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Postgame Transcripts

New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin

(On how he felt coming into the game) "We felt that this one was really important coming on the road against a very good football team, a 3-1 team. A team that had played very well, and the number one rush team in the league, number two against the rush, a very physical outfit, talent laden. So we felt coming in here this was an important game for us. I thought a couple of things. First, offensively, the first half went very well for us, twenty four points in the first half. Perhaps they changed the way in which they had to play. We were able to put some points on the board, establish ourselves not as readily with the runners as we did with the pass, but we did an outstanding job with it. I thought our defensive team played the run extremely well all day long. We put ourselves in position, got a couple of turnovers right away. I thought special teams was physical. I thought they flew around, got after it well. I thought the punter did a good job, had a real nice long punt, a couple that I would have liked to have a little more hang time with. But I thought the coverage overall was very good, which was an improvement. I think even from the standpoint of our kickoff return game, we did get a couple of returns that were forceful, physical, and I was pleased with that. I didn't necessarily like the 3rd quarter, but we did come back and did a good job, I thought, in the 4th quarter and ended up winning the 4th quarter."

(On limiting RB Arian Foster on the cutback) "We defended it. We did a good job with that. We had worked real hard on that; we felt pretty good going in. I had studied some teams that had a little bit of success, nobody really shut them down, they had over 100 yards against everybody. But we did a good job. We maintained our gaps. We didn't over penetrate. We didn't give them the big cutback lanes; we stayed at home. We seemed to always have an extra guy hanging over on the back side. The safetys did a good job coming down and attacking."

(On defensive understanding and executing) "The key thing is that we've talked about having to be a smarter football team and I think our defense did a good job of that. If we couldn't get home, we got some people in position to tip the ball. (DT Chris) Canty is the one that comes to mind. I know that he had some success tipping the ball. I wish we would have been able to come up with the interceptions off the tipped ball.

(On WR Hakeem Nicks) "I thought he really did a nice job in the first half. He played very well. He seemed to be able to manuever into the spots he wanted to be, did a nice job against the man coverage. He didn't have the 3rd quarter or the 4th quarter that I was hoping he would continue to have, but certainly had an outstanding first half."

(Do you think this was the most complete game so far?) "I hope so. I hope its an indication. We talked about about having to play better, we talked about having to improve. We talked about this being a very important game, that we did rise in our performance. We did show the quality of our team in all three phases, the way we might be able to operate together. So hopefully were in that direction."

(Attitude about next game) "Two wins in a row. Let's keep it going."

(On QB Sage Rosenfels' performance as holder) "Tremendous. There were a couple of snaps, the last one was high. We thought it would be a wise move at this time to allow that (P) Matt (Dodge) would concentrate only on the punting aspect of it, and not have to concentrate on being the holder as well. Sage did an outstanding job, and he did a real good job all week long."

(On defensive mood/energy at the end of the first quarter, and wanting to continue what they started doing last Monday night) "I think without anything noticeable, that was the plan all along. They did, obviously, have a very good first half, and it was complimented by the offense taking it in and scoring. I think we were able to feed off each other and it was very positive."

(On RB's Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs holding up and moving forward) "I think his (Jacobs) last run was a nice one. I really don't know why the ball got pushed wide on the goal line. They had a good thought about how to stop that, so that's probably what happened."

(On RB Ahmad Bradshaw's ankle) "It seems to be ok. I'm sure there's some wear and tear. Hopefully it's not much."

