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Postgame Quotes (10/5): Jennings, Beatty, Coughlin

RB Rashad Jennings

Q: When did you injure your knee?
A: The last play I was in, just kind of got ruffled up under the pile a little bit. We'll see what the MRI says. But I should be alright, that's how I feel.


Q: Which knee is it? Left? **
A: Yeah.

Q: What can you say about this team's ability to come back? You were down 10 points and then you go out of the game, it just seemed like everything was spiraling out of control at that point.
A: We're a team. We're a great team. Like I said before, in the backfield, especially, we've got a great group. We've got depth like I've never been on a team with in the backfield, we've got great offensive line leadership. Eli was putting us in a great plays and receivers were making plays, tight ends. There's not one position, this is a unit, this is a team, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Q: The Falcons came in with the No. 1 offense and you guys ended up taking them down. How big of a test was this? How big of a statement game was this?
A: I wouldn't say… it's a long season, we've done nothing but win a game. We're 3-2, we have a lot to improve on. We've got two back-to-back division games so that's kind of where our focus goes right now… against two great teams, so we're not satisfied, we're not content, we've got a lot to improve on. It's a long season, so we'll go back to the film, correct what we need to correct and get ready for next week.

Q: A lot of people look at this offense as a passing offense, this west coast passing offense, but it really is predicated on the run. How much of this game depends on the legs of you and Andre Williams?
A: I think every one, you're asking a running back, I think always that a team goes as the running back goes and a team goes as the offensive line goes. That's just kind of the mentality from any running back, I believe, but it's not about what position, it's not about one player, and I'm going to continue to say that. We're a complete team, we have to continue to play that way.

Q: Did you get a chance to see Andre Williams in the fourth quarter?
A: Yeah, I was yelling, coaching him up from the TV. I know what he was seeing, I know what he was thinking, so I'm proud of him. Like I said, he's a guy that came in and kind of has been under my wing as soon as he stepped in the door, so I'm happy to see him get his feet wet and continue to grow. He's going to be a dominant player in this league.

**T Will Beatty

** Re: Odell Beckham
A: He was doing what he needed to do. He wasn't trying to over work it or over perform just because, 'Oh, it's your first game back, what are you going to do?' He handled it like a true professional.

Q: With Andre Williams being forced to carry the load after Rashad Jennings' injury, how did you see his game?
A: I mean, you couldn't tell the difference from the way Williams was playing from Jennings. Running the ball hard, I know he had a great third down conversion that he just lowered his shoulder. You're like, 'Okay, we've got a big back back there.' It was great having both of them, like, 'Okay, you're not only depending on one guy.' He stepped up, he did great, he kept us on the field. We knew we had to keep the ball out of Atlanta's hands. We had the ball, the last chance they had to put up points. Overall, it was a team win.

Q: What does it mean for the team to get such big contributions out of rookies?
A: I mean, it gives you more ammo, more of an arsenal, just more variation of plays, of things you can do. No one really knew how Beckham would play or what he would do. You're like, okay, you saw him before but coming in five games, what is he going to do? How are you going to match up against him? You see they had a little trouble with him and you're like, 'Okay, we're definitely going to use him.' It gives them something else to focus on other than, 'Okay, we're going to focus on Victor.' Now we've got him out there, too, great hands, great speed. I'm just happy that he's back.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin

Opening Statement: Two different halves, as far as I was concerned. The first half, I did not like at all and we did not think we played well. We didn't think we made anything happen. We made some blunders. The second half was different. We played hard. We made some things happen. The fourth quarter was ours. It was very good. I do want to say this to Mike Smith and his staff: They did an outstanding job, given the circumstances that they had this past week having to get ready, and I thought they did an outstanding job. Congratulate our team. We battled back and we won the fourth quarter and looked like the Giants in the second half and all three areas contributed very well. We had very few three and outs in that first half and we did have to get a few, especially later there in the game in the fourth quarter and late in the third. We started to get three and out, three and out. We had some decent drives. Of course, we got field position at the end when we needed the field goal to put the game to 10 points.

