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Coming in to today's game, I knew I had a couple of plays that might be coming my way down in the Green Zone.  Eli took advantage of it and threw me a couple of great balls.  (On the first touchdown reception):  I ran a deep flag out there and when I caught the ball I saw that I was pretty close.  I knew that I was going to do everything I could to get into that end zone.  (On second touchdown):  It was a play that has always worked for us.  It was just a shallow cross there at the goal line and Eli put it right on me.  It was a great call and a great pass.  The overtime win was a little too close for comfort.  It would have been nice if we could have finished them off earlier and stronger.  But we will take it because we needed it.


It was kind of a rub route.  They went and they doubled Kevin Boss and forgot about me.  The overtime win was big for us because we really needed this win and Atlanta played us real tough.  It is great the way we finished because the last couple of weeks have been close, but we just haven't been able to finish.  Today we got the opportunity and Lawrence made a great kick.  We were in desperate need of a win today. 


It was just one of the plays of the game today.  I think this team collectively played really, really good.   On defense we definitely gave up too many points.  The heart and the energy were there.  But hopefully this is something that we can build on.  I really didn't get nervous because I have seen Tynes make those kicks before, especially pressure kicks like that.  He has made many of them.  When we got down there I was hoping we were going to punch it in but when it came down to the field goal we had the utmost confidence in him.  Atlanta did a great job.  When you have a guy like Gonzalez, he hurt us a lot on third down.  We couldn't get them in a lot of third and long situations.  They are going to have a lot of high percentage plays, especially with a guy like Gonzalez.  He is like a chain mover all by himself.  I think that really hurt us.  But all in all, I think we played pretty well.


I'm really excited that we got the win today, especially with the way the game was for me.  Both teams came into a "must win' game today.  And for it to come down how it did, it was real exciting.  It was one of those games where a lot of plays were made by both teams on either side of the ball.  This was like a shot of penicillin for us today.  For me, personally, I'm very proud of this team and the way all of our guys played today.  They showed a lot of heart and a lot of character.


It felt great to be back and it felt great to be able to contribute in a game like this.  I was able to knock the dust off a little bit.  I felt really comfortable back there.  I still have to learn a lot of techniques at the safety position.  But I'll play wherever they want me to play, wherever they need me.  We definitely have to tighten up our defense and we actually have to come out and play a better defensive game.  But this is a real confidence builder, especially winning in OT.


Those were two good offenses out there today.  I'm just really happy the way this team kept fighting and kept battling.  Everybody has been down on us, but we never got down on ourselves.  But that is what this game is all about.  Eli did a great job today.  He made some big time throws and receivers made some great catches.  I just thought it was a collectively great effort to get this 'W.'  It was something that we needed.  We are going to enjoy it and then move on.  We have a short week and another great challenge ahead of us.


We just went out there and competed.  We had a good week of practice this week.  We believed in ourselves and as long as we stuck to the game plan, we would be fine.  We did spread the ball around a lot today.  Everybody had an opportunity to make plays today.  We know that we are all capable of doing our job when the ball comes our way.  I felt confident at the end.  I knew we were making plays all day so there would be no reason for us not to do it in OT.  I felt pretty confident and I also believe in our kicker.  We were feeding off of each other. 

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