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DE Osi Umenyiora

Q. Granted this is the preseason, but it must feel good to be back out there, making some nice plays.

A. It felt good, but that's what I expect to do every time I go out there. You know the way the game is, some times you make those plays, some times you don't. So I mean I'm happy with the way the team played and that I had an opportunity to be out there.

Q. Did it feel weird to be back out there? Did it take you some time to get readjusted to the speed of the game?

A. I wasn't even really thinking about that out there. Honestly, when I was out there, it felt like I had never really left. I've been here so long—maybe if I had been here for like a year or two years, but I mean seven years…I felt right at home.

Q. Was this game special to you, or was it just another preseason game?

A. I'm just ready to go. We've got one down, and we've got three more to go. I just want to get to the regular season and continue to progress from here.

Q. It was tough to see, did your hand get a piece of (Jake Delhomme's) arm?

A. I've got to go watch it myself, because I don't know. I just know that I saw him and I made the play.

Q. The defense looked impressive out there, you guys forced five turnovers.

A. It's a good thing, it's one thing to do that in practice, but it's nice to see it carry over to the actual game…it was very nice to see. 

RB Danny Ware

Q. Can you talk about that play, when you turned something little into something big.

A. It's exciting…when I caught the ball, all I saw was green grass. You've got to do what you know how to do and that is to try to run to the end zone and try to keep everyone from stopping you.

Q. Do you still feel like the number two spot is open, that it's an open competition?

A. I still think it's an open competition. You know they've been kind of looking at Ahmad (Bradshaw) as the number two right now, but we've still got a long way at camp to go and you never know what's going to happen at the end. Right now he's the number two and I'm just trying to come in and give everybody a change of pace.

Q. Did you see Guy Whimper in front of you on that play?

A. Yeah, I saw him, he didn't have to go block anybody so I just ran past him and tried to get in the endzone. If I would've got tackled, I probably would've yelled at him, and told him he had to get up in front of me.

RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Q. Ahmad, it looks like you kind of got your feet underneath you and you ran with some power?

A. I don't know if I had my feet underneath me, but it felt real good just to get out there. Just to face an opponent, instead of facing ourselves all week and every week. It felt really good. I think we played pretty good. I think our relationship with each other looks pretty good also.

Q. Talk about the running backs group as a whole with the offensive line. How did you guys run the ball?

A. That is what I am saying. Our relationship with our lineman and our backs, I think it looked great. Just the guards getting up in the hole and different plays that we had, they looked pretty good.

Q. How about your first preseason performance, did you feel like you had that burst that you mentioned earlier in the week that maybe you didn't have last year?

A. I felt great man. Let's just leave it at that. I felt great being out here with my teammates. 

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