Q: Given the different faces on your offensive line, is this where you thought they would be now?
A: I don't know. You look at the game a week ago and it was outstanding. I'll have to look at the tape. I thought they did a good job with their big bodies to squeeze off some of the gaps in there. Some of the runs being shut down that they had been giving up. We rushed for, I think, 124 [yards]. The week before it was 241 [yards].


Q: You waited a long time to see Odell [Beckham Jr] take the field… What are your first impressions? **
A: I was impressed. He is certainly going to add a lot to our weapons and our opportunities. He made a nice move and ran right by him; if we only got the ball inbounds, that would have been something. For the first time back and for not having the preseason and all of those types of things. The athleticism was obvious to everybody and his speed will have to be reckoned with.

Q: How about Andre [Williams] and what is Rashad [Jennings'] status?
A: I have no idea.

Q: How about the running of Andre Williams?
A: He is a tough, hard-nosed runner. That is why he is here. That was his reputation and that is what his evaluation was. He did what he did the week before. He dropped his shoulder and ran through someone to get in the end zone. He is a hard-running ball-carrier who can get himself low to the ground and has outstanding leg strength. He seemed to do okay in pass protection.

Q: Did you have a limit for how much you wanted to use Beckham and did you increase that as the game went along?
A: I had something in the back of my mind. It seemed coming out after the half we had that well in control.

Q: Do you think your team was overconfident in the first half and that contributed to your slow start?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Why did they look sluggish to you?
A: I wouldn't use the word 'sluggish.' Don't put that word in my mouth. We just didn't perform. We didn't execute as well as we could. I don't think it had anything to do with anything other than the fact that it took us a while to get going.

Q: To what do you attribute the two different halves? Do you think you possibly wore them down in the second half? Especially since they were short-handed.
A: No, I don't think that at all. They didn't look worn down to me. I thought we got in groove and we started stopping them and getting the ball and driving the ball and making third downs. We had a very good third down and we held them to under 20 percent on third downs. They were a 55 percent third down conversion team coming in here. I was happy with that.

Q: Did you expect that they were going to go for it on the 4th and 1 and how big was that and did it remind you of a certain playoff game a couple years ago?
A: It really didn't, until you reminded me of it. I figured they would try to kick the ball. It was close to four minutes.

Q: How big was that moment?
A: Huge.

Q: The incomplete pass to Beckham out of bounds you mentioned… Did that almost kind of serve notice by just the way he ran by the guy? It seemed like after that their coverage was not nearly as tight on him.
A: I am sure they took notice of it on the sidelines.

Q: Did something change with the pass rush in the second half? The intensity?
A: I think it did. I think it got more intense. Some of the stunts up front seemed to be effective.

Q: To win sort of a gritty game where things didn't necessarily come easily to your offense, what does that do for your group as you improve to 3-2 and now have a winning record?
A: After we look at the tape, we'll see. We didn't have a lot of numbers, I know that. We won a game that was a most difficult game to come back and win, and we did that. We will look at the tape, and maybe I will have something for you after that.

Q: You usually break the season up into four quarters… What is the message [to your team] going into today's game and the next three games?
A: It is obvious. Here we are off of the Thursday night game and we come back and there are three games until the bye. We are headed into the second quarter of the season, and I expect us to get better and better as we go along here. The message is execution and elimination of mental errors. We are late into the season, so we shouldn't be seeing any of that any more. The focus and the way we practice has to be better.

Q: With Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, you seemed to be shuffling him in and out there at times… Is he alright physically?
A: He has a little issue, but it is nothing that keeps him out of it.

Q: What is the reason he is coming in and out of the game… Is that the rotation you have set for him?
A: No, it is not the rotation. Other guys have played and have played really right throughout the season. When he comes out of the game, we just substitute.

Q: Odell knew there was a lot of criticism... How much do you think he needed to just get out there and to have a game like this?
A: It was a good start for him. He has missed playing. He has missed competing. I think if he can look at this game and take the plusses and the negatives and learn from it, it is definitely going to help him going forward.

