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Postgame RB Ahmad Bradshaw


Talk about making the big 30-yard run?Anytime I have a chance, trying to put the team on my back, keep making plays and that is what I plan to do.  Anytime they give me a shot I try to take advantage of it.  They called a great play, a misdirection, and those guys up front did a heck of a job today.  My hat goes off to those guys.  We've worked hard all week and I think we were successful today.

With your resume, are you surprised that they seem to lose sight of the fact that you can carry the ball all day?Every play they call, my heart is all in it every down, every play.  So whatever they call I am going to stick with it.  They do a great job of calling great plays and all I can do is just run.

What was your mindset at the start of the last drive when it was a tie game?Just to make a play.  When the battle gets deep we look at each other every time at the same moment and we look at each other to make a play.  Like I said, I depend on those guys up front and they depend on me.

Can you go into the details of why the 30-yard run worked?Like I said, it was a misdirection.  It split wide open and Mario Manningham came on a block on the safety, I was able to make the corner miss, and just tried to use my speed from there.

What does it mean to have Brandon Jacobs supporting you from the sidelines?Oh man, he is my big brother.  I had a brother that passed when I was 10 and I look at him as the same way.  I look up to him and we help each other.  To have him there, it's all love.

Does it get you energized?Oh yeah, definitely.  That is what we are here together for, I think.  Everything happens for a reason and I think we are here on this team together for a reason.

What were you thinking on your dive into the end zone on the one touchdown?It was kind of cloudy at the bottom and I have been visualizing it all week, how I was going to try to go over the top if I had to, and I just tried to use my athletic ability to get over the top and get the ball over the line.

Were the first two touchdowns the same play?Yes they were.

Was it good to have the running game going in the fourth quarter?That is what we depend on.  Eli (Manning) did a great job today.  He opened it up and I think that is what kept them back on their heels a little bit and we were able to just run it.

Did you ever think of the fourth quarter in the last game you played against Buffalo?Yeah, all week I have been thinking about it.  Just trying to make the same exact play anytime I could.  It was a great play then and that is in the past, but now I just depend on my front line.

Is there any correlation between the frustration you displayed last week and your success this week?Every time I am out on the field I put my heart out there and I just try to run with anger and use my speed and my power.

Was the 30-yard run today similar to the long run from the last game against Buffalo?No, the one in Buffalo was a power and I was able to hit it front side and cut it back and use my speed for 88 yards.  This one was a misdirection and we were able to open it up. !

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