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Postgame Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Tommy DeVito, RB Saquon Barkley, DL Dexter Lawrence, LB Bobby Okereke, S/LB Isaiah Simmons, OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux

Head Coach Brian Daboll

On what was more impressive, QB Tommy DeVito's TD passes or zero turnovers:


On how DeVito handled Washington's defensive pressure:

Yeah, I said during the week he's improving. Doing a lot of good things, did some stuff we'll correct and gave us a chance."

On how DeVito grew as a player today:

"Look, there's some good stuff that he did. Made some good plays. Thought [Offensive Coordinator Mike] Kafka called a good game, and some wide open guys. [TE] Daniel Bellinger, [WR] Darius Slayton, third-and-inches call, so those help. He did a good job, and when he got behind the sticks that was when it was tough. Clean up some of those things where we got sacked, maybe we can not get sacked and get the line protected pretty well."

On how much the team needed a win:

"It's always good to win, yeah. So, preparation normal, practicing normal, I know you asked about that the other day. To be able to put it together, you know defense, special teams, we had six turnovers, capitalized on a few of those. Hit some good, big plays. Good play designs. I thought finishing the game we made it probably tougher than we had to, but it was good to get a win."

On how this win helps team morale:

"Winning's good, losing's not."

On NT Dexter Lawrence and RUSH Kayvon Thibodeaux's performances:

"They've been pretty consistent throughout the year. Dexter, you know what you get out of Dexter. He's an exceptional player in this league at his position right at the top and he's provided that each week. I thought Kayvon did some stuff. You want that play back where we got hands to the face at the end of the game, but again credit to [Defensive Coordinator Don] 'Wink' [Martindale] and to the players. They've been putting in a lot of hard work. Coaches have, players have. We just, you know, put it together in the right way today and try to build off it."

On how they were able to get this type of performance out of DeVito:

"Well, the Jet game was different. We were playing it a certain way. No, look he's made progress. [Quarterbacks Coach] Shea [Tierney] is an exceptional quarterback coach. Tommy's put the work in, but it takes all 11 guys out there on the field and, you know, he's had some production, I think he's improved. We've still got a ways to go here, but he's got the right mindset. I think the players have confidence in him, particularly because he's the 3rd quarterback going in and he's got a little juice about him. But we'll go back and learn from stuff that we could do better and try to put another one together."

On the change in the running game:

"Blocked them better. I thought the big play that [RB] Saquon [Barkley] had when you go back and watch it, just watch little [WR] Wan'Dale Robinson. He was the guy that kinda spun the whole play."

On if he changed anything in the run game to get to perimeters:

"Yeah, I mean we ran a couple plays early that were outside plays, not necessarily cross plays that they did a good job defending. We adjusted like we normally do, it's not just at halftime. We talked about it throughout the series. They got two good guys inside. They played good. It's not always gonna be perfect in the run game. It wasn't very good in the first half, but probably try to mix it up and stay with it, and we got a couple plays."

On if he felt like the nine sacks affected DeVito:

"Yeah, I mean he's tough. He's a tough guy. Again, when you have that many sacks and they weren't all on the offensive line, I'll tell you that right now. We could have done some things better, but we did a good job of sometimes capitalizing on them. In terms of getting backed up, a lot of times we had to punt the ball because we got behind the sticks, but he's a tough-minded guy. Instinctive. He's an instinctive player, which is hard to coach too. Even like that first third down where he threw to [WR Darius] Slayton, if you go back he just gave a little pump fake to get it open up the window. You know, had another big one. We had an opportunity at the end of the two-minute to keep the drive going that we just didn't finish, but he did some good stuff."

On the locker room's respect for DeVito:

"Yeah, I mean I was asked a fair amount of questions about bringing in some older guys and thought this guy was a good young player to work with. Again, he's played in two and a half games, so there's a lot of work that needs to be done, but he certainly has put the work in. You know, when he was out on the look team at practice, you could see some of his instinctiveness even though he was a show team quarterback in terms of throwing the ball on time, anticipation. And so, thought he'd be a good player to work with and give an opportunity to, you know. There's a lot of things he did good and a lot of things we can help him improve on."

On if he has an update on WR Darius Slayton:

"I don't."