QB Eli Manning

Q: Can you talk about the way you guys started the season and now on this three-game roll. What has been the difference?
A: I think just having a better understanding of what we're trying to do from an offensive standpoint. Getting in and out of plays and adjustments. Having everyone understand what the flow of the game is going to be, how quick we've got to push the tempo or a no-huddle. The adjustments we make and just playing right, playing a little bit faster, and just understanding the offense. I think that's been the biggest difference. We're starting to make some plays and do some good things, and we're just staying patient when things don't go well. We've had good plays, we've had things going better so we can stay patient and not get all uptight and worry. Eventually, we'll start making some plays and start scoring more points.

Q: What does it mean for the team to get such good contributions out of the rookies?
A: Yea, whenever we get new guys and rookies coming in and playing well for you, that's great. That's more weapons, and obviously Andre [Williams]'s been playing a little bit these past few weeks, but today, a little bit more of a role and when Rashad got hurt, he came in, ran hard and ran over some guys. He caught the ball well, which he hadn't done much in college, catching the ball. He had two catches, so I think that's good for him to see and good for him to get a little confidence. With Odell [Beckham, Jr], he came in and made some great plays for us. He had a couple catches, some good things, a big touchdown, but we've still got a lot of work to do. We're really only on four days of practice together, so a lot of routes we have not thrown. The touchdown route – we have never thrown that route in practice, so we've got to get in practice and get on the same page with the timing of things, so I can understand his body movement, his feet, and everything that he can do so that we can be on the same page.


Q: You had Odell wide open for what would have been an 81-yard touchdown at one point. Did you just see him? **
A: We missed the protection, and so I had a guy running free at me and so it was really a throw-away. I knew he had a go-route. I wasn't going to be able to sit there and wait for it, it was one of those where you throw it real early and the corner ends up jumping and thought I was throwing a quick throw and he jumped in. It looks bad on film but really, under the circumstances, it's a throw-away. It was a hard decision, but obviously it might look bad on film.

Q: Osi [Umenyiora] has great respect for you, but he had the only sack against you. Did he say anything?
A: He didn't say anything. He's one of my good friends and we had a great run here together. I have great respect for him, but he plays the game the right way. He didn't say anything after. He made a nice play. They had good coverage on the play and got a sack. It is what it is.

Q: How much with Odell [Beckham Jr] did you feel you were getting used to him and getting more comfortable with him even during the game, if at all?
A: Yea, I think every time we can just throw routes. Even throwing routes before the game, we're trying to get on the same page with everything. Each practice is going to be important, but the thing about practice is that sometimes he might be out there running the routes and I might be working someone else, or I might not hit him in my progression, so I've just got to watch the film and kind of get a mental picture of how he's running each route, and each time we can keep throwing similar routes. Obviously to get through a game, there's a defender that changes things, but we've just got to get through and keep grinding and it will be important each day to get on the same page.

Q: The tight ends were a big part coming into today, but not a lot with the tight ends today. Was it because of something Atlanta did or just more weapons that you had with Odell [Beckham Jr]?
A: It was just kind of the way that the game went. They did a good job taking away some of our tight ends and laying on the seam with a few things. We had a couple opportunities but they did some good things defensively and showed some different looks that we weren't as prepared for, but I think we responded well to them. Had some different pressures but made some big plays on it. I guess that's probably also part of being more comfortable in this offense – whatever people throw at us or change things up, we're able to adjust a little bit better within the play-calling, the players know what to do, and we're just able to respond a little bit quicker.

Q: How does Odell [Beckham Jr] differ from Hakeem [Nicks] and can you talk about the touchdown pass?
A: It was a touchdown pass, with kind of a little double-move on the outside and I thought the guy was holding him, but had a chance to hit the go-route and he did a great job making the play. It was pretty good coverage, obviously the guy was holding him, I guess that's what makes the coverage better, but he reacted to the ball well and that's what you like to see receivers do. See the ball in the air, have good body control, come back, and jump up and catch it, so it was a nice play by him and obviously a huge play of the game.

