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Postgame Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Tommy DeVito, RB Saquon Barkley, OT Andrew Thomas, WR Sterling Shepard, WR Darius Slayton, ILB Bobby Okereke, CB Darnay Holmes, S Jason Pinnock

Head Coach Brian Daboll

On his general message to the team.

A: Yeah, I thought, I mean, not the results we wanted. I thought we fought in the second half, but obviously a lot to work on, a lot to be better at. So, give credit to Dallas. They played one heck of a game.

On how demoralizing an outcome like that is.

A: Every loss is demoralizing.

On the play of the defense (giving up 640 yards).

A: Yeah, give those guys credit. They did a better job than we did.

The broadcast was keyed into the sideline quite a bit. They said you were talking to Wink for a long time before halftime and then coming out. What were you discussing there?

A: I don't even know. We talk a lot throughout the game. Probably going into half, kind of some things we wanted to get worked on, things we want to do, but I have conversations with all those guys.

On the animated discussion after the turnover on downs.

A: No different. Normal stuff during a game.

On Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard getting into it.

A: Yeah, Slaton and Shep, they weren't getting into it. Little stuff during the game. Not a big deal.

On what he makes of the possible perception that the team is getting frustrated and it's boiling over.

A: I've talked to all those guys. Not the results we want but get back to work.

On how tough it is going to be to keep it from boiling if the results continue like this.

A: Everybody's pros. Everybody's pros. Obviously, not the results we want, not the record we want, but everybody's a pro and we get back to work and do everything we can do to be better.

On if it's becoming embarrassing, the way the team is getting blown out in these games.

A: Yeah, it's no fun to lose. No fun to lose.

On what he makes of an 89-17 cumulative score against Dallas, big losses against a division rival, this season.

A: Yeah, big losses.

Q: On his assessment of Tommy DeVito.

A: I thought he did some good stuff. Things to work on, that's why we competed all the way to the end and give him as many different situations as he can get.

On if he expects to go with DeVito next week.

A: Yes.

On if there are there any drastic changes he could or would make during the season to try and fix the way that some of these games go.

A: No, we call can do better, starting with me.

So, you wouldn't?

A: I'd say we all can do better.

On what happened on the first play, the challenge.

A: Yeah, we didn't get a replay, so we threw the challenge flag because we saw we got a clean possession. But then they ended up not fumbling.

On if he can understand where, from an outside perspective, something seems like it's gone wrong. With Xavier McKinney thing last week and the Wink thing today, it just seems like something's gone wrong.

A: What do you mean, "Wink today?"

The interaction.

A: There's interaction every game. Every game. No different. Standard.

On the perception being different. It looked different to the television reporter. Perception-wise, it could be taken differently.

A: Sure, but it wasn't.

On if there is an update on Andrew Thomas.

A: No update.

Quarterback Tommy DeVito

On the result today:

A: "It's tough. You put a lot into the week. You put a lot into the preparation – practices, meetings...Obviously, this is not the outcome we wanted. Something has got to change. We've just got to be better."

On early field position struggles:

A: "I don't feel sorry for myself. You get put in any situation; you've got to get out of it. We just got to get more first downs."

On trying to get into rhythm:

A: "Once we got a couple first downs on offense, we got going. Early on, it didn't go so hot. In the second half, we started to click a little bit but at that point it was too late. I thought we battled well in the second half. But like I said, we've got to come out better in the first quarter and get more first downs to get the ball moving."

On help from teammates:

A: "Everybody was there throughout the whole week of practice and meetings. I was relying on the quarterbacks mostly. Tyrod, Shane, was all the guys seeing what they see. If they saw something else, I was going back with them and talking to through it. "

On facing the Dallas defense and trying to keep everyone calm:

A: "We were just hurting ourselves at that point. I don't think they necessarily did so many things that were stopping us. We were stopping ourselves especially early on. I think I could have helped us get more first downs. I'm at the front of that. I have to make sure everyone is dialed in, locked in, ready to go. We just didn't execute. That's my job and I have to do better with that. "

On the difference knowing he was starting this week:

A: "It was very different practice-wise. I got to throw and have some kind of rapport with the receivers. Obviously, that didn't come to full force today, but it's something that started last week, grew throughout the week and will continue to grow based on watching this film."