On if he got an explanation on the melee on the sidelines:

"They came over and told me that 4 [Commanders WR Curtis Samuel] and 28 [Giants CB Cor'Dale Flott] are out. They threw punches, they threw punches is what they told me."

On if DeVito got the game ball:


On what he said to DeVito after the game:

"Yeah, I said good job. I said good job. I said good job to the whole team. That was a team win. Six turnovers, didn't turn the ball over offensively, pretty efficient, effective in the passing game. Obviously, we had the sacks. Stuck with the running game. Thought the coordinators did a good job, got a turnover on special teams, that's included in the six, so a team win and certainly proud of Tommy. That's a tough position to play, and he's got a really good mindset. Now, we'll have to go back and fix things like we

normally do, whether it's a win or a loss. But I'm proud of him for all the work that he does put into it. He puts a lot of work into it."

On if the team's lack of success has affected their pride on the field:

"I don't question our pride. I'm just happy for the players, for the coaches because they do the right stuff during the week. They practice their tails off. They prepare. They study extra. There's extra meetings going on. They come in with a positive attitude when it's not always easy to come in with a positive attitude. They have their next play mentality, so you know, to see them have success, to see the coaches and all the hard work that they put into it. That's why you do this, is to try to win one game each week, so we'll enjoy this one. I'm proud of the people that are in the building that work hard and now we'll move on to the next one here pretty shortly."

On the differences between Week 7 and today's game:

"Yeah, there's no easy in this league. It's a tough league. It's a humbling league and they have a team that competes hard with a lot of good players, good coaches, and I thought we competed well. Look there's always little things that you could fix and tweak and gameplan for and you have to, you gotta feel for how the game's going. Usually takes about a quarter to go ahead and decide exactly what you want to do. There's some plays that we left out there and extended some drives, missed some short fields or shorter fields, but again, I'm just happy for the players and the coaches for their work ethic, their commitment, staying on track, trying not to ride the rollercoaster, and just trying to put one foot in front of the other, and get better everyday, and try to win a game."

On the defensive's performance:

"Yeah, got the ball. Get the ball five times and one on special teams. That's hard to do in this league. They flew around. They played with effort. They made some timely plays too for us. Obviously, like to do a better job at the end there but again, they're tough-minded competitors and I thought this week was not much different than last week. It was a good week last week too but translate it to the on field performance this week. It's what we're trying to do every week."

On Thibodeaux's performance:

"Yeah, I'm glad we have Kayvon. He's a true competitor, great teammate, productive player for us and I'm happy he's on our team."

Quarterback Tommy DeVito

On describing his first win as a starting quarterback and what it means:

"It means a lot. It means a lot to a sports team, right? Not the season we wanted as far as it is to come back in, week after week and just continuing just to work and study and practice hard. After the last couple weeks of not getting the result we wanted, just to have that feeling in this game which is not getting the result we wanted in the end, you know it means a lot. We're going to enjoy it. We're gonna celebrate it but we know what it takes. We have what it takes so Monday we're gonna be back to the drawing board and then on to next week."

On being allowed to go from his tough debut against the Jets to three touchdowns today:

"You know, I think preparation's the same deal, every week in and every week out but just being more comfortable. It was just more reps, being in more different situations and being in those already in the past few games. So if I was in this situation today, I've done it already."

On what hand the coaching staff played in his performance today:

"A lot. They've had a lot of trust in me. They make that known. So when they're calling plays, they're calling plays that they're going to let me go out and do what I do. There's no handcuffs, there's no none of that. So I appreciate that for that. They just continue just try to get one step better every week and hold me to a high standard as I do myself."

On describing today and being in rhythm:

"It's fun. When things are going right, the game is going right and it's a lot of fun, because it feels like you're just enjoying playing the game of football like when you were a kid. It's easy to get away from that when things aren't going good. Like I said, great play calls by [Offensive Coordinator Mike Kafka]. Great execution by everybody and you know, the offense, defense, and special teams held their own and some had a tremendous day."

On what he made of the play to TE Daniel Bellinger:

"As soon as they gave me the wristband number and I looked at it, saw was what it was like 'yeah, we've had that one drawn up for a little while.' You can wait and pull the trigger in the right moment and there it was. Perfect execution by everybody else on it and it's a good play."

