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Postgame DT Chris Canty - 12/23

On his knee
"It's been better. I don't know exactly. We have to go and get it looked at, and we will see what's what. It's the same knee as last year."

On coach Coughlin's message after the game
"We have an opportunity to be 9-7 as a football team. That's what we are faced with. This right now hurts. It hurts, but we have to stay together."

On the difference between last year's Super Bowl defense and this year's defense
"I have no idea. I just don't have any answers. I just don't know. It's been tough. We just haven't been consistent, and it shows in our play and where we are at right now."

On the inconsistency of the defense
"I have no idea how we got here. The only answer I have is to continue to work and continue to stay together."


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