On if he feels the coaches' confidence by starting next week:

A: "I'm going to do the same thing. Obviously more because doing the same thing over and to do more, got to watch it, got to grow from it and really emphasize everything bad that was done whether it was me, the offense, the energy or whatever it was needs to be fixed and we will attack that full force this week."

On the importance of the last drive:

A: "It was good. We were able to show what we are capable of as far as moving the ball. We didn't move the ball much especially in the first half...Just showing that we believe in ourselves and when we don't shoot ourselves in the foot, that we can move the ball. I think that's a confidence booster to have that last drive happen, especially to (Shepard). He's an energizer bunny. It's a different energy on the field. To have him get that touchdown was a spark even though it was with a couple seconds left on the clock. Its something positive to gain from this."

On hearing that teammates being frustrated:

A: "I a competitor, everyone wants the ball, right? I think that's where I get put into a different situation because the quarterback touches the ball every play. If I was another position, I would be the same way. I want the ball every play. Sometimes it comes your way. Sometimes it doesn't. That's just a part of playing offense. As far as being a competitor, I understand it. We'll find a way to get our playmakers the ball."

On working through the score deficit:

A: "Obviously, that was the whole deal at halftime. In the first half, we really didn't have much going. We came out in the second half, put a good drive together and got points out of it. When that drive happened, you kind of understand that it's right there. We're one play away. No penalties. Don't hurt ourselves. When we're on, we're on. I think it's just a testament to all the guys in the room. We need to see that and be ok, that was good. We need to understand what was done wrong when we watch the film tomorrow."

On if there are takeaways from today:

A: "For sure. I think that it shows there's no quit in this team. We could have rolled over, went three and out, not really cared...But we dialed in and said it was a pride drive. We are taking this personal...We are not going to roll over. We are going to try to execute like the score was zero-zero...It needs to be the energy, the mindset, everything that that goes into a drive."

On if they will take the pride drive mentality for the rest of the season:

A: "That's my intention to, yes. Throughout every practice snap, all the meetings, that's intention behind everything...Nobody believes in us but us. In this team, we know what we have. We just need to come together and just battle for each other. I think we did that in the second half of the game. We need to continue to do that especially in the early part of the game in the first quarter."

Running Back Saquon Barkley

On if this is his worst experience on the team since arriving:

A: "Yeah, I mean, I'm not going to go out and say that, it's definitely tough right now. Losing like that, get embarrassed week after week, but you got to be a man about it, obviously you can be in your feeling about it for a short time but you got to get ready for the next week, that's NFL."

On animated conversation with Brian Daball:

A: "I don't know, I didn't see it, I'm not able to watch the game I was aware, yes that there was an animated conversation but I don't think it was that. I mean, we didn't get the conversion on the fourth and three and was I frustrated we didn't get it, yes. So maybe it was a sign of frustration but there was no argument or nothing like that, it was football."

On Dallas being prepared for the run game:

A: "Yeah, I mean, what do you expect, that's kind of what every team's mindset is going to be. We got to do a better job, I got to do a better job to take the load off of Tommy and make it easier for him, they came out, they had a great gameplan you could tell from the first two snaps what kind of day it was going to be, but obviously we made adjustments in the second half and we were able to get it going but it was too late."

On if he re-injured his ankle:

A: "I wouldn't say I re-injured it, someone landed on it pretty good, but that's the nature of dealing with a high-ankle sprain. It's going to linger throughout the whole year, it's like a month after you're done with the season that's just the nature of it but thank God that nothing worse happened and I was able to continue to fight through."

On the 4th and 3 play call:

A: "I'm not going to get too much into the details but you know as a player, as a competitor you want the ball in your hand and just leave it at that, I didn't convert it."

