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In the NFL you have to make plays where there are plays to be made.   We are not playing the football that we know we can play.  It is frustrating.  You work hard all week to win games.  And to not win at home and in this fashion, obviously we are very disappointed. 

I thought we had a lot of opportunities to make plays on the ball.  We did get our hands on the ball quite a bit but we didn't take advantage of all the opportunities when we did.  There were a lot of balls on the field and we didn't come up with the ones that we should have.  And in turn we turned the ball over and they took advantage of our turnovers.  It's nobody's fault.  We played a tough team.  We have to keep working hard and bounce back. 

On Hakeem's reception, the ball bounced our way and we took advantage of that.  But there were too many others that didn't bounce our way.  We were prepared well for them.  We felt comfortable with what they were going to do.  I just felt like we didn't get into the rhythm that we are capable of.   We have to minimize the turnovers, especially with the magnitude of this game. 

It was a rough game tonight.  I thought we were going to win it.  We just didn't make enough plays and they made more than we did.  That wasn't the outcome we were looking for.  Turnovers kind of kill you in a game like this.  They turned the ball over, too, and it should have weighed in our favor but it didn't tonight.  We have no issues.  We have a whole season in front of us.  We just have to get stuff corrected.  We have to play better football.  That is the bottom line – we have to play better football.

We definitely had some unfortunate plays with turning the ball over.  The one that hurts the most was when we had the momentum swinging in our way – Ahmad was running down the field fighting for every extra yard and trying to make something happen.  He had the first down, just tried to extend it out.  It was there and it just came out; very uncharacteristic of him.  He just gives it everything he has on every play.  That was just an unfortunate play for us, but a fortunate play for them.  We had one go our way, too, with Nicks.  We just didn't get enough of them.  You can't win if you turn the ball over.  Too many turnovers just gives you no chance to win and yet at the end of the game, we still had an opportunity to at least tie and maybe go into overtime.   We just have to play better and limit our mistakes.

They just made a lot of plays and we didn't make enough.  Too many turnovers never go in your favor.  They did a good job of getting the ball off quick.  They hit a lot of short routes with their receivers.  I think we did a decent job and we were stingy.  We didn't give up too many big plays. 

We obviously didn't get things done that we needed to get done.  We had a lot of opportunities.  We just have to execute better.  We have to protect the ball.  And on defense, we have to cause more turnovers.  We had a couple of balls that bounced and went out of bounds.  We just didn't take advantage of that.  We had a couple of chances for picks and we didn't come up with them.  Their defense made the plays and our defense didn't make the ones that we could have made.  Turnovers were definitely a big key to this game tonight. 

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