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Postgame Quotes: Coach Joe Judge, WR Kenny Golladay, CB James Bradberry, QB Mike Glennon, RB Devontae Booker

Head Coach Joe Judge

Opening Statement: You've got to give credit to the other team. They obviously did a good job, they came out on top. There were some things we did well in the game, some things we were encouraged by. Obviously, it wasn't good enough to come away with the results we wanted right there. We'll look at the tape before we make any kind of broad stroke statements. I'm sure there's going to be questions about some other things I'll make sure I address right now.

On the status of Kadarius Toney.

A: I haven't heard anything from the trainers. He dealt with some things throughout the game, kind of going up and down.

On how the team responded with multiple key guys going down.

A: Our guys are going to keep playing. That's not even going to be a question. We're going to play for 60 minutes. You don't want anybody to get hurt. You don't want your teammates to get hurt. You don't want the other team to get hurt, either. I say it all the time but that's just the truth. You want to have everyone come out of the game healthy. That's part of the philosophy we believe in. In terms of the next-man-up mentality, well, there's a lot of good examples today in the game. We have guys stepping up, taking on different roles, being productive, making plays. We'll check the status of the guys who left the game and see where they're at but I couldn't give you any answers in terms of next week at this point right now. We'll see where they're at and keep going forward but I'd say in terms of how our team responded, it's exactly what I expect. I expect whoever's in the game to play. I expect the entire team to come down here ready to go. I tell the guys all the time whoever's in the game, I expect to play and I expect to be productive.

On what he knows about Saquon Barkley's injury.

A: I really don't know much more than what they've told you guys. We'll see where it goes.

On if he had an x-ray.

A: I believe he did. I don't know what the results are just yet. I saw him at halftime real quick.

On if he would be told the ankle was broken.

A: Possibly. I didn't go through the results with him. I walked by him at halftime to check to see how he was feeling. I also went over and saw Kenny, see how he was feeling, got the updates that they'd be out for the second half. In terms of all the medical stuff, we kind of roll fast with that. Obviously, I have a lot of concerns with my players to go and get the full rundown but, in the heat of the moment, as you're going, what you're really looking for in the game, is he up or is down and you make sure you move on with the personnel moves.

On his reaction of what Kadarius did.

A: Look, there's a pretty distinct line in terms of competing and doing the things we're not going to condone as a team that put us behind. That's not going to be accepted. It's not going to be condoned. That's as far as I'm going to go with that. Obviously, it resulted in him leaving the game and I'm just going to leave it at that right now.

On if there's any concern about suspension.

A: I'll let the league deal with that.

On what he learned about him as a player.

A: I think he's being very productive. He's a very talented player. I've said for a number of weeks, especially at that position, the receiver position, it takes some time to learn. There a lot of difference coming from college to the League for those positions. These guys obviously have a lot of, just, natural ability. He's building a lot of technique, a lot of savvy. He's really understanding what the other teams are giving him. He's making plays. He was highly productive for us today in terms of making plays, getting down the field. He's a tough dude, I don't think there's any question about that and I think he's a very smart football player.

On if he's spoken with him.

A: I have not talked to him since on the field.

On if he had a chance to talk to Daniel Jones.

A: I'm not going to go into any medical diagnosis. I saw him in the locker room afterwards right there, just checked on him. In terms of   next week, I'll answer for you right now. We'll see where he goes. Obviously, we're all hopeful that he'll be back and that he'll be healthy. I thought Mike did some real productive things today.

On if Kadarius Toney has some growing up/maturing to do.

A: I think every rookie has a lot of maturing to do. You're asking specifically about an incident, I'm going to address that with the team. I'm going to address that with the players individually as well, make sure we're on the same page. There shouldn't be any confusion in that at all. I'll leave it at that.

On if Andrew Thomas had some setback after warmups upon being activated and then not playing.

A: No, we thought he was at a point where we were really just going to kind of bring him in and were going to use him in an emergency if needed. We wanted to go out there and let Matt and Nate go out there and play. They practiced all week. I thought they did a good job for the most part in the game. I'm going to look at the tape and make a final assessment but I thought for the most part the offensive line [inaudible]. There were some things early in the game we had to settle down and move on from. There was a lot of productive things they did, today. In terms of Andrew specifically, that kind of incorporated the plan we were thinking about going forward with, anyway.

On if Wes Martin played because Matt Skura got hurt.

A: No, we were planning on rotating those guys going in.

On Daniel Jones' injury and him coming off the field after the hit.

A: To be honest with you, with the vantage point I had, some of it kind of got lost in the shuffle behind the players. I kind of got word in my ear in terms of what it was. The trainers went out there. When I asked, "Hey, is this something I've got to go check on," they said, "He's up. He's doing ok," and then I saw him obviously move right there. I checked on him as soon as we came on in. You don't want any player hurt in any capacity. I didn't see that specifically with my own eyes. Obviously, I was told to be aware that this is what happened.

