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Postgame Giants Quotes

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

(opening statement) "I'm disappointed in our play. Some people played well, played hard. We just didn't have enough. I was looking for more energy, more…the number one objective is execution, which absolutely we didn't get. There's no excuse for it. They played well, particularly in the first half and we didn't. We had some chances. We had a couple opportunities, but overall a couple of individuals played well but not enough. We need to see a lot out of this group in the next 15 days."

(on the defense's performance) "We didn't stop them. We didn't consistently pressure the quarterback [Ravens QB Joe Flacco] either. We got in a couple, but we didn't consistently do that, and they threw and caught. They isolated our corners. There's not a sophisticated explanation. They approached the game. They came in. They played in no huddle. They obviously had an objective and were going to throw the ball. They threw it 47 times last week. They threw it a ton this week, so that's obviously an objective. They did get [Ravens RB Ray] Rice more involved than he's been. We just didn't stop them."

(on how far the team is from where he wants them to be) "We're a ways away. One solid week of practice, with everybody practicing, but that's not going to happen. You're not going to get them all. You're not going to do that. That's what I just told them. There isn't a team in the league at this time of year that doesn't play without one or two guys out or missing for this, for that, for the other thing. The team we just played was missing a couple of offensive linemen, but that shouldn't hold the rest of them back. We should be able to advance. Obviously, taking the quarterback out for a week – that's not very good. We got to get them going. He's got to be in the middle of it. He did some things well. Obviously, he was rusty. He needs to play. So he'll get better."

(on T Kareem McKenzie) "He has a migraine."

(on the deep pass by QB Eli Manning) "He wasn't organized to make the throw. He was off-balance. He had some pressure. He knew what he wanted to do. He just couldn't make it."

(on whether it's an issue getting the first down when short) "It hasn't been [an issue]. Today, obviously, we didn't make it. Even on the third down play we stayed open and didn't get it and tried to maneuver them all a little bit. Different personnel set for the first down play, kicked the field goal, moved on. There was one sign of excitement out there. They wanted to go for it, so I said okay, let's go."

(on LB Keith Bulluck) "There was an awful lot of passing, so I'll have to look at the tape."

(on the team lacking fire and energy) "Not on defense. The defense has personality. My worry is energy. It's just because I like it up-tempo and the defense has been more than the offense. The offense has to be methodical. They have to be able to execute and put themselves in positions where plays are made. Some people have to play better than they have been playing. Good football players have got to get going. It's time to get going."

(on the Ravens doing no huddle) "They weren't in a hurry. It's basically the same situation that we run when we go against each other. It's not a rush. You're trying to make the defense make a call and then let the quarterback late in the snap count if he has to change again, change it. It's not a 'hurry, hurry' thing. For them, it isn't. They substituted some personnel in and out. There could be some guys out of position a little bit because of it. That may have been the case. We have worked against it."

(on whether this affects how the Giants go into the last game) "I don't know. I'm going to have to look at the tape. We need to work. We've got ourselves a short week. The first day of the week is a Monday."

(on not bringing QB Eli Manning back in the second half) "It could be all kinds of thoughts, and I squelched it. I think they had 41 plays. I didn't see an advantage in it.

QB Eli Manning

(on how it felt to be back out there) "I feel fine. It was great to get out there and get used to getting hit again. We still have a lot of work to do, and we've got guys to get healthy. We've got a short week of practice, and then we'll get ready for the season."

(on feeling rusty) "I guess I felt a little rusty. A couple of throws I made were tough. I want to look at the film and see what happened on them."

(on general analysis of the offense in the first half) "We did a couple of good things. The one drive was going really well, we got down there and had 2nd-and-a-foot at the 15-yard line. We tried three straight running plays and got no yards, and we came away from the drive with no points, but that's our fault. We have room for some improvement. The preseason is all about getting our rhythm back, and we'll be ready."

(on coming out of the game at halftime) "I'm just doing what the coaches say. I don't argue with them. It's the preseason, and one of the goals is to get out of the game healthy, so that's how we planned it."

S Antrel Rolle

(on how the defense played) "We've got two weeks to fix it. We need to all get on the same page. There's enough time to do it, but you look to clean things up every week in this league. You fix things up until Week 16."

