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Postgame K Lawrence Tynes

Q. Take us through the last kick?

A. Knocked it home, we made it to win the game. There wasn't a whole lot to it. I started towards the right a little bit more than I would've liked, but eventually it went in. It's a good win for our team. It gets us going in the right direction again. Very happy to have gotten that opportunity after what happened earlier in the first half.

Q. The second one you missed left, was something going on there?

A. No, because the first one was on the left hash. I hit that very well. I probably didn't play it far enough right as I should have, but you know what, it went in. The second one, I will look at film, but I'm pretty sure I know what I did. Can't miss those under 40; that's my fourth one this year.

Q. Were you ready for the opportunity to win the game in overtime?

A. I have done it before. I am very, very glad and we are very unfortunate to have gotten the ball in overtime because the way the Falcons were moving the football in the last quarter. I think if they get the ball, they would have a pretty good chance of scoring. I am just glad we won. I will fix whatever I need to fix, but I need to stop missing those short ones.

Q. You grabbed Jeff Feagles at the end, what was he saying to you?

A. No, Jeff was telling me something, but I will keep that private.

Q. Did the miss affect your mentality?

A. I knew that was going to haunt us even though we were up 14, I knew I had to make amends and fortunately I got an opportunity to do that.

Re: clutch kicks?

A. I love those situations. I am not nervous. It is a really good feeling to kind of be a hero for 30 seconds and help your team win a football. I was really looking forward to overtime when we got the ball for sure.

Q. What went wrong when you missed?

A. I will look at film but I know I lined up improperly. We had kind of an issue with the spot initially where I thought it was and Jeff moved it up about six inches. That's on me. There is no excuse for those misses. I'll fix it.

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