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Postgame WR Victor Cruz - 10/14


What was the statement you wanted to make today?**

"We just made the statement that we came out here and played against a good team. I had some good plays, and we came out here and won the football game. The statement we made was that we are here to stay, and that we put together some good drives and we have a very good offense."Do you think that after this win your team will get more recognition?

"I hope so. Honestly I could care less personally. We just want to go out there and know what we want to do as a football team, we know what we have in our locker room and we want to continue to put that talent on the field every weekend."Do you guy's pay any attention to the gamesmanship that occurred between [Offensive Coordinator Kevin] Gillbride and Coach [Jim] Harbaugh?

"It kind of came out late so we didn't feel anything about it either way. It is just one of those things when you hear about it you keep going on throughout your day and your game plan.

What did you see specifically from the 49ers' defense that had been so dominate all season that you were able to capitalize on?
"We picked our points when we wanted to attack. They did a good job of mixing it up from the last time we played them at least, and from what we have seen on film. We just have to pick our poison, kind of get a feel of what they were doing throughout the game."Did you have anything to say to [CB] Carlos Rogers?

"We talked about it a little bit. He is a standup guy, he came up to me and he understood why I do the salsa and what it means to me. He asked me if I got the message earlier in the week and I said 'Yah'. I told him he was a real good dude for that and we went about our way. It is always good to have a competitive game against a real good player on the other side."


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