On if he would consider suspending Kadarius Toney, aside from any NFL ruling.

A: I'm not going to get into any hypotheticals right now.

On how disappointing he was from what he saw with the defense.

A: Obviously, we have to play better. We have to coach better. We have to execute better. That's across the board. A lot of things tie into that. We'll look at the tape, make the adjustments, make the corrections. There's a lot of things we have to do right now going forward. It's definitely a phase that has to be a weapon for us.

On his "eyeball take" with Glennon and what they're going to do with him if he has to play next week.

A: Mike can run the offense. It's a simple as that. Our deal is when a guy gets in, we're going to go ahead and stick to the game plan as much as we can, because there's always maybe a curve ball here or there for a specific player. Yeah, there's things within the game plan you kind of pencil in for a certain receiver, tight end, running back, maybe even the quarterback. But I'd say, in terms of Mike, the plan would be for him to just go out there and run the offense. Mike does a good job of preparing. I thought in terms of the eyeball test that him getting out there today, there was a lot of things he did well, a lot of positions he put us in with a chance to have success. Mike's had a lot of experience. In terms of how he comes to work to prepare every day as if he's going to take every snap, I thought that showed up on the field today in terms of how he performed.

On if Daniel seemed ok after the game after he talked to him.

A: I'm going to be very careful on how I select my words. I check the player. I'm going to leave it at that right there. I'm going to be fair to the player in terms of me making some snap medical diagnosis that puts him on some list of expectations.

On if he had a conversation with him.

A: A very brief one when I came off the field.

On if he answered back.

A: Yes, he was able to speak.

On if it's difficult to be positive looking ahead when he has so many key guys going down.

A: No, we're positive every week. We're going to get on the tape right now. We're going to look at this game, correct the mistakes, look at our next opponent, put together the best plan for our team to have success, make sure we coach the best game we possibly can and go out there an execute. We're positive every week.

On the play of Devontae Booker.

A: I think overall, from the eyeball test, he did some solid things out there for us. Obviously, finishing right there in the end zone at the end, he did some tough running right there. I saw him step up on some blitz pickups. Pick up the safety off the edge a couple of times, did a nice job right there. Obviously, I've got to watch the tape and see exactly what he did.

On how tough this is for Saquon, after coming back from a serious knee injury.

A: I couldn't speak directly for the player in terms of how tough something might be for them. I care about the welfare and health of the player, so we'll do the best thing by him and if he's ready to go out there and play, he'll go out there and play. If there's something we have to make sure we have to get him back to health in the course of time, we'll do that for him as well.

Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

On how frustrating it is dealing with his injuries.

A: It is frustrating.

On whether he can play on Sunday.

A: Go back tomorrow, do some imaging, hope for the best.

On all the injured playmakers.

A: It is crazy looking at it. But I have all the hope in the world that the other guys – KT played well today. Pretty much it is the next man up mentality.

On how hard it was seeing RB Barkley and other players get injured.

A: It is tough. When you see that, I know as far as me, I just want to go out there and be the best I can be, make a play for the team and be the best I can be.

On what is his message for Kadarius Toney.

A: Just learn from it. Score wasn't looking right, but at the same time, what I told him was, you did everything that you could possibly do being a receiver, going out there, making plays, doing the best for the team. But plays like that, that can hurt the team.

On what he has learned about Kadarius Toney as a player this week and last week.

A: Just a playmaker. And he is showing it. He shows it in practice and these past two weeks, he is showing it even more.

On where the team is mentally at 1-4 and with the injuries.

A: Next man up mentality and just get back to work. Period.

On Kadarius Toney and if he has maturing to do.

A: At the end of the day, he is still a rookie and he has a lot of learning to do. He's going to make mistakes. The only thing I can tell him is true is not to make that mistake. He is a rookie. I am pretty sure he wishes he could have that moment back. Turn the other cheek. He will learn from it.

On Daniel Jones' injury.

A: To be honest, I thought he just got the wind knocked out of him. He laid there for a second, got up, put his hands on his knees. Anytime you see a player get up and stumble a little bit, it doesn't matter, quarterback or not, kinda scary. Definitely just try to make sure he is alright.

On whether he saw Daniel Jones after the game.

A: Yeah, he is in good spirits.

On if he saw Saquon Barkley after the game.

A: It's fresh, so I am pretty sure it is frustrating for him. At the same time, he was in good spirits as well. Hopefully he is able to go.

Cornerback James Bradberry

On whether he did interfere with the pass.

A: I didn't see the video. I didn't think it was pass interference. I have to go back and look at the video to be honest. It was in the heat of the moment. I'm not sure if it was P.I. or not.

On the emotions of the team at 1-4 with the injuries.

A: We just have to show up for work on Monday. Whether those guys are injured or not, we have a game on Sunday.

On the pass he almost intercepted.

