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Victor Cruz on tonight's performance:

It's a crazy feeling just to be at home and to put up a performance like this is just really great. It is just so surreal right now. My heart is beating so fast right now. I just try to go out and work hard every practice every day. I have been given a great opportunity and I am just trying to take advantage of the situation that I am in. I attribute this to hard work and trying to understand the plays and getting the mental part down first, and then just going out and working on the execution and trying to make plays. The guys around me just did a great job tonight.

Antrel Rolle on interception to start the game:

It was actually Deon Grant that made the play. He read the route, made a play on the ball. I was just the guy that was fortunate enough to get the interception. It was a great call. We executed it well and it just allowed me to be in the right spot at the right time. It is a great way to start the preseason on the first series. We did a good job overall. We gave them just enough. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We have a long way to go. This is a good way to start.

David Diehl on first touchdown:

This is what we need in preseason – to be challenged early on in a goal line situation and to be successful. It is a real confidence builder for us. We know the Jets are tough defensively, but we were successful. And that is what we needed to have. You don't want to walk away with just a field goal down there. We came in, we got some good work, but obviously we have a lot of work ahead of us. But it is always good to come away with a win, especially at the new stadium. We will evaluate the film, we will be honest with ourselves and we will make improvement as we need to.

Jason Pierre-Paul on first NFL sack:

It was lovely. It was really great. And I wanted was to get a sack really bad tonight. The coaches made a nice call. And I know that even though I am not a starter, it was against their starters, which made me feel really good. So I just did what I had to do.

Jim Sorgi on tonight's game:

Victor (Cruz) had a heck of a game. He was hot tonight. He was making plays. He was catching balls that most receivers wouldn't catch. I'm really proud of him. I understand he grew up a stone's throw away from the Stadium. You hear stories like that but it is actually good to be a part of.

(On Eli) I hope Eli is okay. I think people have talked to him; I think he is doing okay. I don't know what his status is for the next couple of weeks. Obviously if he can go, great. If he can't, it will give Rhett and myself a good opportunity to get some snaps against two quality defenses. And we can definitely use it. We picked it up tonight but there are things that we can definitely improve upon.

Will Beatty on tonight's game:

I got a lot of reps tonight. I'm sure the coaches are going to evaluate the film. Hopefully I did some good things that they will be pleased with. I know there are some areas that I need to work on. I know we had some guys down, but it was really great working with David tonight. Here he is playing guard next to me, and I'm playing the position that he played last year. So it was great having him next to me. He has all of that information from last year. I get to use that and feed off of that. He was a big help. We were talking the whole time. But again, with all of the reps that they gave me, I was able to show my talents and my abilities. I think it was a good game and winning in the new stadium makes it a great day in itself.

Brandon Jacobs on touchdown:

At this time of the season we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could punch it in. The Jets are pretty tough down there. But we were able to punch it in even if it was the third try. This is what we should be capable of doing and we just have to be consistent with it. We have the ability. We have the personnel. We just have to execute.

(On Eli): There was a little miss communication. It was nobody's fault. Things ended up the way they ended up. Eli is going to be fine. And this team is going to be fine.

(On Cruz): I know his family pretty well. He came into camp with a point to prove himself. He has done a good job all camp. He has done really good in practice. He busts his butt in practice every day. And he came out here and had a game like he had today – it just proves that all of his hard work is worth it.

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