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Postgame Safety Antrel Rolle - 12/23

On the general feeling in knowing you lost control of your destiny
"It's not a good feeling, but we can't blame anybody but ourselves. We had more than several opportunities, and we didn't capitalize. We just have to keep fighting."

On giving up more than 60 points the last two games
"We're definitely not happy with our performance, and I'll leave it at that."

On any sense of what's happened with the New York Giants defense
"It's not up to our standards by any means, for whatever reason we're not going out there and being successful."

On if they didn't get a sense of what teams were doing offensively
"They didn't do too much scheme-wise, I think a lot of times they understood the coverages that we were in. They were able to attack those coverages, and we have to fight through that. No matter what's called. We have to put ourselves in a position to make plays, and we didn't do that enough tonight."

On if the fire and passion is not there
"We lost two games straight, by a huge margin. Whether it's there or not, it really doesn't matter. We're not successful in going out there and winning games, and we must get better from that."

On if it's a matter of execution or effort
"I think everything goes into play at this particular point and time, especially when you lose games by such huge margins. I don't know, I'm just kind of at a loss for words. I really don't know how it went wrong, but it's definitely taken a wrong turn, and we have to find our way back."

On if he is shocked about not making the playoffs
"Shocker? No, it's not a shocker. Like I said we put ourselves in this position. A let down? Absolutely. I know what type of team we are and caliber of team we are. But, like I said, that means nothing unless you come out and play on Sunday. Obviously, we haven't been doing that."

On if winning the Super Bowl has made you satisfied
"I can speak for myself when I say, 'Absolutely not.' I play this game full speed, and to the best of my abilities. I'm not going to be perfect on every play. But I'm striving for that. I can't speak for everybody else, I don't know. But there is obviously something missing. This is not who we are. This is not our team. But this is the team that we've displayed the last two weeks."

On what Coach Coughlin said after the game
"It was not really too much to say. We know we didn't achieve our goals, the goals that we set out to achieve in the beginning of the year. We still had a fighting chance to make our way to the playoffs and achieve that. But, like I say, it's a huge let down for everyone; family, friends, the organization and more importantly, ourselves. This is not the team that we are."

On if the defense takes the team's performance personal, because they were the spark during last season's Super Bowl run
"I can only speak for myself when I say, 'Absolutely.' I definitely take it personal. I take it personal every play. I understand where mistakes are being made. I understand my mistakes. I understand everyone's mistakes. But we have to go out there and try to fix those mistake and make sure it doesn't happen again. And that's how you become a better team. It just seems like the same thing keeps happening over and over. We get better through practice, and our practices have been great. But for other reasons, we haven't been ready to come out there and play on Sunday."


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