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Postgame Quotes (10/19): Coughlin, Manning, Donnell

Tom Coughlin

We played hard. We were physical. We did the things that we wanted to do in terms of showing in one week's time we could come back from the week before but it was too little and not enough. We had opportunities. The second half, the first drive, we drive down into their territory and they go backwards. The second time we had it down there – the same way. We're in field goal range and went backwards. There's no excuse for that. We couldn't stop them when we had to stop them to get the ball back. Give credit to them for that. I thought the first half was hard fought. It was well played. It was back-and-forth. It was nothing-nothing at halftime and I really did think with our start of the third quarter with our drive, if we could have scored a touchdown right there, it might have put us in better stead. We turned the ball over. Gave them a cheap, short-field touchdown. We got one as well but it's obvious, you've got to be able to hang on to the football. You say it until you're blue in the face and out pops what, three balls today? Obviously, the final one, we're down ten and not much time but still, it's not a very good way to end a football game. So, we're three-and-four. We go to the bye week and we've got to come together here and figure out a way to get some of these things done that are most frustrating for us right now.

Are you concerned that your team has two weeks to think about two bad losses? Am I concerned with that? No, I'm not concerned with that. I'm concerned with playing better football, with our execution, with our ability to run the football, which was basically not there tonight. Defensing the run, we made some good plays against the run, we made some bad plays against the run. So, that part of it, I hope we come back with great resolve after the bye and look at the opportunities that are in front of us. Obviously, we play some very, very good football teams but we continue to try to improve on the things we're doing poorly and look forward to the opportunities that are coming ahead of us.

On if he feels time is running short with the team being 3-4? Well, we've lost a couple of important games in a row. We have a lot of games to play. We're going to have to do something about it. We have nine games. We certainly have to get some W's. We have to get going in that area. Our consistency's got to be there.

On why he stuck with the running game in the second half when he didn't have much success with it in the first half. Because you've got to have balance. We're not just going to turn the ball over because we refuse to run. That's not what we're all about.

On going to the no huddle after hitting an offensive wall. We were in the no huddle most of the game. We made some plays. We got some balls into peoples' hands and they made some yards, they ran for yards. We were in the no huddle a lot of the time.

On the running game. We've got to block people. It's not as consistent. We're having bad breakdowns that are costing us negative yardage, so we're having to come from behind the eight-ball instead of going forward. Even if it's a three yard run, it's certainly better than 2nd and 12. I really look forward to seeing this film because it looked like we had some issues in there with some missed blocks and some people running pretty much free in our backfield. (Rolando) McClain made two big hits in the third quarter that

What's making this Cowboys offense tougher than in past years to stop? They've always been tough to stop, I think, and we've had a lot of games that have proven that. I just think their execution is very good and, of course, they're running the ball and they have players that can make big plays for them.

On how missing Victor Cruz relates to the lack of explosion on offense. Well, we certainly do miss Victor but we have Odell and Reuben. They can be explosive. I've always counted on Larry being a big part of that as well. We've had some issues there obviously and we have to correct some things but he's a part of that.

On what the Cowboys did to get Dez Bryant free in the second half. He got open. He beat us. On the touchdown, he made a nice move. We were trying to jam him and we missed the jam and down the field he went.

On the play in which he got matched up with Chandler Fenner. He ended up in a position where Fenner ended up on him. The kid tries really hard but he just doesn't have a lot of experience.

On a possible communication breakdown on Dallas' first touchdown. I wouldn't want to say something and not have it accurate.

On Jon Beason's injury.

We thought, really, he (had) done very well. He practiced on turf and (did) well the next day. I really wanted to put that whole thing behind him but it cropped up again tonight.

On Victor Cruz's motivational talk last night. I'm sure, spoken by a teammate, especially Victor Cruz, I'm sure the guys took it to heart. I don't know how much motivation you need after the week before. If you're a competitor, you're going to try to do something about it and I didn't have a problem with any of that tonight. Stopping them, executing when we wanted to, running the ball. I had problems with some of that. Putting the ball on the ground. Once we got past that, the way they approached the game, I didn't have a problem with that.

