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That was a tough game for us to lose. I thought we had some chances and had some opportunities; obviously we didn't take advantage of the two point plays. We had some dropped balls that hurt us. I thought David Carr played well for his part in the game. We had some big plays, and yet, we dropped some big plays. We had two turnovers, which hurt us. We kicked some field goals that should have been points on the board, in terms of touchdowns, we were in position to do that. I was disappointed in that. I thought we played hard. We obviously made some errors, but on the other hand, we had a chance right there at the end to do something about it and we didn't quite get that done. I saw some things that gave me some encouragement.

Q. What did you learn about your receivers tonight?

A. I learned that there were some inconsistencies, obviously, and we can't have that. We had some opportunities for big plays that we didn't convert. We dropped balls, so that has to improve. I thought Hakeem Nicks played well. I thought he made some plays, he created some opportunities for us to see him and his contribution and how he might be utilized. Manningham had a couple of plays, but then he dropped a ball there on the sideline late in the game. We just keep working, what can I tell you?

Q. How did Brandon Jacobs come out with the forearm injury? Did he leave the game because he was hurt?

A. He was fine. He played up until that point and he was to be replaced at that point. The x-rays were negative.

Q. Your receivers have not had many drops in most of your practices. How concerning is it that they had the drops tonight?

A. Obviously it's very concerning. You are competitive, you're in a game situation, you would like to see none of that happen. I am sure once they see this on tape they'll recognize the opportunities that they had. Of course, that could have been the difference in a game with that score. That could have been a difference.

Q. Defensively, how far does the unit need to go to get where you want it to be?

A. We are not anywhere near where we need to be. I think we did a little bit better, I didn't see the stats, but I think we did a little bit better against the run, although I may be wrong there. We didn't get the pressure on the quarterback that we would have liked to have. We gave up some plays in the secondary that we just shouldn't give up. The one touchdown on the crossing pattern should not have happened. It was a heck of a play by the young quarterback just to stay alive, but the receiver never should have been that open.

Q. (Steve) Smith said something earlier in the camp about catching balls over his shoulder. Has he expressed that to you? Is that something you guys are working on?

A. He is working on that, and it did happen once in training camp, too. We weren't able to bring it in. He started to catch the ball over there and I am sure there will be more.

Q. What is the issue there?

A. I am not sure what the issue is. I'm going to take a hard look at it.

Q. Is this the game at this point in the preseason where you hold your breath injury-wise?

A. They have to play, let's face it. We gear them up, bring them into these games, they've got to go play. You do have that in the back of your mind always, particularly as a head coach. Then again, you are trying to get ready for the season. It is a very fine line, but the guys have got to play themselves into top flight competitive ability and there is only one way to do that.

Q. You were able to get your first string offensive line out there tonight for the first half. How pleased were you with what you saw?

A. I think that it was good. From a continuity standpoint it was very good that we got a chance to play. I think we will see some things that we could have done and improved upon. But just getting those guys to play together, communicate, let the quarterback work with them, let them communicate back and forth about protections, that is all good stuff. We needed that badly, we haven't had that.

Q. Sinorice Moss didn't get involved in the offense. Any reason why he wasn't involved?

A. No, we wanted to take a good look with those two young guys, so we tried to create that scenario for ourselves. We had a good, long hard evaluation of those couple of rookies and Manningham.

Q. Since Eli (Manning) only had 91 yards passing while he was in there, might you have to play him a little more or will you play him at all next week?

A. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see. I thought the first drive was a good drive. The rally drive was a good drive. He stuck a couple balls in there. The big post ball, you're not going to throw it any better than that. You add another 70 yards, and then get the pencil out and subtract it.

Q. It seems like that play kind of unraveled things?

A. No, I don't know if it unraveled things. I wouldn't say that. You are talking about being in the hole. Now, all of a sudden, you're at least at plus-forty, maybe down inside the 20, who knows.

Q. Last year, a bunch of times you were asked about the tempo offense, about starting games with it. Why today did you start with it?

A. Well we have worked on it. I have kind of been excited about it. I wanted to see that in action during the preseason and so it became one of those situational objectives.

Q. Was the plan to play David (Carr) so much in the second half?

A. Yeah, sure.

Q. Danny Ware?

A. I don't know. Danny has played well for us. He just got nicked up, but I am not sure what it is.

QB ELI MANNING:Q: We know you're still looking for that big play guy. Tell us about the play where Steve Smith, you're big game receiver, dropped a ball on a big play.

We had perfect coverage for it and it was a great call by the coaches. Steve ran a great route but we just couldn't finish it. Sometimes it's good to get those out of the way right now and I know Steve feels bad about it. He hasn't done that all training camp so he got that one out of the way in preseason and he won't drop his next one.

