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Postgame QB Eli Manning Q/A


Q: How did that false start before the interception in the green zone affect what you guys wanted to do?A: The next play we got the ball intercepted, so we don't really know if it was going to make a difference or not. When you get down there two times in a row, we got down close and get a penalty. You just can't afford to go backwards in that situation. The pressure down there is always tough to have room to do things.

Q: Does it feel like you're playing two opponents today, Seattle and yourself?A: They did good things and we didn't play especially well. As bad as we played, we still gave ourselves a chance to win in the fourth quarter. That's what you want to do. That's what you want to have. You want to be in those situations. You'd always like to have a lead going into the fourth quarter, protected. It isn't always going to happen that way. We're down 4 from the 5-yard line with a minute left. That's a great opportunity to score a touchdown and win the game. Obviously, we weren't able to do that.

Q: Tom Coughlin said this was the most miserable feeling in a long time around here. What was the feeling in the locker room?A: Just that we didn't play well. That's all it came down to. Offensively, there were turnovers and inconsistency. We didn't move the ball well at times. During stretches we played well. The first drive of the game was a great drive. Again, right before halftime in a two-minute situation. At the end we weren't moving the ball pretty well. A couple of drives going down there getting touchdowns. We settled for a field goal at one point. That's not what you want to do when you get down there. We had the turnover the last time. There are some good things, but overall its inconsistency and we made a few mistakes.

Q: It looks like you and Victor Cruz have a developing relationship. How did that come about?A: He's doing well. He's doing really well. He makes a lot of big plays and he's understanding the offense and what he needs to do. He's still a young player. There's still room to grow. We had a turnover on a fumble, so we can't afford those. We've been in that situation before. I thought the receivers played well and there were definitely good things out there.

* *

Q: They're 1-3 and they haven't won a game on the East coast in 9 straight. Did you take this game lightly?
A: No. We knew they were a good team. We knew they had good players. They came out ready to play. They came out and threw the ball efficiently and scored. We matched them. We knew they had good players and a good team. We just didn't play well enough. It kind of came down to the one play at the end. We had a tipped ball that they picked up and intercepted. It's a shame to lose a game with that type of play. I'd kind of rather get outplayed than one of the games when we had a chance but didn't make the play.

Q: How do you get more consistency throughout the game and avoid some of the mistakes that you guys have made in this particular game?A: You get an idea of what they're doing and what their plan is. I don't think our third down was real productive. We have to figure out a way to stay on the field on third down. We had turnovers. On my part, I had two earlier in the game. The last two were kind of a little bit different. We can't afford to turn the ball over. We have to be more efficient on third down.

* *

Q: On the first interception, did you see the safety do something different than what he was supposed to do on that play?

A: It was one of those plays where … Hakeem beat the corner, so it was over the top.

* *

Q: On the interception down there, you had the penalty. Did that throw off what you guys wanted to do?
A: I don't think so. It was at the 5 yard line. We still had a good play. We had a chance. You get 4 or 5 yards and you're back to second and 5 at the 5. It's four down territory. You can't afford to have it in that situation. But, I really don't know if it made a difference or not. The next play the ball was tipped and intercepted.

Q: Because the running game is struggling so much, did that influence what you guys would do down inside the 5?A: We try to see what the defense is doing and put ourselves in good plays. We had good play calling. We had some opportunities down there. We didn't execute real well. They had some changes with their plays. We didn't execute as well as we needed to. Therefore, we couldn't get touchdowns.

* *

Q: What happened on the safety?
A: I'm not sure. They had a handoff. I don't know why he came up bobbing. I haven't seen it or what the blocking scheme was.

Q: Two emotional wins on the road, then this. Is this a wake up call for your young players?
A: You know in the NFL that every game you have to play well if you expect to win. You can't just play mediocre. You can't make mistakes. They hurt you. We didn't play as well as we needed to. At times we did good. We responded in the fourth quarter. We made some big plays. We just can't afford to be down and have to come back. !

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