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Postgame RB Brandon Jacobs


Q: Did you see the needed emotion and passion out of this team today?

A: No. We didn't play well. We were disappointed in each other. We disappointed our fans. We just have to play better. We didn't want it bad enough yhe first time we played these guys and we didn't want it bad enough this time. We have a good Jet team that's coming up and also fighting to make the playoffs. It's going to be a tough one. We just have to play better.

* *

Q: What was the reason why the passion wasn't there?

A: I can't tell you why the passion wasn't there. We had prepared hard. All week in practice guys were on. For whatever reason, why we came out and played the way we did, I can't answer that. We have two good teams that are coming up and we have to be on our feet.

* *

Q: Was it impossible to have the same energy today after having that energy for Dallas?

A: No. It was a division game and we needed to win that game. No question about it.  Now we're behind in the hunt versus taking care of business on our own. We have to wait and see what happens with someone else now. So we have to go ahead and beat these next two teams and hope that things go the way we need them to go with Dallas.

* *

Q: Are you disappointed you didn't use the ground game more?

A: You're always disappointed in that when you have that competitive edge. For whatever reason, we came out and we weren't coming off the ball as hard as we can and weren't running as hard as we can as backs. Balls weren't being put in the right place and guys weren't catching them. Nothing went right for us as an offense. We worked hard, like I said, all week long and we came out in the game and things never clicked for us.

* *

Q: Why isn't this team playing consistently at a high level?

A: Honestly that's another question I won't try to answer for you. Inconsistency is definitely there and that's what we can't have. We just have to keep going. We have to keep going. We have two games left. We have a hard push to make and we have to come away with both of these next two.

* *

Q: Is this a wake up call?

A: I wouldn't say that because we're a good team and we know what we have to play for. Washington came in and for whatever reason played harder than we did. We just have to keep going. We have to play next week against the Jets. They're a good football team. I wouldn't say this was a wake up call, but if you want to put it that way, that's what we need to make a run.

* *

Q: Is it the nature of this team to elevate your play against good teams, but play down to other teams?

A: When you play against teams like Washington and their four-and-whatever they were, it's inexcusable to make that our excuse of it being a trap game or whatever you want to call it. We needed to win all of these games. We have to win these games to get to the playoffs. We didn't play hard and they wanted it more.

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