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Postgame WR Hakeem Nicks - 12/9


Q: Was this more like how you play today? **
A: Yeah, I think I initiated a little bit more run after the catch. I trusted a little bit more and stuff like that. I see it just getting better from here.

Q: Was there any question that you would play today or were you pretty sure you could go?
A: No, I was pretty sure I could go. We just had a Monday night game so I just had to let the body regroup. The coaches were cool with that and I came out here today and felt pretty good.

Q: Seems like they gave you a lot of one on one opportunities where you could just go outside and try to beat your man…
A: Right, they did. They play a lot of man on the outside because they blitzed to my side. We just try to take advantage of it every time and we did at times.

Q: Obviously 50 points you have to be happy but it seems like there's still a couple of plays out there on offense, especially big ones down the field that could go for a touchdown that you guys leave out there on a weekly basis…
A: It's football; everything doesn't go your way every play. Every game everything can't go your way and it's how you respond to it and how you bounce back when things don't go your way.

Q: How does it help your offense when you have a special teams group that gives you that type of field position in the first half?
A: The kickoff return and David Wilson was extremely efficient today with giving us that yardage off the kickoff return and JJ as well. So kickoff return definitely played a big part in this game, all special teams.

Q: Did this feel like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, the vintage versions, for the first time in a while this year?
A: We don't really get into all of that. We just know that we're trying to get to the playoffs and when we get to the playoffs we know what time it is. We've just got to keep taking it one game at a time and look at the team we have to play next week and get after it.

Q: There were a couple of plays you were slow to get up; did you come through physically OK?
A: I came through physically okay. Sometimes I think I may have come down a little on my knee but I'm so used to doing it, it goes away in about a play or two. So it just comes and goes.

Q: Did you get an x-ray after the game?
A: Yeah, I did and everything was good.


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