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Postgame TE Kevin Boss

Q: Can you talk about the play of Gonzalez?

A: He had a heck of a game, nothing to downplay there. My first time watching him live. I was excited to go. I was excited to see him in person. He had a heck of game.

Q: You've had some big games the last couple weeks. Now that you've had a win, how much more rewarding is it?

A: It feels a lot better. It makes it a whole lot sweeter. It's always nice to contribute to the victory. Having that win, finally getting that monkey off our back, feels real nice.

Q: Can you talk about the two touchdown passes?

A: The first one wasn't necessarily a green zone play. It is something we run quite a bit. We kind of mixed it up this week and put in kind of a different formation. We got down there, close to the end zone and tried to do all I could to get in there. The second one, it's a play that we have in nearly every week. It's been pretty successful for us. We had the chance to run it and I kind of had my fingers crossed that we'd run it down there when we got down there close. Eli just put it on me, where no one else could get it.

Q: Was the first one better than the four-yard touchdown?

A: They both feel good, but to have a longer one, I guess, is a little sweeter.

Q: What's it like having a four-game losing streak? Have you done this before?

A: No, I haven't. It's going to be a quick turnaround. I'm going to have to start probably looking at film tonight and start taking care of myself tonight. Get home and get some ice on and get this thing turned around quickly.

Q: How is it to go on short rest off a win?

A: A lot better. If we wouldn't have pulled that one off, it would have been a little bit more painful, but I think guys will be upbeat getting this victory. It will be, like you said, pretty quick, but we're excited to go down there and play on Thanksgiving night.

Q: Coach said you're an obvious red zone target…

A: I would hope so. I feel pretty confident when we get down there that I can help the team out and I'm confident in my abilities to score some touchdowns and I think I have the size to be a threat down there. I was fortunate enough to have those opportunities today.

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