TE Larry Donnell

"I didn't protect the ball the way I should. I cost the team." "The turnover hurt the team. You can't do that. I'm going to bounce back from it, look at it and protect the ball better to prevent that and not hurt the team." "I didn't talk to anyone about it. So, I was just in a state of mind where you know I was a little bit down. I'll learn from it, get better and just bounce back." "We moved the ball, I thought, pretty well. Even though I turned the ball over, we went down to score and came back. The defense stopped them and handed us a chance to tie the game up. I was careless with the ball and I hurt the team." "This game is over as of whatever time this game was over. So, we're looking forward and we will work to get better. We'll do whatever it takes to get a win."

OL Will Beatty

"It's more us than it is our opponents. We're shooting ourselves in the foot. We have to, literally, take this week off and evaluate ourselves to make sure we find our identity -- Giants 2014, who we are today, what we want to represent, what we want to show, how we come together, how we play. We are too inconsistent right now. We have had great games. We had a shutout. You don't want it to be a coin flip of which Giants are you getting this week. You want it to be physical, you want it to be hard, you don't want to give the opponent any edge…As a team, we have to take this week off to evaluate ourselves, to evaluate what is our legacy of this 2014 team." "You know what the expectations are. We are not living up to the expectation…when you say New York Giants, you say running the ball, you say the pocket QB just back there lighting it up in the pass game. We are too inconsistent. We just have to take this week off and evaluate ourselves as individual players and teammates. When we come back and make sure we have a consistent identity." On being one-dimensional: "You give the defense an edge. They are like we can rush, we can stunt, we can do this and they've got to pass the ball because they're behind. When we're playing ahead, we're out running the ball and passing it and they don't know what to do." "We've played in this stadium. We've won in this stadium. That was a great team we just played. They weren't giving us anything. We just have to return the favor." "We expected everything. We knew their record. Dallas/Giants is always played hard in this stadium. We knew it was going to be a close game. It's just that we had our defense out there way too much. Knowing how they run the ball, stop the run game, let's get out there and keep them off the field so they can't get that running game going. We came out here with a plan, but we didn't execute it flawless."

WR Odell Beckham Jr.

"I had a couple of mistakes that could have been big plays. So, I have to put that on me. As a team, we have to come together and play with a little more heart, a little everything. We've got to pull together and perform to the best of our abilities. We're 3 and 4 right, there's plenty of games left to play. I don't see any reason we can't it around…we just need to get back on track and get another win under our belt." On the 1st TD: "It was just a play we called and it was a designed route. I got open and Eli threw it. It was just as simple as that. There wasn't much to it." On the 2nd TD: "It was a little concept kind of like a spacing type. I saw a zone and sat in it. Eli kind of rolled out so I tried to slide with him and he fired…It was an outside/inside type thing. If he liked the fade route, then he was going to throw it. If he liked the slide, he was just going to fire it in there. I guess he just fired it in there. We've been working on that." "I definitely felt we would get a stop and get the ball back and go down and drive and score to tie it up. But they have a great offense. They were moving the ball. Murray was running the ball well. Dez was catching the ball. So, it's just tough to stop a team like that. They are 6-1. They have been playing great all year. There were a number of things we did that could have prevented that and put us in a better situation."

**RB Andre Williams

** "There are definitely some inconsistencies in the running game. We just have to come in tomorrow, look at the tape and see how we can improve. I can't put my finger on it. I'm not a coach, but whatever it is – lack of communication or not being focused at the time – we've got to get better. We've got to move on." "Offense is designed to be balance. That's how we move the ball down the field. When you can't do one or the other, we don't have a lot of success. So, we just need to get back to the drawing board and figure it out and how we can win some games."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On his injury: "It was running. It is one of those things when you are running and you feel like you get hit, then you realize there was nobody behind you. And you are just like, aww man."

On whether he is facing a longer-term injury: "You hope not. You hope it is not that long. Obviously we have a bye week coming up. You get the extra week. Just take it day by day. I will go in tomorrow and get it looked at and see what we are dealing with."


On the accumulation of defensive injuries:** "You feel like you are letting the team down. You feel like you are not doing your part. It is tough."

On the need to address their errors: "We have to have a sense of urgency to improve what we can improve. It is too many of the same things that we are beating ourselves with. Mistakes. Penalties. It has been the same stuff. You can't win with that stuff. We have to clean up our performances."

On why they haven't cleaned up the errors so far: "If I knew that, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. We just have to dig deep. We have all got to do some soul searching and figure it out."

CB Prince Amukamara

On interceptions: "Interceptions are always the spark. When the offense scored right after that, the defense just needs to help them more and get more hands on the ball and make more plays."


