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Postgame DT Chris Canty - 10/28

On the game: "We scratched and scraped.  At the end we still had to have a little bit of luck to pull that one out.  I'm thankful the call and the ball bounced our way and we were able to get out of here with a win."

On the defense:  "Obviously we know that going into this game that takeaways are at a premium.  The more opportunities we can give our offense to have with the football the better off we are going to be.  They kept putting points on the board, we kept trying to take the ball away and give it back [to our offense] so they can keep doing that.  The Cowboys had some momentum going into the half and in the third quarter.  But we were able to fight back and make enough plays to win."

On pressure on Romo:  "These are situations that we always talk about.  In the fourth quarter, especially when the game is in that kind of situation, we know as a defensive line we have got to put pressure on the quarterback.  We have to get him down.  That's when sacks are the most important.  We have to make sure we hit the quarterback and make it easier on our secondary."


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