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Nobody cares about what happened tonight anymore.  If we win the next three games, we will be in the playoffs.  We gave them seven on a punt return; we gave seven on a fumble recovery.  I guess that means that we just have to score more.  We can't win games playing like that.  We just have to play better. 


We knew it was going to be a tough game coming in tonight.  And before the game even got underway we were down 14-0.  From that point we were in a chase situation.  We did rally back but we didn't stop them when we had to.  Any time you turn the ball over and give up big plays like that, it is going to hurt you.  We gave up too many big plays. 


This is a tough one to swallow right now.  I felt like we were moving the ball pretty well on them tonight.  I guess we ran out of time.  We have three games left and we are going to try to get to 10 wins.  Hopefully that will be good enough to get us into the playoffs.


There were a lot of points on both sides of the ball tonight.  We have to give credit to them, but this one definitely falls on the shoulders of our defense.  Regardless of how many points our offense puts up on the board, we still have to be able to shut them down a little bit.  That is our job – to shut them down and we failed in that tonight.  I'll take my share of the blame tonight.  Big plays hurt us tonight and the punt return just killed us.  But we understood that coming in – that is their game plan.  They are a big play team.  And we see them too often not to be able to make the adjustments and execute the plays that are called. 


Regardless of how many points and yards they got, we still expected to come in and win.  We have an awful lot to improve on defensively.  There was nothing out of the ordinary tonight.  They always have a wide variety of things they like to do.  They just made too many big plays.  We didn't make the big plays and they did.


The offense played excellent and the defense didn't do a good enough job.  We created some turnovers and had some moments.  We gave up too many big plays.  We have to do a better job of taking their star players out of the game.  We can't allow them to have big plays like that.  It was an uphill battle all game.  We really didn't give the offense a chance tonight.  We battled in there, but in the end it falls on the defense. 


Big plays – that was the key to the game.  We weren't able to stop theirs.  And you saw the outcome of the game.  I wasn't expecting a shootout.  I'm a defensive player; hell no.  Obviously this is a tough one to swallow.  We still have a lot of season in front of us.  We have to correct a lot of things and move on.  This is crunch time. 


This is kind of hard because we went out and practiced well.  We had the opportunities out in front of us and we didn't make the best of them.  It was a tough one.  They came to play and we knew they weren't just going to give it to us.  We let a lot of opportunities slip away.  You can't do that when you play against a good football team.  We have to eliminate the turnovers and the big plays.  And that is the only way you can stay close in this game.

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