Q: You were watching Hakeem Nicks from the sidelines, how would you evaluate his plays tonight?

Well, he made some plays and that's what we like to see. On the first one of the touchdown, he did a great job adjusting to the ball and making the catch and keeping his feet in-bounds. It was a great play when we needed someone to step up. On the other one, he ran by the guy when he was facing a quarter blitz and he got picked up. It was a good job by David to see it and Hakeem running by the safety and making the catch into the end zone. It looks like he is doing some good things but overall, we have to get better in the passing game. There are too many mistakes here and there and too many missed opportunities and drops. We have room for improvement and we'll do that in the next two weeks.

Q: Dropped catches have been a problem for this team, does this rattle your confidence?

No, drops are apart of football. We need to get them out of the way and keep working on them and keep throwing and some guys will make some big plays and make some great catches. Our receivers have been doing it all training camp so it's apart of the game. You have to deal with some drops but you got to keep throwing and keep working.

Q: Progress from the last preseason game?

Yeah, we definitely made progress from our last game. We started off that first drive going in there and marching it down, making effective plays, going no-huddle, and causing the defense to jump offside a few times. They were showing different looks and doing some good stuff, that was nice. Then we had a couple other good drives where we scored points and got a touchdown. We just moved the ball and got some points on the board. We had a few mistakes and turnovers, which is not like us, and we have to eliminate those.


We basically played sound football tonight. Of course you know it is still preseason and there are a lot of things that we have to clean up. We have to shore up our tackling and we have to get more pressure on the quarterback. We also need to make more big plays on defense. I believe we left a whole bunch of them out there. We have to be more consistent because they made some plays, too. But overall I think we did a good job. We will be okay.


The Jets were bringing pressure so we were all trying to get on the same page. They brought it so I just gave Hakeen a "go" route on the first one. He ended up going right by the guy. I just put it up and gave him a chance to make a play on the ball and he did a great job doing it. On the second one it was actually a good read by him. The corner came and the guy sat on him and he read it and ran right by him. It might have been a blown coverage but either way Hakeen read it right. It was a good play by him especially being so young in his career.


Eli got some pressure on him but he still got the ball off. I was able to make an adjustment and got the ball into the end zone. I'm always the last option on that play He read me as the safety valve. I was wide open and he made a great throw under pressure. We are getting better. We are doing a lot of stuff up front but it is still preseason and it is going to take a little time for us to jell. We are playing okay and we had a couple of turnovers that hurt us which we are going to work on, of course.


We definitely played better than we did last week. But we are just looking for constant improvement. And I think we got that today. I think the effort was there. Obviously we have some things to still work on and I'm excited about where we are right now. Second guys came in and did a really great job. Carr and Nicks and second team D did a really good job. Even though the score wasn't in our favor, and of course you want to win, we still did a lot of positive things tonight. Sanchez played well and made some plays when he had a lot of pressure on him. But guys like him are going to have a chance to make plays like that.


As far as reaching our goals tonight, I would say there were some things that were really good and some things that were negative. We scored on the opening drive and that was one of our goals. There are still a lot of things that we need to improve on. When we get down there we don't want to score field goals, we want to score touchdowns. And that is one of the areas we have to work on. We also have to concentrate on keeping our momentum. That was one of the areas that had a lot of ups and downs. We do two things right and than we take two steps back. That is what this game is all about – consistency. I think we have a lot of good stuff going on. Guys are playing hard and guys are really starting to jell together. We are definitely stepping in the right direction. We tried different cadence, different personnel and tried different things to keep them off guard. And we were able to do that.


Q: How was picking up the blitz, were you able to find the open spot?

Yes, I think that me and David (Carr) were on the same page. I read the corner blitz and the safety was flat footed to the inside, so I just converted my route to a go route and we were on the same page and just connected.

Q: There were a lot of dropped passes in tonight's game but you made a lot of catches and made some plays. How important is that to you?

It's important. I felt that I went out there and played like I should have. I made up for it but at the same time you have to keep on competing and take it day by day.

Q: How are you performing and getting acclimated to the new system?

I feel good but at the same time I'm still trying to feel comfortable, and I'm trying to play within the system and make plays when my name is called on.

Q: What do you make of the drop in the third quarter?

I make no excuses. It (the ball) came my way and I should have had it. But, I bounced back from it, and I just have to keep making plays.

Q: Did it (dropped ball) motivate you a little more in the fourth quarter?

Once I got up, I forgot about it. As a receiver, you've got to forget and forgive really quick. By that next play, I had forgotten all about it.

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