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Postgame Safety Antrel Rolle - 12/9

Q: Were you aware that Dallas and Washington won?
A: I didn't know prior to the game. Looking up at halftime I saw that the Redskins won but I was unaware of Cincinnati and Dallas.

Q: Do you feel that this team thrives on having no margin for error and plays better with high stakes involved?
A: That's the way it looks like. I don't know, for some reason we like to make it hard on ourselves but we've also been the kind of team that can handle that pressure. We do extremely well under the circumstances. However the shoe fits wear it, we've made our own path and like I said, we made it kind of hard for ourselves but we're a fighting team and we're going to fight until the end and we will be the last team standing.

Q: Did you see the dog today that you wanted to see?
A: Oh yeah. I saw a lot of dogging today. I saw a lot of dogs. No pit-bull, I didn't see any pit-bulls today. We're saving that for the long haul. First of all, I definitely have to tip my hat off to this team; you know it was a great team effort today. We played a great opponent. Despite this team's record, we know how bad this team has whooped us in the past. It was something that we were looking forward to. These guys did an exceptional job. Special teams was phenomenal, offensively we put up 52 points, phenomenal. You can't ask for much more than that. Defense I think we went out there and we did a solid job. For the most part we kept them out of the end zone and you know we're consistently growing. Q; How about the turnovers you were able to force?
A: The turnovers were huge. Turnovers were huge and more importantly with the turnovers, the offense was able to get points out of those turnovers, which makes it that much better. We were attacking the ball, we were being physical. Stevie Brown made two exceptional interceptions, which is always good. You know Stevie has definitely stepped up for us, he's been a phenomenal playmaker for us in the back end and you know we appreciate those guys.

Q: When David Wilson returned the kickoff right after the interception return, how big was that?
A: That was a huge. He's always been just a fraction away from breaking it all year long and you know it's something that the guys have been pushing for and more importantly guys have his back and we're constantly pushing him. You know, 'David, you can do it, you can do it.' And he knows he can do it and today, I don't know he had 200 something return yards and two offensive touchdowns. You know that guy, he has break-away speed and he's an exceptional athlete.

Q: Can you talk about frustrating Drew Brees and limiting him today?
A: You know it all starts up front. I think the guys up front were definitely getting after him and they were clouding his vision. We played pretty good in the back end, too, the coverage was tight and guys knew what to expect and we were able to communicate and we were all on the same page. You know they made a couple of big plays which was expected and we have got to make sure we regroup and take care of that but for the most part defensively, I think we did a good job.

Q: Playing in this really tight NFC East race still, will that continue to help you guys going forward, having such a small lead?
A: I think it will definitely give us an extra push but from this point on we're just worried about the Giants and playing Giants football and I think everything else will take care of itself once we do that.

Q: Was it satisfying to limit Jimmy Graham today?
A: Yeah. You know Jimmy Graham he's an exceptional player. He's definitely one of the best tight ends in this league and to limit him to no touchdowns, you have to be satisfied with that effort. But once again, this wasn't about Jimmy Graham, it wasn't about Drew Brees, it was about us as a defense.

Q: How does this win today affect the psyche of the team?
A: It's always good. It's always good and we were licking our chops for this game because like I said this team has beat us pretty badly the last couple of times we've played them. A win is always good and a win is always a confidence booster and for us to go out there and play a full, dominant game with all three phases of the game, I think that speaks volumes for this team and what direction we're headed.



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