A: I was reconning the backfield a little bit. I saw Dak clear out and I was just taking the inside [inaudible]. I definitely should catch it.

On the defense not playing as well as last year.

A: I can't really put my finger on why that is. But it starts Monday. We have to come to work Monday, correct our mistakes and throughout the week, we have to execute at our level. So that when we get to Sunday, we feel more comfortable out there.

On if the scheme is more complex than last year.

A: I don't think it is more complex. Of course, I play corner, so my job doesn't really require a whole lot of mental gymnastics. The safties' jobs are a lot harder as far as mental stuff. But mine is harder physically to go out there and do.

On the offensive injuries and whether it affects the psyche of the whole team.

A: It can potentially affect you. But our whole mentality is next man up. We know we have playmakers that are behind our starters, and we have a lot of faith in those guys as well. So, it's next man up.

On whether a defense can stop an offense without a consistent pass rush.

A: I'm not sure. I think it can be done. You just have to play better on the backend.

Quarterback Mike Glennon

On what he saw when starting QB Daniel Jones went down.

A: It's interesting as a backup quarterback, whenever the quarterback gets hit, you probably stare at him a little longer than most people do. You could tell he was a little woozy getting up. I knew it was 4th down and we were getting ready to go for it, so I just ran and got my helmet. I went out and got some snaps with [C] Billy [Price] because I don't have a lot of snaps with him. You are concerned for your teammate, your friend, but we need this touchdown. So you gotta focus on the game. That is just kinda the life of a backup.

On how he was dealing with going in.

A: It is a tough deal. We came in at halftime shortly after that and I saw him, so that was good. But we needed that touchdown at that time, and you are concerned for him, so, I've never been in that situation before. It was not ideal to see him go down, but I had to focus on football.

On how unique is Kadarius Tony's skill set.

A: He's special. I think he showed what he is capable of doing. That was fun to see. I think as a quarterback, when you get the ball in a guys hands and you throw it to him behind the line of scrimmage, and he ends up getting 12 yards – I don't know how many he got – that was just one. There are plenty of examples. You throw him a short pass and he takes it, you just don't see that at the NFL level very often, making guys miss like that. He's got a unique skill set that we are all finally seeing. I'm glad he is on our team.

On Kadarius Tony.

A: You just don't see guys make people miss like that in the NFL very often. There's just not many guys who can do this, be that quick. To have the day he had, hopefully it is just the beginning of what he is capable of doing.

On how hard it was to see all the injuries.

A: I guess it was just the guys who played in preseason to a certain extent. I think we handled it well. Those guys stepped in and did well. KT really stepped up and we didn't miss a beat at that receiver position. It was good to see some other guys step in and contribute as well.

On the TD to KT in the back of the end zone.

A: It was a rollout to the right, and the whole offensive line and defensive line moves at the same time, so I couldn't see what happened. I saw him get to the top of the route, it is a trust thing, so I just threw to the area, but I wasn't able to see that route.

On the state of the team.

A: I think all we have to do is keep fighting and come back to work. This is the NFL. You don't put your head down. You come back the next week. Starting tomorrow, we will put our best foot forward and it is just business as usual. You have to come back every day, keep fighting, keep working and stick together.

On how he will prepare for next week.

A: You hear the cliché prepare as the starter. I think I do a good job of that. Just getting ready all the time. Obviously, I will probably be more amplified than I have. I don't know. Obviously, I guess the mindset is a little different Sunday night this time than last time.

Running Back Devontae Booker

On going from being inactive to the feature back of the offense.

A: I can only control what I can control. The stuff that happened today with Saquon, I am just getting ready and prepared every week as if I am the starter or whatever. It sucks to see him go down, now I just got to be ready.

On the range of emotions when Daniel Jones got injured.

A: Really we were just thinking about scoring. Obviously, injuries happen in a game and we don't want them to happen. But we have to be next player mentality, especially being right there on the goal line. We have to score and that was the whole mentality there on the goal line.

On if he saw Saquon in the locker room and how he is doing.

A: He is very humble. He may be back next week, who knows. As far as me, just continuing to go out there, work my butt off and prepare like I am the starter.

On if it was like having the preseason lineup on the field.

A: Yeah, it was. All the guys going down, this is what we prepare for. I am pretty sure all the guys prepared like this as if they are the starter. Backup guys, third stringers, whoever. That is just our mentality. One guy goes down, next man up. You have to go out there and perform when an opportunity comes to us.

On whether he has been part of a game where the team lost its QB, RB and a top WR.

A: Not that I can recall. It's always just one or the other. This, today, I was just like, damn. It is next man up mentality and we all have to go out there and perform, and fight our butt off.

On the shuffle on offensive line and how it is for the offense.

A: It can be hard at some point in time, but we all know going out there that it just has to gel when the offensive plays are called and go out and execute. Week in and week out, somebody could be up, somebody could be down due to an injury. We just have to go out there and execute, and go out there and play to win.

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