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Postgame DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Q: What were the big things corrected today?

A: I think everybody just slowing down and playing within themselves, and we know the game speed picks up but you don't want to play outside yourself and try to make plays that aren't there, so everybody stays in their gap and everybody understands their assignments and we'll be good.

Q: You're in the backfield for a sack, Tuck gets some pressure, Osi makes plays against the run. Is this what the defense should be more about?

A: It's a start, and that's the direction we want to be headed in. We're not going to get too far ahead of ourselves, it was a good start, and we're heading in the direction we want to go to but there are still corrections to be made so we're not going to go too far in either direction saying it was either a bad game or a good game. We made some plays but we also made some mistakes, and we're here to correct them.

Q: What are the positives?

A: I think pressure, and I can't speak for the guys behind me because I'm facing the other way. I think up front we had decent pressure, Osi definitely played the run really well and Tuck played his heart out again, so we're getting everybody on board and we're heading in the right direction but like I said it's preseason and it's just a start.

Q: What was it like seeing Kenny Phillips and Keith Bulluck back there?

A: It's good. I think we have a lot of pieces that we can incorporate and once we get everybody to understand the defense and get everybody playing together as a team, then we'll be really good.

Q: Regarding the defense coming together:

A: Absolutely, but I think that second game of the preseason, that's where we're supposed to be. We're supposed to be able to understand the defense, go out there and play hard, make plays, and I think we did that but also we know there's going to be a lot of corrections that have to be made but we're ready for it.

Q: What corrections in particular need to be made after today?

A: We'll see once we watch the film and get back to it. You take every game and you analyze it, you figure out what mistakes you made and you go forward so I can't say right now what corrections we need to make.

Q: Regarding the week following the Jets game:

A: We understand what we have here. We understand that we can't let offenses do that to us and that's not something we want to put on tape. But like I said we don't want to go too far in one direction, it was the first preseason game, we understand that and we came back and we played with a good amount of energy, got our assignments and everything so like I said it was a pretty good start.

Q: Was Perry Fewell at all concerned after last week?

A: Well I mean coaches are always concerned, you can win by 40 and they'll still have corrections to make so we understand that, too, but yeah we definitely wanted to come out and play a little better.

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