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"It's not the way I imagined it. If you play football long enough you encounter all sorts of games and situations. But it's a loss and we have work to do all this week as we prepare for another game.

"I know the final score was a wide margin, but there was a time there in the second quarter where I felt we were right there in the game. We drove the ball down the field and were in a position to get some points to get back into the ball game and then we make a turnover. It's disappointing.

"They (Saints) hit a lot of the big plays down the field and we didn't. It's just little things. We had a lot of opportunities for big plays that we did not hit and their (Saints) offense seemed to hit them all of the big plays. I don't know if that was the difference in the game or not but we have to find a way to hit the big plays the next time.

On playing in Superdome for the first time:
"We did move the ball and did make some plays. In the first half scored 17 points and I felt we moved the ball okay. It was a special moment for me to play here in New Orleans and come back to my hometown and play in the Superdome. But once the game started and the kickoff got going it was a matter of trying to play well. All I was trying to do was to get a win."

On crowd noise: *

  • "It was loud out there. I had to go up and down the line and make calls in trying to get everyone on the same page.

"I think the Saints are real good. They are playing well; their offense has a lot of firepower and they make a lot of plays in the running game and passing game. They make plays defensively and they cause turnovers and they are doing good stuff. You have to give them a lot of credit. They played extremely well both offensively and defensively and we did not answer them."


"They (Saints) played real well today – you have to give them credit. I thought we came down here and were ready to play. We had a great week of preparation but obviously we just didn't get it done."

"It's not disappointing. It's week six and obviously it's a loss. But we get another chance next week. We have the Cardinals to prepare for. Obviously everyone looked at this game as the Super Bowl but its only week six. There's another ten games to get ready for."


"They (Saints) pretty much were able to do what they wanted to do. We have to look at the film and figure out why we did not get a good pass rush. If you give him (Brees) and that offense enough time that's not good, and that's what happened today."

"Everyone tries to execute, but we all, as a team, have to do a much better job. So many things happened out there today & for some reason we just couldn't stop them."

"We all know they had a bye week to prepare and it showed out there. As far as the coverage was concerned, we were there all of the time but they just out executed us. They came out with a lot more firepower than we did today."


"It was a good experience for us to come here and play. It would have been a lot better to come out on the winning end, because now I have to hear about it from my family and friends for a while. We just didn't get it done today.

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