New York Giants QB Eli Manning

(on having a plan in mind today for passing) "They do a number of different pressures, but a lot of it is single high, so it's going to be hard to run against. At times you've got to mix it up some, but we felt good about our receivers against their corners. They are young corners. They are talented, but they are young and so we hit a couple. I started hitting (TE) Kevin (Boss) on that second drive. Hit him for about a 20 yard play down the line. They got good pressure but we were able to get the ball off. Right after that we kind of got into a rhythm. The run, the pass, mixing it up, just throwing the ball short and getting the ball out quickly because their defensive line is talented. If you can get the ball out quickly, sometimes that frustrates the defense. We did that a few times. Then a couple of times, there were just a couple individual great efforts. (WR) Hakeem (Nicks) ran a couple great routes, making guys miss and we had some good schemes, we played really well. We stayed in good rhythm, we didn't have a whole lot of negative plays, moving backwards and penalties. In the third quarter we had two or three series where we got that going. We started playing bad and I turned the ball over and we've got to stay out of those situations.

(on offense's ability to extend passing plays and giving him the time he needed) "Our offensive line did very well. Their defensive front is very talented. Their guys can get to the quarterback. We did a good job blocking up, getting the ball out quickly at times when we needed to, being able to throw it short and having receivers make plays down the field, making guys miss. It wa a good mix-up, combination and number of things. We had a great plan. For a team you don't play very often, you watch a lot of film, try to get their tendencies down and figure out what would work against them."

(on putting the brakes on things in third quarter when game seemed to be slipping away) "Third quarter, we just started to go backwards. I had two turnovers, both of those are on me, just bad throws. When I saw Houston go down and score and make it a 14-point game I knew we needed to get a drive going and that's what we did. Big third down conversion. I hit (WR) Hakeem (Nicks) on the sideline, got his feet in bounds. That was a great third down drive. We took off some time, got some great third down conversions, had to settle for a field goal, but at least we could make a three point gain and kill the momentum Houston had going there."

(on back to back wins for first time in so long) "It's a nice feeling, kind of forgot that feleing a little bit. It's good to get on a win streak. The past few years, we'd have a good streak going where we'd get a few in a row and hopefully we can keep that going. It's all about our preparation this week. We've got to be focused, keep grinding and playing good football. Our defense is playing outstanding. Our offense did a great job getting an early lead, especially against an explosive offense that runs the ball about as well as anybody. All of the sudden you jump up 21 points on them. That ruins their game plan, their run and their play action is all going to be less effective."

(on defense the past two weeks) "They're playing outstanding. The last two weeks especially. They're getting turnovers, they're stopping the run, a lot of three and outs. They are getting us the ball, and we're getting a lot of chances offensively. That's something we feel great about. We're able to get the ball down the field and score points. We've got to stay out of the bad plays and the turnovers in the third quarter. If you take those out of the game we played about as well as we have all year."

(on a strategy for the comeback of Brian Cushing) "We didn't know how they'd use him. I know they like to rush him some. We had a good plan when he was on the weak side they were playing him in a beart style defense. I thought we had a good plan for him and the guys blocked him well. A good player. Had to go back and watch film on him and how he played last season to see how they were using him."

(on his two interceptions and if the defense made any changes after halftime) "We got into some third and long situations. We had some penalties. We had negative plays, and we tried to make a first down. One was a scramble and one was just a bad ball. It was a bad decision and throw on my part. We just got into bad situations. That's what we have to avoid. Sometimes we are going to have those situations and take a punt, and understand that is a good play sometimes. We had a couple of bad series and Houston went down and scored a touchdown, had the momentum going, but when we really needed something to happen we came back strong and had a couple fo really good drives that put the game out of reach."

(on the offensive gameplan coming into the game) "Their defensive front is very impressive. They get a good rush, so we started to get the ball out quicker. We hit a few sideline balls and back shoulder balls."

(on if he likes how the team is coming together) "I think so. It has been fun these last two weeks. Our defense is playing outstanding. This week the offense did a great job getting ooff to a early start. Houston has a high powered offense; they like to run playaction. All of the sudden you go up 21 and you change their offensive gameplan. They have to throw it a little bit ore and that is when our defensive line can get pass rushed and start getting turnovers. We have to help out our defense. They are playing great football, but we have to help out a little more to put pressure on the opposing offense too."