Q: And how would you compare him to a young Hakeem Nicks?
A: It's tough to say – we've only had four days of practice and one game together, so we've still got a lot of work, but I think he has great speed, can catch the ball well running routes, so I'm excited about what he can do to help out our offense.

Q: How has the offensive line come together?
A: The offensive line has played tremendous. They've been running the ball well, I think they're getting more comfortable with the calls and the adjustments and communicating everything. Today we were checking different protections and different runs and they communicated well getting on the same page with different runs.

Q: Does this say something about the potential you see, specifically with Odell [Beckham Jr] and the fact that the first time he ran a particular route, it was a touchdown?
A: I hope so. Obviously if you can complete some passes that you've never run with each other before, that's listening and that's a credit to him. He's been injured. He's been watching practice and listening and learning and he can take that to the field. There's some things we'll continue to grow on and get better and there's some things that came up today that popped up that we've got to improve on, but it's a good start. We're not where we need to be, though.

Q: What does this tell you about the team? You've now won three straight, you were down 10 in the third quarter. What does that tell you about this team?
A: Well, I was proud of the team today. We got down 10 in the third quarter and we responded and responded right away. We had a drive and a touchdown. Our defense rallied and started getting some sacks and some stoppages, and offensively, we did what we had to do to win. So I was proud of the guys. No one started getting uptight or getting worried. Everyone knew we would eventually start making some plays and getting things going, and guys made some big plays for us in some clutch moments.

Q: Did you watch any college football this weekend?
A: I watched a little Ole Miss. Got a big win over Alabama, so it was fun. It was a good weekend for the Giants and the mighty Rebels.

S Antrel Rolle

Q: What changed from the first to the second half?
A: I think we weren't in sync so much the first half. I think we could've played a whole lot better. It took us until the second half to just calm down, everyone do their own job, just make plays, and that's what we did.

Q: How does going from 0-2 to 3-2 change the team's psyche?
A: Well, it doesn't change anything. Our psyche is to go out there and get a win at all costs. I think it's a great opportunity for us to go out there and do that, to instill mental toughness in ourselves as a team, and I think we definitely have overcome some adversity and we've made plays down the back stretch.


Q: How did you go about containing Julio Jones and Roddy White? **
A: Well, that's always primary, no matter what team you're playing. They have two good guys, but they have multiple guys… Harry Douglas was out. They have Roddy White, and they have Julio. All those guys can make exceptional plays. They're all extreme athletes. They can catch the screen and go up to you, and they can catch the deep ball. That was our primary focus – no deep shot, no balls over our heads.

Q: Can you take us through the Falcons' 74-yard touchdown?
A: It was an all-out blitz. I had position on the back. I had coverage on the back. I knew exactly what was happening. I knew the play, because I studied that play several times. I just came up short. I didn't make the for-sure tackle. The way I look at it, it was third-and-3. Instead of trying to make the tackle so they don't get the first down, I should've made the for-sure tackle. So I kind of cut my angle a little short, trying to push them back a few yards, and I should've just kept running at an angle and made the for-sure tackle. It's something I can learn from, a mistake on my part, but you've got to forgive and drive on. That's the name of the game. I take things pretty hard on myself. I consider myself a very good tackler, a for-sure tackler, so it's just great that the offense had my back on that, that the defense had my back, and we didn't miss a beat from that point on. I give credit to my teammates for that.

