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Postgame QB Rhett Bomar

How do you feel that you fared in this first outing?

You know I thought it went well. There were ups and downs. There were a few throws that I would like to have back, no doubt. It was a great learning experience to get out there. I got comfortable as the game went on. I felt that I was comfortable with our checks, with the blitzes, and the stuff that you have to do as a quarterback at the line. I thought I was making my calls and some of the alerts we had also. Overall we will watch the film and we will see.

Were you comfortable or did the game seem fast to you?

No, I was comfortable with the game. It wasn't too fast. It is exciting to be out there for the whole game and get a lot of reps like that. You just have to try to treat it like any other game honestly. Yeah you are out there with the ones and playing against starters, playing against the Steelers who are starting in the NFL. I tried not to look it at it like that, just think of it as another game and just go out there and play.

You took a couple of big hits, one was a penalty to the lower leg and then another one you tucked and ran, I'm sure your coach is going to tell you to slide next time?

Yeah, you are not the first person that has said that today. I have been told that my whole life. I guess I do need to work on that, get down and slide and things like that. You are trying to make a play, get the first down, and it is kind of hard to slide when you are leaning forward. That is something I do need work on.

A lot of evaluating the receivers is going on right now, how would you evaluate your receivers tonight?

I thought they did great. They made plays when they had to. Steve (Smith) made a great play. Steve is a great player, that is what he does all the time. I thought they did a great job.

Was it a great experience to start tonight?

No doubt. It was great. It was fun to be out there, be out there with the pressure and things flying at you. It was great to be a competitor and I feel like I am a competitor so I am going to go out there and play. It was fun.

Do you have more respect for what Eli Manning goes through now that you have been through a NFL game at that level?

No doubt. Eli is a great player. He has been doing it and he is at that, like Coach likes to say, that mastery level. I am trying to get up there. I am still a young guy, I'm learning. This is only going to help me. Watch the film and learn from your mistakes and things like that. Hopefully one day I can be where he is.

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