(on the Ravens' no-huddle offense) "We were very surprised to see that. We definitely did not expect them to run a no-huddle, so we were running a very basic defense. Their no-huddle offense made us very uncomfortable."

(on the Ravens passing) "They've always been a team that runs the ball, but they came out tonight looking to work on their passing game. It was surprising to us, but they have a lot of playmakers among their receivers now, and I'm sure they want to get a look at them. I'm sure when the regular season starts they will go back to running the ball at some point. That's always been successful for them."

DT Rocky Bernard

(on the defense) "We have to look at the tape on Monday. Defensively, we put some pressure on them up front, so that was a good thing for us."

(on playing like his old self) "I'm feeling pretty good. I'm healthy, and last year that was one thing, having a lot of injuries, so I think this year I'm feeling good. I made a few plays."

(on how he would rate the defense) "It's one of those things you'll have a mixed feeling about. As far as them scoring the two touchdowns there, they moved the ball pretty well on us, so it's one of those things we'll have to go and look over. One thing definitely, we thought they would come in and run the ball, and they kept passing it with the no-huddle. They did a lot of things that we didn't really gain from, so we had to make a few adjustments, but you know, it's just pro football."

WR Victor Cruz

(on his touchdown) "The touchdown, it was good. It was off a corner route, and Rhett [Bomar] just threw a good ball, and I just made a play in the corner of the end zone. We practice that play routinely when we get in the red zone. It's a pretty routine play between me and Rhett. The defensive back always tries to rip the ball out when you hit the ground, so it makes it seem like you don't have full possession, so I was just trying to keep a strong hold on it as I went to the ground. I just came out with the ball, held it up to the ref, and showed him I had it."

(on the offense) "The offense… You're going to struggle early on and things like that. You just have to try to carry the momentum, and move forward, and try to make positives out of negatives because there's always going to be adversity. But you just have to move forward, be positive and keep trying to make things happen."

RB Brandon Jacobs

(on the offensive play) "I thought we played OK. There's a lot of room for improvement. We had a lot of things that we were confused among, a few guys in certain groups. We can certainly get better. This is the preseason; you go out there to get some guys evaluated and of course find yourself."

(on getting ready for the regular season) "We need a lot of work. We've got 11 days, I think it is, so we've got to get better within that timeframe to get ready for the Carolina Panthers. Right now I'm just trying to make the team."

DE Justin Tuck

(on being worried after this game) "A little bit. Honestly, we didn't click on all cylinders tonight. Obviously, you didn't want to do that in the third preseason game. They surprised us a little bit with the no-huddle there, and took us a couple series to just get used to what they were trying to do to us. I think we hit the quarterback a lot. He threw some quick passes. We got a lot of pressure on him. That was a good positive, but honestly, we can't give up big plays regardless of what they're doing. That's a killer for us."

(on the lack of energy) "From some guys… Obviously, we don't want to single anybody out or go that route. It's a whole team effort so when you see another guy not in the ballgame as he should be, you've got to pick him up. That's something we didn't do today. We didn't come out as a team energized. What we have to take from this is just being humble, and knowing that we can come out and play better, and we have to. With the skills we've got, we can't allow ourselves to think that when the season gets here we can turn it on."

LB Gerris Wilkinson

(on tonight's performance) "I'm just trying to improve, I've been moving around and been trying to focus on what I need to improve on as a player. And I think I've been doing that."

(on changing positions) "It's a learning experience. Playing multiple positions allows me to learn the defense better and get a different perspective of it. I look at it as a learning experience and an opportunity to get more familiar with the defense."

(on what the defense has to do in the fourth preseason game) "We have to go back to practice and just start all over and try to re-establish our duties as a defense. We have to come out and be physical, defend the pass, get to the quarterback and work hard in practice."

LB Michael Boley

(on defense's performance tonight) "Overall, there are a lot of things on defense that we need to get better at."

(on playing in his third preseason game) "It's the small things and the details. I think we still have a lot of things within ourselves that we need to work on. And I think we need to get better as a defense."

(on comparing this year's defense to last year's) "On first and second down, we did a pretty decent job. Really what killed us was the third down. That's one of the key things, is to get off the field on third down, and we didn't do a good job of that today."




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