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Postgame QB Jim Sorgi

Q: Victor Cruz making you look pretty good.

SORGI: Makes me look great. Catching those balls you're not supposed to catch and taking them for touchdowns-I'll tell you what, he's a quarterback's best friend is what he is. He's the kind of guy who goes out there and works hard every day, makes plays in practice and you just kind of know he's going to transfer to the game field and that's exactly what he did tonight.

Q: You know he's an undrafted free agent, a long shot coming out of UMass, got a lot of publicity in Albany this week. What do you see in him makes you think he can be an NFL player?

SORGI: Not a long shot no more. He's definitely an NFL player. He's a guy that's going to make plays for you. He knows what he's doing on the field. He's smart. He runs great routes, and he just gets open. You got certain guys in the NFL that just have a knack for getting open, and he's one of those guys.

Q: What is it like to be a backup quarterback and you see the starter get racked like Eli Manning did, blood gushing from him as he's coming off the field. Now it wasn't a regular season game, but that's got to give you some kind of trepidation.

SORGI: I mean that's why I'm here. That's why me and Rhett (Bomar) are here for those kinds of situations and to be ready. If it was a regular season game, hopefully I'd just go out and do what I did tonight and we win the ballgame. I was Peyton's (Manning) backup for six years, and we had those games where he took shots and got knocked down, knocked out, and he's just an ironman that keeps going. His brother is the same way, and Eli will bounce back. It's just one of those things that his helmet came off, and when your helmet comes off, the play is supposed to stop. It didn't stop fast enough, and he caught another helmet in the head. Those things happen. It's just part of the game, and he'll bounce back and he'll be ready to go whenever he can.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to him and what did he say?

SORGI: I have not gotten a chance to talk to him yet. I'm sure I'll get a chance either tonight I'll call him or tomorrow I'll see him and see kind of where he's at and how he's feeling and we'll go from there. Right now I do not know anything about his situation.

Q: With the touchdown to Cruz, did you see he had close coverage and just throwing and see if he makes a play or what was your thought process?

SORGI: Well we had a run play called, and they brought an extra guy in the box and it kind of makes a run play hard to go. So we had a few of those tonight. Some we connected on, some we didn't. That just happened that we'd be one. I threw it up. I was going to give him a shot to make a play, and he ended up making a play.
Q: Did you see him stick his left hand out and catch the ball from where you were?
SORGI: I saw it plain as day. It was an amazing catch, and it came at a perfect time. We were kind of reeling a little bit. We had some things go wrong at the end of the first half, and we wanted to come out the beginning of the second half and just kind of settle down and get first downs. And first downs lead to touchdowns, and it just so happened that one was a longer one.
Q: When he does that, does it give you the confidence to keep throwing the ball to him?

SORGI: Oh definitely. I mean I have confidence in everybody here that's going to catch the ball-the tight ends, the running backs and the wide receivers. You can see it in practice. They all make plays in practice, and you know they're going to make plays in the game. Victor has looked tremendous in practice. He's made some great catches from me in practice. He just transferred it to the game field, which is what you've got to do in this league. He's going to be a heck of a player for us.

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