Q: What does it say about the team that they were able to overcome a 10-point deficit in the third quarter?
A: I think it says a lot about our team. I think it says that we're resilient, we're going to play all fourth quarters, and we're not going to wait for things to get too rough for us to pick it up. Thank God that we hung in there for the first half without playing our best ball, and not even close to it. In the second half, I think we played lights out. Besides my big play, I think we played lights out both ways. Offensively, defensively and special teams, I think we did a phenomenal job. Re: On Demps fumbled interception and his missed tackle
A: Well, you have to make those plays. On the interception, you've got to hold on to the ball. And he understands that. He knows that, but things like that are going to happen. He's not going to be perfect. Like I said, I'm not going to be perfect. I pride myself on being a for-sure tackler, but we have to rise above that. We've got to think beyond X's and O's. I say "FIDO" – forget it and drive on. That's my mentality. You must have amnesia, especially playing in the defensive backfield. You can't dwell on the last play.

RB Andre Williams

Q: What did it feel like to pick up more of the load there in the fourth quarter when that's where the difference was made?
A: It felt great. I really just wanted to pick up for Rashad [Jennings] when I could and in this game it ended up being most of the second half and I'm just praying that his recovery is quick.

Q: Coming into the league, you've got to block, you've got to run, and you've got to pass block. When Eli [Manning] threw the pass to [Odell] Beckham [Jr.], the bomb there out of bounds, you had the pickup back there; did Atlanta do something that was hard for you to pick up on that one? Because Eli said he got some pressure on that play.
A: I actually – I'm not sure what went on on the backside of the protection. Sometimes the way it goes, depending who the center picks up, you know I might have to look this way and flash across the ball and release into my route this way. So, you know it's just going to come with more experience and practice.


Q: What changed there in the second half? You had minus-one yard rushing at the half. Did anything change or was it just you got more comfortable and more carries and started to get going? **
A: I just got more comfortable. You know, the more you play in the game, the more you see how the defense is fitting, what looks they're giving you that you didn't see in practice, you get used to it. We just made a decision at halftime that this isn't the best football that we've played, or that we can play, and we have to get out there and do better. So that's what it was.

Q: Do you feel you get stronger as the game goes on?
A: Yeah, I think so. I pride myself in being able to recover quickly and keep it up in the fourth quarter once the team gets tired. We have a no-huddle offense and we're supposed to be able to outlast them because that's what we practice to do.

Q: The offense has progressively improved. Is there any one point in the first five games where you would say you guys were coming together.
A: I felt it each week and then against the [Houston] Texans, once I saw how well we were gelling. It's not just the players, but the coaches, too, we kind of figured out – it's new for everybody, so we were figuring out what we're really good at and you can see as the weeks went by how our play calls were changing because we were figuring out what we were good at. I think we've got it down now and we just have to keep sharpening it, keep getting better.

Q: Do you think you are ready to handle the full load now if Rashad is out for an extended period of time?
A: I think I'm as ready as I'm going to be. There's no time to really analyze whether I'm ready or not because the decision was made now that I have to be in the game and this is what I was brought here for, to play football. There's only 53 men on the roster and you've got to be ready to play at any time, so that's how I prepare during the week.

Q: As a rookie, is it exciting to you that you score the touchdown that cuts the 10-point deficit to three and then [Odell Beckham Jr.] comes back and scores the go-ahead touchdown? You know, the rookies contributed today.
A: Absolutely. I think the Giants did a great job recruiting. I think they picked up a lot of great guys and we're going to have a great future here with the Giants.

Q: What did it feel like to plow into the end zone on the run? You ran somebody over.
A: It felt great. You know when it's on you, you're on the three-yard line and it's up to you to go in and get the six points, and then you do, I mean it was just an explosion of emotion. I don't really know how to describe it.

Q: It looked like you made some adjustments in that fourth quarter. One sweep you got pushed out of bounds, but every run after that it looked like you made a conscious decision to stay in-bounds. Was that going through your mind or was it just the way the play unfolded?
A: I think that's really just the way the play unfolded. I don't really ever make a decision to go out of bounds if I can stay inside [the sidelines].

Q: With this line coming in sync now, how do you flow with that? You seem to run better, how's that going with them, with the line becoming better?
A: I think we're really just coming together as a unit. Eli is more calm in the backfield, he's calling plays better, he's making sure everybody knows what's going on. The line is clear with their signals and we're just becoming precise, concise, and it really helps me out coming in sometimes. I don't really get to get into the game until the second quarter and you know, I'm cold. So just the way that they're able to make the calls so clear and concise really helps me out.

