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Postgame QB Eli Manning

Was this a game where you struggled to get in a rhythm?

Definitely.  We did struggle from the get-go, just being consistent.  Getting first downs, moving the ball, we never really had any long drives where we were running it and throwing it, mixing and matching, and getting consistent.  We have to give credit to them for doing a good job. We had too many third and longs and not enough positive plays.  Not enough situations where you as a quarterback are just finding your rhythm in the passing game or the running game and just getting up there and getting a lot of plays.  There were too many three and outs and it was just not consistent football.

Did you feel under pressure from their defense?

They got some pressure a couple times, but that is going to happen.  I think there were a lot of times where I had enough time and I just should have waited it out a little bit longer, stuck in there, and stayed strong in the pocket.  I thought our offensive line did a pretty good job.  A lot of times we had to throw it at the end and you are going to get some pressure there.  They are a good front, they were mixing up some good blitzes and different things, so we definitely had some opportunities to get the ball down the field and I have to play better football.

Did they show you anything today that you had not seen from them?

No.  Every week there is a new wrinkle or a new blitz here or there, but nothing totally different or totally new.  It was nothing we weren't prepared for or we didn't have an answer for.  We just didn't perform our best.

What did you see on the last pass, the interception?

I guess the safety was wise and just made a good play.  We were trying to get something going there.  We needed to get a little bit of a chunk and the safety made a good play on it.  Maybe I could have thrown a little bit better ball, but right there you have to get something going and the safety just made a good play.

Do you make that throw because some of the other passes, the ones to Smith and Boss, were caught in tight spots?

They were playing good defense and sometimes you are going to have to throw some tight balls in there and hopefully you don't throw interceptions.  Obviously it wasn't a good decision because it got intercepted and I will have to look at the film and see if I had some other options.  We got the corner to sit like we wanted to and got over him, just the safety must have read my eyes or drove on it pretty hard.

On the third and two when you threw deep to Mario Manningham was that the play call or did you see something in their defense?

They were showing kind of a blitz, all-out, and so I went to try to protect it up and it wasn't a bad opportunity to try to hit something down the field, just a poor throw.  I need to at least keep the ball in bounds and give the receiver a shot to make a play.  It was just a bad throw on my part.

Is there concern after losing two in a row?

I don't think we have to get concerned.  We have to play better football.  We have to get back to just being consistent, finding our rhythm, playing the way that we started the season.  Just making some plays and throwing the ball down the field.  We haven't hit our big plays that we were hitting earlier in the season.  I had a shot to Hixon early on and the corner made a good play and intercepted that one.  We just have to get back to making some of our big plays when we have opportunities, but also being consistent whether it is in the running game or the short passing game where we are just moving the ball and finding our rhythm.

You had two delay of game penalties?

That is on me.  I saw the clock, I just thought I had time to get it off and get everybody settled and see how we wanted to block things up, but that is on me.  I have to see that and keep my eye on the clock the whole time and not assume I have enough time to get it off when I don't.

Did you notice anything different out there without Kareem McKenzie?

I thought Will (Beatty) did well.  He knew what he was doing.  We will look at the film, but I thought he did a good job of knowing what was going on, listening to the plays, and I thought he did well.

Your foot is okay?
The foot feels fine.  The foot feels fine.

Is this upcoming game against the Eagles even bigger than usual since you are coming off two straight losses?

Yeah, it is going to be a big game.  I think playing Philly is always a big game, but we have lost two in a row and you definitely don't want to lose three in a row and go into that.  We are going to have to play great football.  You can't turn the ball over.  You can't have four turnovers in a game and just play better football.

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