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Postgame Safety Antrel Rolle - 10/21


Q: How important is it to get your first division win heading into Dallas next week?**A: Extremely important. This was a do or die game for us. We fought today. We fought the full 60 minutes and came out on top.

Q: What was the emotional swing like during the last two touchdowns scored during the game?A: This is something that we've faced before. We've been in this situation several times before and we're confident in our offense, we're confident in our defense. They got the better of us on that play. There was zero coverage, every man for themselves. It was just a great throw and catch. Hosley was there, but Santana made a great catch with that and RG3 made an excellent throw. Our offense came out there and they did what they do best. Eli went to work. Cruz, another salsa dance and here we are.

Q: Talk about the difficulty of playing RG3.A: That's something we anticipated. Although he is a rookie, he's very good at what he does. I think the offensive scheme that they have is very good for that type of guy. So we didn't expect anything different but to go in there and being an all out battle, but that's why we're here. That's why we play the game. |


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