On not snowballing like the past few weeks:

A: "No one's going to save us, but us. We got to figure it out , that's it."

On getting blown out by division rival twice:

A: "I mean, just getting beat by anybody like that sucks, I don't think it was more or less because it was the Dallas Cowboys, but it's a bit tough. You know my six years here going against Dallas and Philly and coming up short and getting our butt whooped against them but if we want to be the team that we want to go to those are the teams that we have to match-up against and win, and we haven't been doing that since I've been here or before me."

On avoiding the team to fall apart as a leader:

A: "It's okay to be frustrated, it's okay to be upset, we'll leave that for at home and in the locker room, I'll definitely go home and talk to my family let my frustrations out but try my best not to show it and let you guys get a story out of it to be honest. That's my mindset and how I try to handle it, it's tough but put your hat on, keep coming to work and keep grinding."

Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

On what happened with the injury:

A: "Yeah, I just got rolled up and the trainers just wanted to make sure it was nothing too bad and just do the procedure to get back out there, it felt good enough to come back so I did."

On injury being knee or ankle:

A: "Knee. Anytime you get rolled up its the worse kind of feeling kind of hope it's nothing but like I said it felt good after they took a look at it and I went back out there."

On if it was his MCL:

A: "I'm not sure exactly."

Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard

On possibly having an argument with Darius Slayton:

A: "Yeah, just trying to motivate him and keep him going. It's frustrating obviously look at the score board and how the game went down it's frustrating, but I was just trying to motivate him to keep on going and fighting through it really."

On being asked if he and Slayton were upset with each other:

A: "Man, Listen. That is my brother like my mother's kids. It was never that, never that, it was straight me motivating him to go out there and go do it. Like, that's the honest truth."

On if confidence is 'wavering the operation':

A: "Nah. Like I've always said man, I feel like we have a strong minded group and that's what it's going to take. To see who really has a strong mind, especially with how the season has been going so far. But you know these are the times where you really see whose got the mental toughness."

On what gives him hope about team not going down this direction:

A: "Just the group of guys that we have. Like I said, these are my brothers and we all know each other so well and you know that's what gives me confidence is how well we know each other we'll stick together through this whole thing."

On how much the lopsided score hurt:

A: "Of course they hurt, we're all competitors, and we want to win games. We just got to figure out what it is and figure out what we need to correct and really get in there and correct it."

On what he said to player(s) on team:

A: "Just telling him to fight through it, I know its tough, I've been here eight years so I've been through a lot and just telling him I feel your pain I know that, but go out there and keep on fighting, keep on going."

Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

On moment on the sideline:

A: "You know... heat of the moment energy on the sideline... just trying to... yeah, energy."

On what happened to cause the interaction:

A: "I got a little frustrated, emotions got the best of me a little bit, obviously I don't know what the camera saw or caught or whatever but when I was speaking to [shepard] it was that, he was just trying to calm me down, encourage me, and I'm grateful to have him as a teammate."

On getting into argument with Mike Groh (WR coach):

A: "Um... yeah a little bit, I was, yeah... it was a spirited conversation."

On what the conversation was about:

A: "For me personally, of course my frustration is always going to come from the tea, success. Like my individual success obviously everybody wants to go out there and have a bazillion yards and fifty touchdowns and that's great and fine but I think at that point in the game I think we were down 28-7 if I'm not mistaken so obviously the game had not gone the way we wanted it to go and obviously that was frustrating in itself. I just have to manage my emotions better in those scenarios."

On normally not being emotional, so why today:

A: "It's week ten, and we have not done a lot of winning or been very productive on offense which is very frustrating as somebody who considers themselves one of the better players on offense, someone who can help this team win. You prepare your butt off, you practice your butt off and you study and you want the results, you want the wins on gameday, you want to go out there and be part of one of the best offensive units in the league. So, that's all it is man, I have a deep desire to win I'm a very calm, collected person I don't speak very much but on the inside I always feel that way. If we're losing or if it's not going our way... it happened to come out of me today, but that's how I always feel, if we're losing, if things aren't going our way that's always going on inside of me I just normally contain it and it got away from me a little bit today."