New York Giants WR Hakeem Nicks

(on the offensive gameplan they had put in place today) "We just went out there and played to the gameplan. Coach Kevin Gilbrde put together a very good gameplan for us and we just wanted to go out there and execute."

(on how the connection with the wide receivers was better today than it has been in the past) "I think it is just the effort and hard work we put together as a team to go out there and prepare well during the week. Then we wanted to go out there and show what we practiced for."

(on him being able to make big plays down the field) "When the ball comes out way, it is our job to track it down. We go get it and after that it is up to us."

(on his dropped pass) "I took my eyes off it trying to get to the endzone. I saw all that green grass trying to the there."

New York Giants DE Justin Tuck

(on shutting down the top rushing offense in NFL) "That was our focus. We knew we could come out here and make this team our mission. That's when the sacks come. I think a lot of people thought because of last week we were going to come out here and get 10 sacks again. We knew coming into this football game they were the number one rushing attack in the NFL and their scheme is so potent. Sometimes it really doesn't matter who they put back there. (RB) Arian (Foster) is a guy that's built for that zone scheme. Today it was a focus of ours and we did a really good job of shutting it down. After that it allowed us to get some pressure on the quarterback."

(on how they controlled RB Arian Foster) "I think we just stayed on our feet. We made that a conscious effort in practice. You see some games they played earlier, they did a great job of making the front side of the defensive line or front side of the front seven get their run in and when he cuts back, there's normally eight guys on one side and there's only one guy (on the other) and he's off to the races. I think the thing we did was we squared up on them a little bit more. We took away their angles as far as him cutting back. We just made a flat line."

(on defense having two dominant games back to back) "We've always got room for improvement, that's our focus. We have played well, but I think the thing that this defense is starting to realize is that we can play better. It's easy for us to look at all of the good things and get kind of full of ourselves, but the reason why I think we've gotten better the last two games is because when we come in on Mondays, we want to hear about the things we didn't do so well and improve on that. I think our mindset and our focus is in the right place. As long as it stays there, we have the talent. Talent is potential and potential means you haven't done anything. We're learning that. In 2007, we were a dummy defense. We're getting away from that and trying to make our own identity now."

(on how complete of a game this was for offense, defense, and special teams) "It was close. Like I said, we are going to look at the film on Monday and figure out the things we didn't do too well. We had a lot of penalties, they ahd a big play against us in the pass game. There's some things that we can do better. Turnover wise on offense, we can do better. I think coming on the road and playing a team of that caliber, we played a pretty good game."

(on how it feels to win two in a row) "Anytime you win a game it feels good. Hopefully we can make it three next week."

New York Giants DE Osi Umenyiora

(on the defensive performance) "When the offense is playing well, the defense is playing well and we just feed off of each other. That's the whole team concept."

(on getting pressure on Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub) "Our offense put them in a situation where they had to pass the ball."

(on stopping the Houston Texans running game) "They couldn't (run). They were down I don't know how many points, so their offense had to do something to get them back in the game and you're not going to run the ball when you're down that much."

(on today's game being similar to last weeks Giants and Chicago Bears game) "You knew that wasn't going to happen. (Houston Texans Head Coach) Gary Kubiak is an outstanding coach and he wasn't going to let his quarterback (Matt Schaub) get hit 10 times or get sacked 10 times. We weren't expecting that. We just went out there and played good solid defense."

New York Giants CB Corey Webster

(on New York Giants disrupting Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub's passes) "The guys up front, when they couldn't get there, put their hands up to knock the ball down and that's great. We'd like to get our hands on some of those tipped balls but they did a great job of putting pressure on him and getting their hands up when they needed to."

(on how they stopped the Houston Texans running game) "The front seven wanted to come out and not let them run the ball. They did a good job of that early and often. We had a safety coming down too anticipating the run."

(on overall defensive performance) "I think the more time we spend together the more comfortable we're with the scheme we're running. We're doing a great job of taking steps in the right direction. We're going to go back Monday, keep working hard and hopefully we can build off of this."

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