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Postgame DE Osi Umenyiora - 10/14

What allowed you guys to do this today?
"We stopped the run. We were put in positions where we could rush the passer. Everyone likes to look at it like, they are not doing this, they are not doing that, they don't understand that it is not always like that. Sometimes you have to be in the right position and thankfully this game we were in the right position and we took advantage."

Everyone talks about how physical the 49ers are and how they are more physical than you?
"They are a physical football team. There is no question about that. We are physical too and we were able to play that way today."

They were a little more vertical today, they weren't throwing slants, did that give you guys an advantage?
"We stopped the run, that was the most important thing. Anytime you stop the run that is going to put us in the position to rush the passer, we are going to take advantage of anybody."

You didn't have to blitz a lot. You got pressure with a four man front?
"We stopped the run and put them in situations where we were able to rush the passer. That is going to happen to anybody."

Did you get a sense of [QB] Alex Smith's confidence or lack of it as the game went on?
"He is a great quarterback. It is difficult when your team is down and you have to play from behind. You have guys coming after you the way we were. It's difficult, he was placed in a difficult situation, but he is still a very good quarterback."

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