On overcoming a bad throw in a game:

"Yeah, I think I talk to myself and the type of position I'm in. You're going to throw the ball a bunch, there's going to be a lot of bad plays. I mean, not a lot but there's going to be bad plays in there, ones you want back. You just have to flush it and move on and have an even keel mindset going into it. Just trusting your playmakers to call the next one. [RB] Saquon [Barkley] ran a great route. Gave him a chance with the ball and he made a tremendous play. O-line did well with protection. Everybody else found the right routes they were supposed to run and got the defense where we wanted them to be giving them the ball."

On his aggressiveness getting the better of him sometimes:

"Yes and no. I mean, there's always a give and take with that. There's a very fine line between the two though because like you said, sometimes you hold on to a little bit and to make that play and sometimes you hold on to it and it's a sack and it stacks up. I mean, it's a really a feel for the game and how the games going. There's definitely something I'm gonna want back, looking back on the film, but we're here now. We got it done but I'll learn from it."

On balancing the touchdowns with the sacks today:

"I have to continue to lean on my teammates and let them lean on me. Whether it's in the run game, in the pass game, whatever it is. When that play is called, I say that play into the huddle and I say it with complete confidence in each and every play that we call. The guys go out and execute it. That's about it."

On being sacked five times in the first quarter but not getting rattled:

"I hate to put it back to my college days, but I got beat up a little bit when I was in college. So I've kinda been in some similar situations like that before but I mean that's part of the quarterback position. You have to stand in there and you'll take those hits and deliver the ball to your teammates and do that element of it. I mean, I continue to trust in those guys. I'm sure some of them were on me we're not on the o-line or some of that maybe the defense was doing might have been a coverage sack like there's a lot of other things that play into it than just the o-line so I definitely take some credit for that. But I'm going to continue to trust them, and I'm trusting everybody else."

On the big win today and what it means to his teammates:

"It means a lot. It's not like a similar situation with the first game that I was tossed in there with the Jets. I was like I couldn't put it away necessarily on offense that last drive. It was a tremendous series by our defense getting a turnover. Especially [LB] Isaiah [Simmons] and his pick-six was awesome. But we continue to lean on everybody and I think it was just break down for everybody and ultimately, it's good."

On being the first Giants QB to have five touchdowns in so few starts:

"Yeah, I did not. It's all about play calling the next game. Sometimes we get got by the defense and like different coverages versus what we don't want. It's up to me just make the right decision and put us in a good situation. But when we had the defense that we want for certain plays, my job was easy. I just give it to the guys in space and let them do what they do and they get it done."

On his sudden celebrity and if he brushes it aside or embraces it:

"No, if anything it's more about my family than anything. It's going to be more people saying hello to them. There'll be enjoying them. But for me, I'll be in the locker room doing everything with the guys so I'm not really external, outside the stadium as much. Same deal as maybe happened in high school or college when you start getting a little more notoriety for some things, but I'm going to keep my head down and play football. I know they love you one week, hate you another. I know how it goes the past two weeks. It's all bad and today, I'm sure it's good. And then you know it just depends on the week, but I'd like to stay even keel minded and just enjoy the process."

On what he showed Giants fans today:

"I'm sure I'm going to hear about it, because I've seen it. My job is to come in here and play football to the highest my ability and help put my team in situations to win and be successful. So that's my mindset every week going into it. That's the team's mindset going into it every week. That's what we try to do every single week."

Running Back Saquon Barkley

On how it felt to have two receiving touchdowns in a game for the second time in his career:

"It felt great. Especially the first one, which is a play that I've been asking for a long time. So, when it got called, in my mind I was like, 'I can't mess this one up'. It feels good to get into the endzone twice and feels good to get a win. Obviously, just being critical of myself. This last time I could've done better, especially my pass protection. Gonna go back, watch film and get ready for next week."

On how much of a difference it makes for the team when they're playing with a lead:

"It definitely helps, but that can't be an excuse. Whatever the situation is, we have to be able to come together and find ways to win games. And we know in recent weeks, we haven't put a product out there for anybody to be happy about. It just feels good to get a win again."

On what his thoughts are on QB Tommy DeVito and his performance:

"Yeah, I'm happy for him. He comes in with the right mentality. He's a confident dude from [New] Jersey, so I'm excited and happy for that. He got his first win as a starter."