Q: You come into training camp, first you've got to make the team, you've got [David] Wilson ahead of you, Rashad ahead of you, now you will probably be the starting running back in a nationally-televised game next week against a divisional rival. Did it ever hit you that this sequence of events is kind of happening quickly for you?
A: I knew that they drafted me because they understood what my skillset was and they were going to use me. So I just made an effort to be as ready as I can each week and just prepare like I'm going to play the whole game.

WR Odell Beckham

Q: What was that feeling like when you got in the end zone?
A: Words can't even describe. To be out this long and have to deal with the adversity I've had, I just want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to play and allowing me to score in my first game. It's just great to get that under your belt, it's like you get that off of your chest.

Q: Eli said he threw the ball away on the long incompletion where you were wide open. What was your reaction to the play and when did you know you had the corner beat?
A: I knew from the way he was covering me, he wasn't really looking at me. If something was going on back there that I couldn't see, that probably explains why Eli put it up early and I just saw it going up and like you said, I knew there was some pressure or stuff going on. Those plays happen in a game, you've just got to keep moving forward. As bad as you want to go get that one, you can't get it back. You just have to move forward.

Q: With such high expectations, did you grow frustrated and anxious constantly hearing and wondering when you were going to play?
A: It's tough. Any time you're out and you're injured and what you love to do is taken away from you, it challenges your character as a man. I definitely don't think it was easy for me to… I hear about it every day and it's just something, it's a constant reminder of when I get that opportunity, I've got to make the most of it because you never know when your last one will be. I feel like I'm going in the right direction. There's still time for more work to do. There were a few times where I didn't take the best release and didn't give Eli the amount of space to throw, so there are a lot of things that we need to work on.

Q: What does it mean for you to have the winning touchdown pass in your first game?
A: I don't really know if it was a winning touchdown pass. It was early in the fourth and there was still plenty more football to play. Anything that I can do to help the team is good enough for me.


Q: Are you the primary read on that? Did you know the ball was coming to you? **
A: I didn't exactly know that the ball was coming, but I had an idea, since it was a … route I had an idea that the ball was coming. I just saw it go up and I'm just thinking in my head, 'There's no way that I'm going to let this one hit the ground.' I did my best to just run under it and catch it. That feeling is something that I can't even describe.

Q: If you believed in your skills, it had been a while since you were out on the field in a game. To get out there and be the fastest guy on the field, were there any nerves, 'Am I good enough?' Did you go through any of that and how did you feel when you obviously measured up with what was out there?
A: There were definitely a lot of nerves. It kind of reminded me back during the draft, it didn't all seem real. I finally get down, I'm in the green room and it all just hits you. I remember the national anthem came on and all of the emotions, all of the stress, the anxiety, the anger, everything that I've been dealing with had just kind of hit me at that moment. I shed some tears of joy. Eli throws and I get my first catch and just the relief of, 'Alright, now you can just get back to playing football. This is what you do.'

Q: Did you know that you were going to be coming in the second series?
A: I had an idea. Coach told me, he said, 'Don't expect to play a lot early.' I got in on the second series and I just, like I said, I just try to fill that role and do the best of my ability. Re: crowd reaction to his first catch
A: Yeah, definitely. It kind of gave me chills just to have our fans behind me like that even after everything that's happened and how long that I've been out. It's great to know that they support you.

Q: Did you expect to be returning punts?
A: It was definitely… I talked to coach and he said … if you're ready, I'm going to put you back there. There were a few times in the game when he asked me, 'Do you want to go back there,' and I told him, 'yes,' and I got an opportunity to get one of them. I had to fair catch it, but there will be plenty more chances.

