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Postgame Quotes: Manning, Wilson, & Cruz


QB Eli Manning**

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Q: On the last interception
It was just a bad break.  We had a screen called and I thought he would just sit there, I would try to pop it to him, he would make a little move.  Unfortunately, it's off his arm, I guess, intercepted.  It was just a bad break on that one.  You got some young running backs and some young guys, and we just have to get on the same page.  You know there are going to be mistakes and different things to fix every week.  You just hope that the mistakes aren't costly ones and end up being turnovers.  You just can't afford those.

Q: On the young players like David Wilson and how bad plays will affect their confidence
That is just not an option.  You have days like that.  Obviously, I can't turn the ball over three times, we had fumbles.  We'll get him back in the mix.  He's going to have to play for us and play well.  Usually the best thing to do for a guy after a couple fumbles is to give him the ball again and let him get his confidence back just by running hard and playing well.

Q: On how the team rallied after getting off to a bad start
We had a little success right before halftime.  We went no huddle and hit Victor Cruz for a big one, a 60 yard touchdown or whatever it was.  That was good.  Our defense held us in the game and after turnovers holding them to field goals.  We were very much in the game.  We weren't playing real well and we got back in there.  We got back in the game in the fourth quarter, kept fighting.  I'm so proud of our team the way we kept going out there and staying determined and getting back in the game.  Around the 50 yard line, down six, less than two minutes, we feel we are going to win the game.  That's going to be a game we can win, and have an unfortunate play that costs it.

Q: On the other interceptions
Our screens weren't real good to us tonight.  Two interceptions on screen routes.  Just trying to find a lane, trying to get to David Wilson.  He made a play, so that's on me.  Just throw it at their feet or don't throw it, just don't throw it to the other team.

RB David Wilson**

Q: On the interceptions, and whether he was surprised he was pulled from the game
In that situation, the coach makes that decision.  I can't blame him for that.

That's really all I got.  Going back to work.  Get this game behind me. Like I said, God will bring me through it.  I have got to work hard.  And my teammates have my back.  I'm looking forward to moving to the next game.

RB Da'Rel Scott**

Q: On the last interception
It is a terrible feeling, seeing that.  And then taking it back for a touchdown.  It hurt a lot.  We had a chance to win.  Just choked.  So I have to bounce back from it, put it behind me and go from there to next week.

Q: On the pass
I have to read the D-Line too, so I can see what kind of stunt they have, to give E (Eli Manning) a better target.  It just didn't work out my way.

Q: On being in the game despite 6 turnovers
That just shows the kind of team we are.  Our defense definitely held it down, and held them back when we did make mistakes.  It shows you, if we can lessen the turnovers it would have been a better game for us. It could have gone our way.

Q: On David Wilson:
We just have to keep each other up.  We have to have each other's back.  I have his back no matter what, and I know he has mine.  We will try to stay on top of him, and we'll bounce back next week, for sure.  He is a hell of a back, and we need him on our team.  So, we need him.

WR Victor Cruz

Q: On the turnovers
It is just tough.  It is tough to win a ballgame when you turn the ball over like that, especially so early.  You don't want to have to keep playing catch up every time you get the ball on offense.  You know, we still had an opportunity, we crawled back.  This offense, this team is very resilient.  We crawled back, but unfortunately, we couldn't pull through.

Q: On what he was thinking when they had the ball at the 2-minute warning
This is another run.  We are applying our offense, doing what we have to do to win.  We are rolling.  This is what we do.  This is what we are accustomed to doing.  Unfortunately, we had the mishap right after that toward the end of that drive, and it stalled us.  It happens. We are going to be in these situations and you have to pull through.

Q: On being in the game despite having 6 turnovers
You don't expect to be right in the mix even after you have six turnovers.  But with that said, we have to go out there and play the game.  Play every snap.  We did that.  We battled back.  Unfortunately, we just couldn't pull through."

Q: On whether he is worried about David Wilson
I'm not worried about him.  This team is going to rally around him.  We need him specifically just to keep his mind on track, because we are going to need him to win ball games.  We are going to need him to be that big play running back that we know he can be.  We just have to rally behind him right now

CB Corey Webster

This whole camp we wanted to be a force on defense. We wanted people to recognize that we're a good defense. Like I said, we've got to do a better job of getting off the field, even with the turnovers.  Like I said, we've got to take the silver lining out of it; learn from it, and I think we'll be well.

Q: How important is it to bounce back against the Broncos?
It's very important.  The guys' minds are clear.  We've got to let this take 24 hours; get it out of our system and get right back to work on Monday.  I think all the guys are focused.  We don't want this taste in our mouth.  Eli did a good job of talking to us before the season started about, you know, when you win, it's very exciting to get back to work and, when you lose, you've got that taste in your mouth.  So the enthusiasm is up so we can get back out there and work to get that taste out of our mouth.  I think all of the guys were buying into that and we'll be ok for this upcoming weekend.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul**

Q: Did you determine with the coaches how much you would play?
Coaches already had the reps; they had how much I was going to play or whatever.  I went out there and did what I could.

Q: How did you feel?
I felt alright.  I did play to my expectation.  Coming to Dallas, you know, I play them very well.  I felt like I was kind of struggling out there.  It is what it is.  We lost; we've got 15 more to go and it's our job to keep getting better.

Q: Was it endurance out there?  Was it timing……?
I wasn't tired.  My back didn't hurt at all.  You've just got to get in that football shape, you know.  As much as I practice, I've just got to get in that football shape.

Q: How many plays would you say you were in?
I don't know how many plays I took.  Whenever they threw me out there, I was out there – and that was basically it.


Safety Ryan Mundy

*Q: What happened on the interception? *
I think we had tight coverage on the receivers all day.  Prince did a great job of tipping it up in the air.  Typically in the first game, the first couple of weeks in the season, you see a lot of tips; the timing's off.  Tips, overthrows – so you know  I was conscious of that and, thankfully the ball fell into my lap.

Q: Did you think you had a touchdown?
I did but I kind of hit the wall.  I mean, I gave it everything I had but, you know, my legs kind of said, "ahhhhh."  (laughing)

Q: On the collision with Price Amukamara.  Do you feel ok?  What happened?
I'm good.  It's a tough situation.  It's a quick slant. I'm the deep middle safety and I'm breaking on the ball.   You know, any time the ball's thrown over the middle, a violent collision is highly likely.  You know, so you've got to go in there; try to be safe but also try to get the ball out.

DE Mathias Kiwanuka

Q: Is improving the pass rush job one?  You seemed to get it together late in the game.
Yeah.  We have very talented pass rushers, I think.  We have all the talent outside and inside to get the job done, regardless of what situations we're put in, so it's just a matter of going out there and improving everything.

Question inaudible.
I think there are definitely guys who are out there performing and doing what they had to do but, as a group, I mean – offense, defense and special teams, we have to be able to play together, in synch, and get a win.  I'm not going to place the blame on one group.  Every individual has to look at themselves and be accountable, because this is a long season, and there's going to be times when we're going to rely on 10 (Manning) and the receivers to get it done; and they're going to rely on us so we've got to make sure we step up to the plate. As players, we have to assess our team as a whole.  There's going to be an ebb and flow to the game; there's times when there's a sudden change and the offense has to capitalize, but also there's times when the defense has to step up and make a stop so, when you come out of the game, you have to make sure that you did enough to get the win.  If we were sitting here victorious, we wouldn't be saying, "What about this?  What about that?"  We would just be saying it was a good team win – so it's a team loss.

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