On if he thinks DeVito is proving people wrong:

"Yeah, I mean, I definitely think he's proving people wrong. We know what he is capable of doing. It's the NFL, the National Football League. You don't get here by accident."

Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

On what was going through his mind when the defense kept forcing turnovers:

"Honestly, I'm excited and tired at the same time. It's positive to see us get those plays and capitalize on those opportunities. So, that's just big for us in our growth."

On what it's like when multiple teammates have interceptions in a game:

"This defense is built for a lot of people to make plays. When you see that, it builds confidence. Not just that one player making plays, it's different guys making plays and building their confidence as well."

On his thoughts on DE Kayvon Thibodeaux becoming the first Giant this year to get to double-digit sacks:

"It's a positive to see. Just for him to listen and learn his position more and be a pros-pro."

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Linebacker Bobby Okereke

On if he is seeing the results from the work he has been doing:

"Yeah, it's been a tough stretch, but we have that next play mentality, next game mentality. It's just a great opportunity for us to go out and get a division win, which we did. I thought we all rallied around [QB] Tommy [DeVito]. He did a great job showing leadership and we came out with the win."

On how much he thinks QB Tommy DeVito is proving people wrong:

"Yep. I thought in the first quarter he came out and was pretty dynamic in the passing game, and that really sparked everything. Defensively, we felt confident going out there knowing that the offense was going to strike back if they struck us. It was just great complimentary football all the way around."

On if he has ever been on a team that got six takeaways in a game:

"I have before, but usually anytime you get six takeaways you'll come to win the game."

On his feelings on the last drive, knowing that they have had multiple close games not go their way:

"On the sideline we were just preaching execution and everybody just keeping it simple and doing your job. To finish that second half, there were a couple of long drives. I know we had an 11-play drive or 13-play, 15-play drive. So, when we came out for that last drive, we all knew that we were tired, but it was pretty much just execution. Everybody doing their job, we knew we'd come away with the win."

Safety/Linebacker Isaiah Simmons

On the defense's ability to change the tide of the game:

"That's what I always try to be, a player that can make plays that are able to change the game. Like I said, if I'm not able to go out there and showcase it every play, I'll take full advantage of the players that I'm in and make sure that they feel me every time I'm there."

On what made today such a stellar day on defense:

"I think everybody put everything that's been happening to us to the side and we've really just been playing for one another. Just playing with your brother next to you knowing that he's trying to take care of his family and you're trying to do the same. Just out there playing for each other and knowing that the guy next to you has a 'why'. So going out there and not letting your boys down, I really think that's what helped us all come together, even when things aren't going well. Everybody understands what our objective is and we're just playing for each other."

On the emotional and mental impact of the win today after many tough weeks:

"I think its great. It's a good feeling for us to have right now, we're going to celebrate it today, but when tomorrow comes we have to put it to bed. I'm sure a lot of guys are going to watch the game on the way back to NY and prepare for the next week. As much as you want to hold on to this feeling, you have to move on quickly in the NFL, regardless of when it's during the game or after a win."

Outside Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux

On what made today so special:

"Just playing hard. It's a divisional opponent, so we all knew what was on the line. It's a game that mattered, I'm happy we got the win."

On his thoughts on the last drive of the game and the pick six by S Isaiah Simmons:

"We just had to stay together. Every time the defense gets in one of those positions, you can either leave it close or finish it. Luckily, Isaiah was able to finish the game."

On how nerve racking it is to have Washington with the ball late in the game on a potential game winning drive:

"Being a defender, that's what we love. When they have to go down and score, that's an opportunity to get a stop. So, I'm happy with it."

On having 10 sacks so far this season:

"It's the first time I've had double digit sacks in the NFL. It's a blessing. I just have to keep working."

On what they saw in Washington Commanders QB Sam Howell today knowing he was going to throw a lot:

"Pressure breaks pipes. So, once we stopped the run, we knew we would be in a throwing situation, and we had to take that away too."

On what it means to him to have 10 sacks:

"It's such a blessing. You work your whole life to be in the NFL. You work every day to get sacks, that's why they drafted me. So being able to deliver for this team and get a win gives me no better feeling."


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