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Postgame Player Transcripts

Eli Manning, Quarterback

(On the unusual situation of not playing)

"Under the circumstances where we just played Monday night and the first group got in a bunch of plays I understood the situation. We have to rest the body and get focused for Washington.  We rooted on the guys out there, tried to help them and talked with them on the sidelines.  Make sure everyone is performing at their best.  This is where the fun starts.  The preseason is over and the offense is healthy and ready to go.  It should be a great atmosphere.  They (Washington) are a talented team and we have a lot of preparation to do."

Greg Jones, Linebacker

(On his two sacks)

"On the first one the D-line just ate up the pocket, it opened right up for me and all I had to do was beat the back.  I did what I was supposed to do.  It was a great call and a great team effort by the D-line.  I just showed up and did my job.  On the second one, once again we had great pressure from the D-line.  We blitzed and everyone came in together."

(On his sack celebration)

"It wasn't a dance, it was something that just came out because I was so excited.  It wasn't a dance. It was not a dance because I can't dance!  I got to work on that!"

Ryan Perrilloux, Quarterback

(On his performance)

"I thought I did pretty well.  Building from the first time I went out - building from the Chicago game.  I felt good.  I have to keep learning.  All the different looks you get on defense is something I wasn't used to but I started working on it with these guys every day and now things are slowing down a little bit.  They speed me up a little bit as far as seeing the defense and going to the right spot with the ball.  We are competitors so we always want to win but overall we want to continue to get our game better and execute the plan.  I think we did that tonight".

Domenik Hixon, Wide Receiver

(On the start of the season)

"It's a blessing.  With the CBA, everything went by so fast.  Now the preseason is over.  It is fun.  Preseason is something that we definitely needed and we still need to brush up on some things.  Everybody is excited". 

Steve Weatherford, Punter

(On the friendly competition with Matt Dodge)

It is kind of hard for me to learn from Matt because of his power. He's such a powerful guy and I think it's been beneficial for us both. He has kind of reminded me of a couple of things I've forgotten. So I think whoever is punting for the New York Giants this year is going to do a great job. I've enjoyed my training camp with Matt.

(On holding for Rhys Lloyd)

Matt can also hold, it is just a situation that Rhys was a little more comfortable with me, because I've done it for a couple of years.

Matt Dodge, Punter

(On the future)

If I make it with the Giants that would be great, if it's not I'm going to take on whatever comes.

Zak DeOssie, Long Snapper

(On the Giants)

I love this organization; it's one of the best if not the best in the league.

I am very happy where I am today, and I'm very fortunate to be playing with the Giants.

(On the Bill Belichick's comments this week)

My old man called me and told me to get on the Internet and check out ESPN.

He was so pumped up and excited, as was I. He was a pioneer I guess as the Long Snapper.

Jacquian Williams, Linebacker

(On his sacks)

I just hustled and the opportunity came, and I just ran with it. The quarterback was not looking and I had good pressure along with the defensive line. He stepped to my side and I was just running hard and that is how I got the sack.


Da'Rel Scott, Running Back

(On his big play and his speed)

"They trusted me and I made a big play. I definitely think so. My stride doesn't look like I am going that fast so nobody can really catch me when I break into the open field. I really think it is something I can help the team out with.

(On his extended playing time and making the team)

"I think it was very important. I think I showed my speed and my toughness running in between tacklers, breaking tackles, and making people miss. I definitely showed them what I can do. I also got down the field on kickoffs and punts and made a tackle. "

David Carr, Quarterback

(On the game and the offense)

"I felt good and I felt that we moved the ball well. I think that we made some plays and talking to the guys before the game, I said that it doesn't matter who they bring out there, you just have to go out and do your job and we will be fine. And they did and they moved the ball very well."

(On his playing time)

"I can't remember the last time I have played that long. I think it has been multiple years. It was great to dust some of the rust off and it was good to get out there and get banged around a little bit and get your ribs beat up and feel like a football player."

(On the turnovers)

"I kept telling the guys to keep plugging away. The turnovers, the first one happens on a 10 yard gain and I told them we are going to move the football. I was trying to keep those guys plugged into it and believing. I think they responded and did really well. I just wish we could have gotten into the end zone. Obviously, we had a couple of breakdowns right on the edge where it shouldn't happen. We'll score next time and I felt good for those guys because they responded well."

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