Q: In the time that you were out watching games, did you see things in the game…?
A: I feel like that's with anything. If you're sitting back watching something, it's easier for you to say, 'Oh, you should have made that cut or that cut,' and it's just something, it's not the same as when you're in the game. There were definitely times where I was at home watching, it was a great feeling knowing that the offense that we have is just one that could be so great. Just knowing that there are things that I can bring to the table to help the team out… I remember sitting back during the Redskins game, probably my favorite game, just watching Eli run in for a touchdown. The feeling I had was kind of like catching my first touchdown, it's something that I couldn't describe.

Q: How's the hamstring?
A: It's good. It's been something that I'm trying to put behind and move forward on.

Q: Was the speed of the game what you expected?
A: It was definitely fast. It was definitely a lot faster, but as the game went on, it kind of started to slow down. You have to tell yourself, 'This is the NFL, this is the best of the best,' but at the end of the day, you're here for a reason. Any time they put you on the field, they're giving you an opportunity to make plays. I tried to do that to the best of my ability.

Q: Did you play more than you expected today or was this around as much as you thought you would be?
A: Obviously I didn't know. Coming into the game, I didn't know how much I was going to play. I really didn't know.

Q: Did Coach Coughlin say anything to you after the game?
A: He said, 'This was the first of many. You've got a lot more work to do and just keep working hard.' Re: relationship with Coach Coughlin
A: I think that's tough love. It's just something that I feel… he wanted me to be out there and I wanted to be out there. Any time you're coming into a new environment and you don't exactly know somebody… a first impression lasts forever. Sometimes it's like, 'I wish I could have left a better impression, maybe he wouldn't have acted the way he did or I wouldn't have acted the way I did.' It's just something that I think we're on the same page now. I've had talks with him, I think it will be a lot better.

Q: The hamstring, you were able to play and not think about it at all? Or the first couple plays, were you like, 'Hey, it's good now'?
A: No. Any time you have something like that, it's in the back of your mind, but for me to be able to run a couple deep routes and feel it out and just know that it's okay was a very calming feeling for me.

WR Victor Cruz

Q: How does 3-2 feel?
A: It feels good any time you win or any time you are over .500. We haven't been over .500 in a while. Any time you win, it feels good, especially a home win. A good one for the fans. A good one for this team and our confidence. We are excited about it.

Q: What was the mood when you went down 20-10 in the 3rd when they ripped off that long touchdown?
A: Just resilient. We understood we were going to have another shot. Another crack at it. We just wanted to go out there and put a drive together and get some points and we did that.


Q: What are your impressions of Odell Beckham Jr.? **
A: Amazing. He is a good player. He works so hard to get out there on that field. For him to come out and have a big game and score a touchdown, I think it is indicative of the type of person he is. With him making plays, I think it is going to be tough to beat all of us.

Q: Do you think that play when he got behind the defense changed the way [the Falcons] played you guys?
A: I think so. I think they had to take account for it a little bit more. I think they had to understand that he is also a threat. They played us differently from then on. They played a little more of cloud coverage. A little bit more of a man underneath. They tried to bump and run us. They are going to have to change some things up when he is out there on the field and that is good.

Q: Does this say how far the offense has come and maybe the character of the team has come to come back like you did in a game like this?
A: Absolutely. It says a lot about the type of players that we have, the character that we have on this team. We have been in positions like that before in the past and have come through. I think although we have some new guys on the team, we were able to come back and they knew exactly what the energy was in order for us to come back.

Q: Has it showed how far the offense has come in a short period of time?
A: The offense is moving along greatly. It had a great pace. I think there are so many nuances and little wrinkles that we have to throw in there that it is hard for the defense to get a beat on it exactly. We had it all on display today and we were contributing and making some big plays.

Q: Given the criticism of this offense in the past…How validating are these past few weeks?
A: They are good. Obviously you just want to continue to get better. You don't want to listen to the things that are being said. You want to keep your foot on the gas and keep your head in the book and continue to go forward. Obviously you want to take a minute to realize what is going on and what has happened. We feel good about it. We feel good about what we have offensively. We love doubters. We want to continue to prove them wrong and continue to move forward.

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