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Postgame QB Eli Manning Transcript

Q: What's your confidence in your receivers?A: I think those guys are competing. I think we have a number of guys who can play. Obviously having Domenik Hixon back will be a big help and moving him around. I thought Victor Cruz did some really good things in there, so that's always good. Then we have some young guys who were playing well. Devin Thomas did some good things – so we have a number of guys. I think we're kind of mixing guys in and having a variety will be a good thing for us.

Q: Talk about the maturity process of these receivers.A: Those guys are all working. They're all great competitors. It's fun to be in practice with them. They want to do the right things, they want to learn, they're all smart, they get things. So we're coaching them up, but they're making plays and doing a good job.

Q: It seems like whenever you're in trouble, Mario Manningham is the guy you go to.A: He played well. He had a big third down conversion on a break in and I was scrambling around and hit him on a few things. So he did some good things, and we just didn't quite connect there on about third and five down there in the red zone, which would have been nice. So all these things will be good to go back, watch some film, correct the things that were not done right, look at what we're doing well. So it will be good film to watch.

Q: Talk about Terrell Thomas.A: It's a shame. He's a tremendous player and a great guy to go against in practice every day. He brings it every day, works hard and obviously it shows up on the game field. He makes plays all the time. So it's a shame and I wish him a quick recovery. 

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