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Postgame Quotes: Philadelphia Eagles

QB Michael VickQ: Did you feel the hamstring on the first play on the next drive?

A: Yeah. After the first play I just realized… I think the coaches realized I couldn't… I was going to go, but there wasn't any need. The coaches understood, why have me in the game when I'm not 100 percent when you have a healthy quarterback on the sideline?

Q: When you first got hurt, it seemed like you signaled to the sideline like you wanted someone.
A: No. I didn't signal for somebody to come in. The coaches asked me if I was alright and I just gave them the thumbs up.

Q: So you could have gone in if something happened to Nick Foles?
A: Yeah. I would have gone in and just made sure I could sustain for the team.

Q: How effective was it when you ran the ball and the defenders must honor you?
A: It definitely puts pressure on the defense. They've got to account for me; they've got to account for him, so they've kind of got to pick their poison.

Q: How frustrating is this injury when you don't get hit by someone?
A: It's frustrating. I never question why things happen. I never question God, but I'm just running by myself and running out of bounds. I tried to slow down and I think I just took the wrong step. Hamstring…

Q: How does the hamstring feel now?
A: It's a little sore. I've been standing up for the last two hours, but I've just got to get some treatment in the morning. It's been a long week.

Q: Do you expect to play next week?
A: Yeah. I'm hoping so. I'll work extremely hard. I've had this type of injury before. You've just got to do certain things to get it back.

Q: How did Nick Foles look?
A: Nick looked great. He played a great game. That's what we expect out of Nick and that's what Nick expects out of himself.

Q: How long were you out when you had this injury before?
A: Maybe a week.

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