On whether he is worried about his team:** "Not at all. There are nine games left. Nobody wins this division in October. We just have to be great in November and December."

On the road forward for his team: "I think the original reaction is to panic. I think this team is sticking together. We have nine games left and nobody wins this division in October. After the bye week we just have to come prepared and come out hungry."

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

On playing opposite of Tyron Smith (Cowboys OT): "It was very intense. He gave me some punches in the mouth and I gave him some punches in the mouth. At the end of the day, he is one of the elite tackles in the league. I think I did a great job today against him, and he did a great job against me today. But it wasn't enough. They won, and shout out to them."


On what they will do to move forward after the loss:** "It is our bye week. When we come back, we want to be a great team. We have a good football team. You see it, and I see it. When we get those kinks out of there … we will be alright. I see that we have a good football team. It is scary when we get everything right, what will happen. We are going to come in Monday and go over the film and see the mistakes we made. We did a lot of big plays as a defense. I will just come in and study film and get off on our bye week and come back with a different mindset, to win. Let's get rolling."

On getting off the field on third down: "I will have to study the film and see the mistakes. Maybe the mistakes that I made or whoever made. We come in Monday and we are going to review tape. Film doesn't lie. We will see what happen and we will correct the mistakes. Because we do have to play them again."

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie On the mentality of the defense in the face of injuries: "It is the next man up mentality. You have guys that are hurt and we just have to step up and play." On whether the loss will linger over the bye week: "We get a whole week of rest. That definitely gives you time to get your body right and get your mind back on football. You focus yourself and just come back out and start paying."

QB Eli Manning

On Game:

"I think we just didn't sustain many drives. I thought we had a couple of opportunities, really in the third quarter, where we had some good drives going and converted some first downs, then at about the 35 yard line we started going backwards. Penalties, bad plays and losing yardage on runs. You have to give them credit for making some plays. We didn't run the ball very well, besides for one good run on our first touchdown drive by Andre [Williams]. Besides that, it was a tough game. I thought we hurt ourselves a little bit in the second half. The turnover in the 4th quarter hurt us, despite having a good drive to put us within seven points. It was too little too late at that point."*On Missing Victor Cruz *

"It's tough to say. Obviously, he's a tremendous player and been a great player for us, but I thought the guys did well. Preston [Parker] made some plays; I thought Larry [Donnell] made some plays. Odell [Beckham] and Reuben [Randle] made plays. I thought we threw the ball pretty effectively. Obviously when you have a player like Victor [Cruz] you miss him in a sense, but I thought all those other guys who were out there played well."*On Victor Cruz's message to team *

"He just went through each position and basically told us to go out there and give it our all. It was good to see him and I think he is still a part of this squad and this team and this season and he is still a leader of this team. To still have his presence around will be good."*On back to back division losses *

"I thought we played better than we did last week. It is tough when we lose division games, especially two in a row. We have to keep fighting. The good thing is we still have three more division games to play down the road. We have a little break from the division these next few weeks, but we've got to figure out a way to get better. We have to eliminate the mistakes and the little things so we can execute better and find a way to sustain more drives."* *On comparison of this season to last season

* *"We're not thinking about that. We're going to keep fighting. We've got some young guys and a lot of new faces so we're going to keep fighting. Nobody said it was going to be easy. There were a few stints where we were playing well, but that doesn't mean anything. We've got to find a way to get better and play better than we are right now."

Safety Antrel Rolle

On defensive play
"I feel like they ran the ball a lot better and their scheme was a lot better on finding match-ups and Tony Romo just buying time and making plays, something that we all know is what he does, and he did a pretty good job doing that today."

On Dez Bryant in second half

"I think he just got targeted a lot more. It is kind of difficult to cover a guy of that caliber. We went man-to-man coverage and they got us on a couple of different throws. They used the fade, the back shoulder fade and the slant, so you've got to cover all the routes. Prince [Amukamara] did a good job, he was right there all the time, but Dez is Dez. He is a strong athlete and he is a great player and he made some plays."


On being 3-4**

"We don't really focus on situations that we've been in before. We come out and try to get a win at all costs and we tried today. I feel like we came out and overall I thought we played with a lot of passion. Unfortunately, we just got the short end of the stick today. Nobody loses it for you, so we can't make excuses. We need to get better as a team and that's it."

On division loses

"I'm not worried at all. We will take some time to figure out what is going on and where we need to pick up the pieces in order to win. As far as being worried, I'm not worried at all."

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