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Postgame RB Brandon Jacobs

Q. Does the long touchdown remind you how important you are to this team?

A. You get opportunities to get out and catch a pass and try to make something of it. I caught it and I was looking to get 15-20 yards at the most. I didn't have any idea that it was going to go the distance. I was just running, trying to get up to get as many yards as I possibly can before being tackled. But I didn't know it was going to go the whole distance.

Q. Did you run out of breath?

A. No, no, no. I was good actually. I was good when I got to the sideline. I was able to celebrate and talk trash. I wasn't out of breath. I was pretty good.

Q. Can you talk about the team waiting for a moment like this to all come out?

A. I think we are back to our old selves and we got a tough Philadelphia team that is coming in here on Sunday. We are going to come out and try to do the same thing and try to have the same emotion. I do think we can come in and have the same emotion because I think that's our football team and what we are going to need to be able to pull it off.

Q. Did you think you stayed in bounds?

A. I knew I stayed in bounds. I wasn't worried the whole time. I was over there celebrating when they were looking at it. I didn't pay any attention to it. I know my foot went up over the out of bounds line but I brought it back in and put it down on the turf. Jerald asked me to just stay here and be ready. Did you go out? Nah, that's a touchdown. That is all six. I stayed in.

Q. You were very emotional before the game. Did you feel like you needed to be more of a leader today?

A. I think I need to be more of a leader every game. I think my ability to lead this team has absolutely been terrible. I have to pick myself up as a leader of this football team and take more responsibility on myself.

Q. You said earlier about feeling like your old selves. That was said after you guys beat Atlanta. Why do you really believe that this time?

A. I didn't say that when we beat Atlanta. It was a close game and we ended up winning a very close game. I thought we were supposed to blow them out. But we still played a terrible football game but we happened to come out with a win. I know we could have played better even though we won. Now, I think we are back to our old selves and we've just got to keep fighting.

Q. Coughlin said he has never seen you run that fast. I understand Justin talks smack to Osi because he got caught and you didn't.

A. Osi is probably my best friend in the whole world. He is a great guy, I have a lot of respect for him, he is as unusual a defensive linemen as I am an unusual running back. He is fast. I don't talk any trash to him.

Q. Given your feelings toward the Cowboys, does that make this win even nicer?

A. Oh my god, no question. This is so good that we came out. This is the first time in five years where we have beaten the Cowboys twice in one season and it makes me feel like I am on top of the world. Now we have to keep going and it is possible that we could play them again. We are not scared of them. We just played a great football game out there. We have Philadelphia in front of us now and we have to go out and do the same.

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