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Postgame QB Eli Manning

On his performance today:

"Well, obviously the turnovers are a problem. [We] can't afford to turn the ball over. Really, the one before halftime is the one I'm most upset about. [It was] just a bad decision on the throw. [I] can't float it over the middle like that. We've got to get better. We had some drives where we moved the ball. We got near the end zone, we just didn't finish at times. I had [WR] Sinorice [Moss] on a go route [and] I'm mad about missing that one. There's some good play kind of sprinkled in, but overall we're just not converting on third downs and there's too many mistakes."

On how much his plantar fasciitis is interfering with his play:

"It's not. It feels great. It hadn't bothered me all week. I'm not taping it, I'm not doing anything with it anymore. That's not the problem. That's not an excuse I can fall on. It's not bothering me at all. I've just got to get back to playing better football, and we can do that. We've been through struggles before. We've been through phases where we have not played well, and we've bounced back before. I know this team can build, and we're not going to get down. We're not going to start pointing fingers. We're going to fight back. We've just got to win one game and let's get back on the right track."

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