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Postgame Redskins RB Tim Hightower


On the commitment to the run today:
"That's encouraging. Ultimately, we have to win, how we do it I don't care – run, pass, whatever it takes. It is encouraging to see Coach stick with me. I had a couple of bad runs and they had some faith in me and stuck with me. I don't feel like I had my best game today, but we got the win and I'll be better next week."

On the pass protection by the running backs today:
"We missed some opportunities. We let Rex [Grossman] get hit too much. He did a great job of staying in there. That dude is tough, nobody can question his toughness. We have to do a better job. Our starting quarterback has to stay clean, running backs, tight ends and the offensive line – we all have to do a better job. Clearly you can see that if we can keep him upright, he'll find the right person."
Wide Receiver Anthony Armstrong

On if he was surprised by tight end Fred Davis' performance today:
"No. That's one of the things we see from him day in and day out at practice. He's been electric all training camp and all preseason, it's carried over."

On the progression quarterback Rex Grossman in this offense:
"I think the comfort level is there. Having been in the system for so long he's able to just execute. He's more precise with his decision making, he's quicker. It's showing on the field."

On his catch at the one-yard-line early in the game:
"I know it moved the chains for us and helped set up our first touchdown. I was happy to do my job."

On finishing the game strong:
"It felt great. I know everybody was harping on it, knowing that we had score on that last drive. Last year, I don't know if we would have made those plays. It probably would have been a situation where it came down to the very end, keeping everybody on the edge of their seat. It's good to show that we can go out and finish a team."

On what the difference between last year and today was:
"I think it's the extra year in the system. There's an attitude in this locker room, something is happening with this team that I can't really explain, but it's something special and it's showing up on the field."

Wide Receiver Jabar Gaffney

On being able to put the Giants away:
"You have to put teams away and we were able to do that. We went up two touchdowns and that made it really tough for them.

On if he likes this team after the first regular season game:
"I love this team right now. There's something special in this locker room. Every guy in the locker room believes that we can win and we're going to try to go out and do that each and every week."

On having so many weapons at wide receiver:
"It's great. It helps keep the other teams off balance. We have a lot of weapons over here, wide receivers, running backs and tight ends. As long as we keep showing up we'll be tough."

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