Inside Linebacker Bobby Okereke

On reflections on the game:

A: "Obviously, very bad score. First half didn't go our way. Second half we came out, we fought. Obviously, they still won, but, what were we, 21-17 in the second half? We just have to execute better, all across the board. Especially defensively. I thought we started off the game well, but execution in the run game specifically just wasn't up to par if we want to win games."

On heated discussions and emotions on the sidelines, and what he makes of it as a team captain:

A: "I like it. I mean, obviously everyone is frustrated that we are losing. I don't think anybody wants to lose. And everybody has pride. I think a lot of the frustration comes individually. I know me, guys on defense, guys on offense, everybody knows we can play better and help this team win. When I see that, I think it is just passionate people trying to fix the problem. We talked about today, either you are part of the problem or part of the solution, so I think we all want to be part of the solution. It's just how we can all cohesively get there."

On the team's performance:

A: "I thought we brought energy. I thought we started the game off well. It's just execution. It keeps falling away from us. They are a good football team and they are playing well, and they played well today. I think we came out here in the second half – obviously a poor first half showing – showed more resilience in the second half but ultimately didn't do enough to win this game. Personally, me, I have to clean up my play. I had one or two missed tackles, I had some run defense I need to clean up, and I am not making enough impact plays right now."

On what the team can take away from this game:

A: "It was tough. We knew this was an opportunity to go 2-1 in the division. So, to come to the half with a score like that is just frustrating, and that is probably a manifestation of everything you saw on the sideline. We came out second half, no one put their head down and we fought. Obviously the end result is what it is, but our process is going to stay the same. Keep working and keep getting better."

Cornerback Darnay Holmes

On what he can take away from this game:

A: "I feel like I've seen some fight in us. Some things that we can correct. At the end of the day, we are a team that is not perfect. Things that weren't perfect, we will go back to the film room and correct those things. There's some things I have to go correct. I'm just at the point where I am just living and learning. At the end of the day, we are all competitors. We are all walking out of this building not feeling well at all, as we all should feel. So, we all just have to figure out what the answer is."

On whether it felt like the score was being run up:

A: "At the end of the day, when it is one of these types of games, if we were on the other side of the stick, we would probably do the same thing. That is just the way the game goes. I don't have anything against those boys. They did what they were supposed to do today and I can't say, y'all are blowing us out, so take a knee.' That isn't the way life operates. Life is going to hard. We can't say, 'stop life,' you feel me? That is just the way it is going to go. We just have to take it for what it is, keep our head down and keep on moving forward."

On what looked like confrontations on the sidelines:

A: "There wasn't any confrontation at all. At the end of the day, people were just figuring out what is going on. At the end of the day from the outside looking in, y'all probably thought it was confrontation. But it was just males being males and speaking to each other. At the end of the day, we all love each other and we want to make sure both our points are getting across and both our states of mind are being heard. That's just what took place. I don't know what exact thing you are talking about, I don't know if you are talking about the offensive side or defensive side. But I know at the end of the day, we are going to ride for each other. At the end of the day, loved ones fight, moms and dads fight, that's just part of it. We are going to continue to keep our heads down and keep on moving forward."

Safety Jason Pinnock

On what he takes away from a game like today:

A: "A lot, honestly. It's clearly a lot of wrong to fix. We will chop it up Monday, get in the film room, see what's going on because it's a copy-cat league. Everybody will give all their shots so there will be a lot to learn from."

On whether the Cowboys threw things at them they were not expecting:

A: "It was one of those days, man. One of those days. And we are having too many. We gotta get it right. Stay together, man, that is the biggest thing in this. This is when things start to fall apart. One thing I will say positively is that I don't think other teams will respond like us, as far as togetherness."

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