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Postgame DE Justin Tuck



Q: Can you describe your emotions?

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A:Obviously the one word that comes to mind is disappointing, a little bit embarrassed. Knowing what we had at stake, it is disappointing.

Q: Was there not enough intensity in this game?

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A:I would say that is a good way of putting it. I think we came out and got the pick in this first quarter then there wasn't great momentum on offense after that. The first few drives on defense, we played okay. I think we could have played better. It seems like after that they started bleeding us a little bit. They didn't really make that many big plays, they just converted. They got into a lot of third and short situations and they just converted and kept the drives going and I give those guys credit because they played and executed really well. I don't know exactly where our energy level decreased. I'm playing the game back in my head and I just don't know how to tell you what went wrong. Obviously something went wrong; we just didn't make enough plays out there. They made plays when they had to and we didn't.

Q: They also had a bunch of third and longs…

* *

A:A bunch? I think the biggest thing for us were those third and ones. I think they probably made two or three third and longs. I remember the third and seventeen and that's hard. We didn't get them off the football field and when you keep these guys on the field that long, they are going to start getting some confidence and start finding some things that work against us and we didn't find a way to make the plays when we needed them.

Q: Does the media focus on next week's game against the Jets help your focus?

* *

A:Honestly, yes. I mean it shouldn't be that way but yes. Our backs are definitely against the wall now and this game is going to carry a lot of intensity because both teams are playing for playoff spots and the intensity and rivalry of who owns New York or whatever. There is going to be a lot of emotions flying in that football game because I know we just let another one slip away. It's going to be a shorter week since we play on Saturday so it's going to go by fast and I think that's a good thing. I think it's going to be a good way to get this game out of our system because I have a big knot in my stomach from the way we just played.

Q: Should today have been the day where the defense has Eli Manning's back?

* *

A:I would have loved to have thought that. He [Manning] has played awesome all year and I think this is the one game where our offense just couldn't get on track the entire game. It just seems that sometimes they can just snap their fingers and get the offense going but it didn't happen today and it would've been nice if the defense could have kept the score a little bit closer but it happens.

Q: What makes you think the Giants can make the playoffs?

* *

A:I still have the most confidence in this football team. Sometimes we come out and lay an egg and today we laid an egg but I have seen us rebound so many times in my short career here and I know the character of the guys in that locker room. There's no quitters in there, it's guys that are going to look at themselves in the mirror and know that we have got to play our best game and sustain it throughout the next game and rest of the season. Whether we make a playoff run or not, this week, I hate to say will be a wakeup call because it should never come down to this but I think it will be a wakeup call. We make things happen when they need to be done and today is an eye-opener that we need to keep that intensity throughout the entire game. They came out with a lot of intensity and we couldn't match that. You cannot allow yourself to relax because any team can beat you at any given time.

Q: Has the second half of the season been one of the most disappointing stretches of defensive play?

* *

A: I would say so. Like I said, I wish I could give you the right answers to these questions but I think we are all searching for answers as far as why? I think we are all searching for a spark, I think we all are looking at ourselves and saying, 'How can I do better?' and that's the tough thing because we haven't seemed to have found a consistent answer. We have had stretches where we played okay but it is nothing that has been sustained.

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