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Postgame Panthers Coach John Fox

Opening Statement: Just updating injury-wise, Steve Smith left the game and did not return.  He has a broken arm.  We'll evaluate that in a little more depth.  His arm was broken on X-ray.

Question:  Just talk about coming in here and putting it on the Giants like this

Response: A week ago we were challenged.  We've got a lot of guys out there that haven't played a lot for us, young guys that have stepped up and played well.  I think they did it again today in a tough place, against a good football team, and my hat's off to all our players, the guys that contributed and have contributed all season.

Q:  Did it have a special meaning to you, the last game at Giants Stadium and you win it?  This place has meant so much to you.

RE: Any time you come here, for me, I have a lot of fond memories here.  This place will always have a special meaning.  Unless we were playing the Jets next week, I don't think I'll be back to this one.  It was important.  I've got a lot of respect for the ownership here and the people here.  So every time I come back here it means a little bit extra for me.

Q:  Can you talk about Jonathan Stewart's effort?  He ran for a franchise record today.

RE: I thought he had a pretty good day last week.  I think it starts up front.  I think our offensive live did a terrific job, the whole blocking element:  tight ends, full backs.  We came in short without DeAngelo today.  Any time we've called on Jonathan he's done a superb job.  He was no different today.  He showed up big, but we expect that.

Q:  When you see what happened the last two weeks do you sort of think about what might have been had you played like this the whole season?

RE: This league is very, very competitive.  We started slow.  Every time we tried to come back we came up a little bit short and weren't quite able to get over the hump.  I think this team has a lot of heart.  I've talked about it for some time as far as the character in that locker room.  It's days like today that I think represent that. 

Q:  Can you talk about Matt Moore.  Have you continued to see growth from him?

RE: The last couple games I've seen steady improvement.  I thought today, which can be a different stadium with the way the wind swirls.  It has its own uniqueness.  I thought Matt did a very good job managing the game and made big throws when we needed them, even had a scramble when it was a real big play. 

Q:  Can you talk about what it means to be the sixth team to have two 1,000-yard backs in the same season?

RE: It's something that we take a lot of criticism for, but the ability to run the ball.  At times we've done it in the past, unfortunately not this season, but it's turned into more wins for us.  Both those guys are terrific young men as well as terrific football players at the running back position. 

Q:  Can you talk about Brad Hoover's role today?
RE: We came in short.  Mike Goodson had to step up at the running back position, and then Tony Fiammetta and Brad Hoover we had an alternating plan for them as a runner and as a fullback.  Brad, I can't say enough great things about him as a guy.  He did an excellent job of both running the ball and blocking today.  All those young backs; Jim Skipper, our running backs coach, does a terrific job preparing them and every time we've had a guy miss and a soldier down, a guy would step up and do the job.

Q:  What does it mean personally for you that your team hasn't given up even though they've been eliminated the last few weeks?

RE: Every one of these things has its own personality and takes its own course, its own path.  I'm proud of that group in there because they've hung together and fought hard.  Those are things I'll never forget.  It's those guys in that room that make it all worth while. 

Q:  Your defense today?

RE: I thought our defense has gotten better as we've gone along.  We've had a couple new coaches this season.  We kind of went through a barrage of different injuries along the way and they've hung tough and continued to be coachable, and I think you saw the results the last couple weeks. 

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