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Postgame QB Eli Manning - 12/3

On the game:
"Obviously this was an important game. I thought we did some really good things. We played pretty sound football, just obviously set up too many field goals and had some costly penalties that hurt us. There were some good things out there. We ran the ball well and I think we threw the ball well. In the fourth quarter, we had the two drives at the end that were unsuccessful and that's the game."

On the Redskins playing differently at the end of the game:
"We weren't able to get much going. We had two drives in the fourth quarter that didn't work. We have to drive the ball and get points in those circumstances and we were not able to do it."

On the effect of the loss on the Giants' standing in the division:
"It is what it is. You can't be down about it. You have to come in, learn from it and we still have a great opportunity ahead of us. We have some tough teams to face but that is what will make it exciting. These next four games will be big games. We have to play better football and find a way to win games."

On the Redskins' last drive of the game:
"They did a good job. We had a chance to get the ball back with 20 seconds at the very end but they hit a couple passes and had some good runs. It was a good four-minute drive by them to finish the game."

On the holding call that overturned a third-and-10 play:
"Third-and-20 is a tough situation. You hope that you can hit a screen pass to get 10 or 12 yards to put yourself in a possible fourth down situation and Coach will want to go for it at that time. Obviously the screen didn't hit for much and we were stuck with a fourth-and-20 situation. We had to punt the ball and hoped our defense would get a stop."

On the penalty that led to a turnover:
"That's football. We felt that we were going to make some plays but you don't want to leave it to third and 10. We had opportunities on first down and second down to make some plays. On second down I hit [wide receiver] Hakeem [Nicks] but it was called out-of-bounds. Obviously we have to execute better football on those plays and penalties throughout the game hurt us a lot."

On the difference between last week's game and this week's game:
"Penalties come into it and our field position. They had us backed up but we had some good long drives. We got in tight in the red zone but they stepped up and made some plays. They got us into some third and long situations and we weren't able to get first downs."

On how quarterback Robert Griffin III compares to other rookie quarterbacks:
"It is tough to say, obviously he is making some tremendous plays and he is a phenomenal athlete. He did a good job tonight converting on third down and hitting some key throws."

On the intentional grounding penalty in the second quarter:
"They got good pressure, we had a stutter comeback left and we didn't have time for that route to get going. I had to throw it when I had to throw it and he was still finishing his route. He had a long developing route and didn't have time to let it develop. I tried to throw it somewhat in the vicinity but he didn't have enough time to be in that spot."

On his performance:
"I thought there were some good throws. I thought I moved around the pocket and extended some plays and had some good things. I had some missed throws also. Early on, I had Hakeem on a go-route that was a little underthrown. I overthrew [wide receiver] Victor [Cruz] down the seam. In the third quarter, I had a shot to hit Hakeem near the goal line in an in-route that I put it a little out in front. I thought there were a lot of good things and good throws. I thought we missed a few opportunities though."


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