging for us going on to these next three.

Q: It feels like you guys don't want to make too much of this win.
A: Honestly, my focus is going to the next one. I think we got kind of caught up in some of our big wins and came out and not played our best the next week. So for me personally, I'm already thinking about next week. I'm already thinking about our practice schedule and our meetings tomorrow because that's what we got to do right now. Honestly, this is our playoffs. These are playoff type games. The teams we're going to play, the atmospheres we're going to play in; this is what it's about – December football leading into the playoffs. That's where we've kind of made hay the last couple of years and we need to continue to do that.

Q: What kind of element does David Wilson bring to the team?
A: I don't know what took him so long. I think 'Trel said it best. He's probably the best athlete on this team. You see it when he scores a touchdown. He does cartwheels and backflips and I've been telling him to stop doing that, but he does it with ease. So whenever you put a threat like that back there, it's only a matter of time. You saw flashes of it early in the year and he kind of got some lulls. With tonight, I think he was the main reason we were able to win this game like we did. A huge shot in the arm, not only to our offense but our defense because he energized the crowd, he energized us on the sideline and now it's on tape we're going to expect that from him every game.


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