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Postgame QB Eli Manning - 10/28

Manning: "I knew we would have to keep scoring. Their offense is talented and very capable of scoring. We didn't quite take advantage of some opportunities we had in the first half. We kept settling for field goals, not scoring enough touchdowns. But I knew it would take us playing well and playing better throughout the second half. The third quarter we didn't do much. The fourth quarter we got down but had a couple of good drives. We had to settle for field goals, which you hate doing, but at least we were getting points. We took back the lead and then made it where Dallas would have to score a touchdown to take the lead again. The defense did a great job of making some stops. We've got to find ways to be better on third down and be better near the red zone."

On the Dez Bryant play: "I couldn't quite believe it, couldn't quite believe they could get a touchdown in that situation. I kept looking for the replay to see if he caught the ball. They never showed a replay so I was thinking it might be a good sign…I heard a few rumors on the sideline that he had a hand out…I was hoping it was true and got the reversal. They still ran three plays in ten seconds. You knew the game would not be over until the clock said zero."

On close games: "We've been pretty good at winning these close games. Early on, we lost one to Philly. We have to win the close ones. That's what it's about.  Every team you play is going to be talented and is going to be good. You've got to find ways to get off to fast starts, which we did which was great, but we have to find ways to finish games and finish strong. They had a lot of momentum going. But we had a couple of good drives in the fourth quarter to take back the lead and give our defense a touchdown lead that they could go out and get some stops. And they did."

On Dallas' defense: "They do a good job not giving anything easy in the passing game and they've got a good rush from their front four. If you can rush four guys and get to the quarterback where they don't have a lot of time to move around or let guys get open, it can be tough. Not every team can do that. But if can do it and get away with it, it's great. A lot of teams can't get away with it. (Dallas) is talented and had a good plan. On third down, we couldn't get anything going. They challenged us to run on first and second downs keeping two safeties high the whole time. We ran it OK, but we didn't run well enough to get them out of it so we could take some shots down the field."

On the field goals: "You want to get touchdowns. You feel that you're keeping Dallas in the game. You know their offense is talented. If they want to throw it every down, their going to be able to make some plays…Instead of it being 23-0, it could have been 35-0 or something like that. We knew we were keeping the game just a little but too close…We know we needed more touchdowns. That's something we've got to look at so we can take advantage of those opportunities."

On 6 and 2: "Six and two, you take that every time half way through the season I think. We've been in this situation a few times and we're happy to be here winning some close games the last two weeks. We've got to make sure we get better though. We've got tough road ahead of us with two big games coming up before the bye week. We've got to make sure we get back to work, working hard and trying to finish these next two games up before our bye."

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