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Postgame Giants Players

Justin Tuck DE

On the play of the defense

"We got them in some third down situations, and some third and long and didn't make plays when we needed to. I know for a fact that there was a play out there where we had some little mistakes, you know, some little technical errors that completely changed the play. But the fact of the matter is, no matter how you slice it, we didn't play physical enough to win this football game. We didn't execute enough. We had some good things, in spots here and there. But to win against a team like that on the road, you've got to be consistent. Tonight we weren't." 
*On if the loss was a wake-up call

"I think this loss right here will wake some people up. It's human nature, but it's easy for us to look at all the talent we have on this football team, especially on defense, you kind of get complacent. In a way I'm kind of glad we played like that, because I know for a fact we got a bunch of guys on the sideline that don't ever want to see that. We don't ever want to have that feeling. Our starters didn't want to come out because it was embarrassing. Hopefully we'll have a good week of practice. We have the Jets at home. I'm looking forward to it. I want to get back on the football field. I think everybody on this football team feels the same way because we're going to have to live with this bad taste in our mouths. It is preseason, but preseason is the time, the opportunity to have building blocks for a great season.  We didn't do what we wanted to do in this second preseason game.  

Eli Manning, QB

On the offense's performance

"We need to work out the kinks. That's part of football; you're going to take some hits and get some pressure. We need to do a better job of getting the ball out and blocking."

On if there was a bit of a missed opportunity to see what the young receivers could do

"No, I think we got to see some things. In any game you play or in seeing things by watching film, you're going to learn from it. You know, we'll see things that we did well and some things that we need to improve on."

Sinorice Moss, WR
*On what the feeling in this locker room was as to why things were so confusing
"I have no idea. We went out there and tried to execute the plays well, and a lot of the time we just didn't have the opportunity to do it. So, we just need to go back – we have a day off tomorrow – and watch film, and do what we need to do to capitalize on our opportunities next week."

On why anyone hasn't stepped up in this receiving corps

"I honestly don't know. We work hard everyday, and when we get out here in these preseason games and get the opportunities to go out and make plays and catch balls, we try to go out there and do it. The plays are being called. We just need to go out there and execute."

Domenik Hixon, WR
On what has been the reason the receiving corps didn't step up

"We just have to be on the same page with the offense. That's just something we need to work at and get better. It's a little combination of everything; you know, if [the offensive line] blocks well, then we need to get open. Just different things like that and we'll make things better."

On whether or not they're on pace to be where they need to get for the regular season

"Well, you take preseason games as the preseason. The thing is that you want to be at full stride when the regular season hits. So, we just want to keep on building up to it."

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