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Postgame QB Eli Manning - 12/16

Manning:* We didn't come out today and play our best. Atlanta did a good job, but anytime you turn the ball over three times it's a tough situation. We didn't take advantage of opportunities that we were in.

On whether the team was focused:
I think the team was focused. We had a good week of practice and we were prepared to play. We just didn't make the best of the circumstances that we were in.

On having to win the remaining two games:
We have two games left and we have to win those two games. What else happens after that we don't know and we can't control. We can control these next two games that we play. We need to win those two.
On struggling on offense:

I thought we did some good things, but again, we got down there a few times with some big plays we just didn't capitalize in the red zone. To have a number of possessions down there and to get no points out of it, that hurts.

On playing poorly in a big game:
You want to be out there and play well. We know how important that game was. We wanted to go out and have the best performance and score points. When you have chances and don't capitalize and you don't make plays it's tough.

On CB Asante Samuel's interception:
He just jumped it. That's what he does and done a number of times. I'll have to look at it on film to see exactly how it happened. I thought I had room and threw it, and he did a great job of jumping on the ball.


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