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Postgame Safety Antrel Rolle - 10/14


What happened on the two interceptions? Take us through each play.**

"The first coverage it was just a Cover 3, and I was able to read the quarterback. [Giants CB] Corey Webster did a great job on the coming snap route and I was fortunate enough to just hold onto it with one hand and make the play.

"How much did this game mean to you and the team knowing that everybody had just about anointed the 49ers as the next great team in the NFC?
"Well, this game meant as much to me as each and every game I approach. It's a game. It's a conference game. We're playing against a very good opponent. I always try to go out there and give my best, no matter who we're playing, no matter what division we're playing. I want to go out there and give my best performance for the team. Because at the end of the day that's what it's all about."What was the defense doing? That was as confused as QB Alex Smith has looked all year. Were you guys changing things up a lot in terms of their personnel?

"We tried to get our best matchup based on what personnel they came out with. I think it all starts at the top. [Giants defensive coordinator] Perry Fewell and the rest of our defensive coaches did a tremendous job getting us ready, getting us prepared for this game. The coaches they just really emphasized the little things this week. Because that what it takes. A team that put up 79 points in the last two games, you have to be careful because they throw a lot of different things at you. A lot of different personnel. A lot of weapons. We just played within the system, we trusted the man beside us and were able to make plays."Could you tell he was confused?

"I could tell at times we had him a little rattled. But every quarterback is going to get rattled sometimes. Depending on how you disguise your coverage and things of that nature. I think the guys up front did an exceptional job and I think in the backend we held our own pretty good."Is this the first time, concerning the pressure you had up front, that this felt like when you were in a groove last year in the postseason where they were getting the rush and you guys were getting turnovers, that kind of thing?

"I think this is our most complete game all year long, against a very, very worthy opponent. I think all three phases of the game did an exceptional job, offensively, defensively and special teams. We're just going to continue to grow. We take this game as it is. It's a win in our conference. We're very fortunate and we're looking forward to next week."


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