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Postgame LB Chase Blackburn - 12/23

On success of the Ravens offense
"It seemed like they had 13 guys on the field, and then two would run off. So we were in a messed up personnel, especially early. And then we basically had to stay more vanilla at times, because personnel were coming in so late."

On the Ravens running game
"The one long run at the end made it seem worse than it really was. Obviously, we're giving up too much. We ran some three-deeps, and we shouldn't have given up any yards. They were still squeezing it out for two and four yards, and we had to stop the run on contact. The one long run at the end, we just can't give up. "

On the Giants' play the last two weeks
"Poor, we didn't play well and we didn't start strong. For some reason it seems like were waiting on a spark, and we need to create the spark instead of waiting on the spark. And that's where were at right now."

On why the Giant's haven't been able to create the spark
"Because we've been waiting on someone else to do it. Instead of doing it ourselves. You can't do that; you can't play football that way."

On the mindset when preparing for the final week
"You have to play, it's still a divisional game, and it's against the Philadelphia Eagles. And you know they're going to come. They've been out of the playoffs for a while. But they're still fighting. We have to fight, there are jobs at stake, and there is pride at stake. 9-7 versus 8-8 is still a big difference in having a winning season and having an even season. Hopefully we have enough pride, and I think we do in this locker room, and the coaching staff and everyone in this organization, to come out and give it our best effort."


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