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Postgame Falcons QB Matt Ryan

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Obviously disappointed with the outcome today, but we had great effort on both sides of the ball and on special teams.  We just need to clean up some of the execution.  Disappointing loss but we can't be discouraged.  We've got to head back to work and prepare to head home to the Dome. 

Q: After the last two weeks, was the second half a relief in the fact that you could move the ball again?

A: It's disappointing because we didn't come out with the outcome we wanted.  But with that said, I thought we had great contributions from a lot of guys and great effort from a lot of guys in the second half to come back from 14 down.  With that said, there's no moral victories.  We play to win every week and we've got to get back to work this week and make sure that we take care of our business at home. 

Q:  When they threw the coin up and it came down as the Giants' ball, what was your reaction?

A: That's the way it goes.  Would you have liked to have won it?  Sure, you'd love to get the ball first.  We had opportunities throughout the game.  I thought our effort was great.  We just need better execution.

Q:  Was there any sort of offensive huddling done at halftime?

A: Nothing out of the norm.  Our philosophy when we're on offense is to try to score every time we touch the football.  That doesn't change, regardless of who we're playing against or the situation we're in.  But with that said, guys looked at each other on both sides of the ball at halftime and said we've got to step up and improve the execution in the second half.  And I thought we did that.  We gave ourselves a chance to win but we fell short.

Q:  What was the difference between throwing to Tony Gonzalez in the first half and second half?  Was he more open or were you just more resolved to get it to him?

A: That's the way offensive football goes sometimes.  Things get taken away in one half.  Our thing is to continue to stay patient.  If we do things the right way play in and play out, we're going to be able to move the football and we're going to be able to score.  It comes in surges sometimes offensively.  In the second half Tony had a bunch of catches and did a great job.  He did an outstanding job for us today. 

Q:  Can you talk about how Jason (Snelling) filled in for Michael (Turner) and Jerious (Norwood) today?

A: Jason did an excellent job today coming in and filling in for Mike, as he's done all year.  When you play with him week in and week out and you see what he comes in and he does in different situations, we expected Snell to come in and play well and he didn't disappoint.  He came in and he played hard, played physical, carried the load for the day and did a great job in pass protection as well.  Hats off to him; tremendous effort from him.

Q:  It seemed like they were dialing up a lot of pressure today, how did you think you handled it?

A: I thought we handled it well.  I thought our offensive line and running backs did a good job with the protection today.  That's a good defense we played against, specifically a really good front four.  They've got some guys who can really rush the passer.  Our offensive line did a great job.  I had time to throw the football in the second half and in the first half.  We took advantage of it.  We moved it pretty well and scored some points but again ultimately we fell a little bit short.  We've got to get back to work this week.

Q:  Does it seem like a flaw in the structure that you battled so hard today and a coin toss decided it?

A: No, that's not the way we look at it.  Those are the rules.  This is the format that is the NFL.  You can't be frustrated with the system.  You just have to go out there and you have to take care of business when you have the opportunity within the course of the game and we didn't do that. 

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