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Postgame Giants Players Transcripts

T Will Beatty

Q: How's the foot?
A: The foot? The foot feels pretty good. It's just playing on this turf, had the new shoes on and just not really playing out there [during] the off-season and all of that. Just spatting my foot up. It's good.

Q: When did it happen?
A: It happened in the game, just rolling my ankle from the shoes and then I tried to spat it up, which made it worse. I had to take the spat off in the first half, but right now no problems.

Q: So you'll be good to practice?
A: Yeah, we took X-rays. The X-rays were clean. We were just making sure, being [precautionary].

Q: Is it possible you will miss some practices?
A: No, we don't miss practice.

Q: In terms of going up against Julius Peppers, the coaches wanted to see a mean streak from you…
A: I felt like I did good. First series, jumping offsides and I had a lot going in my mind. I had to collect myself, it's still just a game. Once I internalized it, I was like you've got to do what you got to do. I think I had a pretty good game. The whole offensive line, just protecting our QBs, we did good this game.

S Antrel Rolle

Q: On a night you guys score 41 points, does Terrell Thomas' injury dampen the night?
A: I think we were effective on both sides. I think we came on and we played good as a team. Of course, we have a lot of things we can work on as a team. But you know, second preseason game, that's to be expected. But overall I think special teams did a good job and I think offense did a good job as well as defense.

Q: How difficult is Terrell Thomas to replace?
A: It's extremely difficult. I don't think it's something that you can just replace. I think it's just something that you have to understand and it comes with the game of football, it comes with the territory and it just leaves room for other guys to step up. It's definitely going to alter our defense a little bit, but we can't hang our heads on the season. We still have a lot of football to play and I'm just praying to good everyone stays healthy. We just have to move from it.

Q: Did you have a chance to talk to Terrell Thomas?
A: Yeah, yeah. We came in here right away. We talked to him. We prayed with him as a unit. I prayed with him one-on-one. He's a tough guy. The one thing you can't question is you can't question God's plan. He might have a different plan than you have for yourself. I think that's something that he understands, although he is going through a tough time right now. I think it's something that we understand. It's nothing that he hasn't been through before. He's torn [the ACL] before and he's worked extremely hard to get to where he is today and there's nothing saying that he's not going to do the same right now.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

Q: Did you see what happened when Terrell Thomas got hurt?
A: I was looking at the quarterback, we almost had him. I turned around, I got up and started limping and I saw Terrell [Thomas] on the ground.

Q: You didn't know that you collided with him?
A: No. That's a bad way to do it. It happened.

CB Aaron Ross

Re: Terrell Thomas getting hurt.
Teammate went down, now it's my job to fill-in. I'm ready. I'm ready to get back on the field and hopefully coaches have confidence in me still.

Q: Do you think you're ready for this again?
A: Of course. I've been ready from day one. It's just it was a different situation. Take the challenge on. I'm ready to go.

Q: When the Prince Amukamara got drafted you said you needed these cornerbacks. Is this what you were talking about?
A: Exactly. Corners go down like flies around here. It's unfortunate, but Michael Coe, he's ready to step in and do a great job. We also have Joe Burnett. We're pretty set. Going to coach him up, get him to learn the defense and they'll be ready to go.

WR Domenik HixonOn the offense:Carr did an awesome job. He checked to the play. He got us out of a bad play and got us into a good one. It was a great ball. We practiced that. We missed a couple in practice but we hit it in the game tonight.

On the game:
We blocked a punt tonight. We got the ball in great field position. Defense and special teams got us in some great field position. We definitely improved on special teams tonight, which was one of our main goals.

We kind of gelled together and fed off each other tonight. We really had some fun out there.

WR Devin Thomas

On special teams and kickoff return:Honestly, there were just great holes open on the kickoff return. The 10 guys just made it happen for me. I saw the hole and tried to hit it as hard as I could. Improvement on special teams was an emphasis all week. I think we did a good job all the way around across the board with special teams.
DE Justin TuckOn overall performance of the defense:I think we did a good job tonight. We'll go back and watch the tape but I think we played fast and erased some of the mistakes we made last week.

We just played with passion tonight and played the game that we love. I'm interested to see how we did x's and o's wise. But we made a lot of plays and didn't give up a whole lot. I think coming off of last week we seemed a little bit lethargic and tonight we flew around against a really good offensive team. It's encouraging but it's something we have to build on. Hopefully we will come back next week and play even better.

RB Da'Rel ScottOn touchdown run:My line just opened it up for me, it was a 35 zone. I tried to bounce it out and the linebackers kept flowing. I just followed Charles Scott and I think it was Brewer and I cut off of them and it just opened up for me. I was thinking just don't get caught, just score.

I'm very excited about it. It showed that I can break long runs.

WR Victor CruzOn the game:
We were doing some good things out there. I felt like we were flowing smoothly tonight and we got to figure out what the defense was doing, what kind of coverages they were running and we were able to take advantage of them especially on third down and long conversions.

We spread it around tonight and it felt good to open it up. We hit some different guys. It felt good to play somebody else's defense and not our own. We were running that ball well tonight and it felt good to block downfield and open up some lanes for our guys to cut back on. It felt good to get the running game going and our aerial game was on point.

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